Take Wide Corners this Winter

Take Wide Corners this Winter
To All Employees,
We know how to:
• Do the Penguin Shuffle
• Step Down, Not Out off of curbs
• Both Feet Down when getting out of our vehicle
• Be Mindful of Changing Weather Conditions.
All together, those safety practices will go a long way to
keeping us on our feet this winter season!
One other trick to preventing slips and falls is to Take Wide
Corners. What does that mean? When you’re walking
around your vehicle or changing direction for any reason,
take the turn a bit wider than you might normally do in the
non-winter seasons. By taking a wider turn, you’re feet stay
flatter on the ground with downward forces more evenly
distributed, resulting in less chance of slipping. Conversely,
taking sharper corners tends to cause us to put more force
on the side of our foot and then Whoops! down we go.
Please make a conscious effort to practice this safe walking
practice and you’ll be that much less likely to suffer a potentially painful slip or fall
Thanks for thinking SAFETY, every day and in every way!!