For many law firms today, capturing all billable time
continues to be an elusive goal. Despite the best efforts of
fee earners and their support staff, as much as ten percent
of billable time slips through the cracks due to imperfect
time-recording practices. Thanks to Time Builder™,
developed by Thomson Reuters Elite partner IntApp™,
losing billable time no longer has to be the case. Time
Builder seamlessly and accurately monitors lawyer
activities and drastically reduces missed billable time.
Working in the background, Time Builder automatically
monitors key applications lawyers use throughout the day,
including document creation, email, calendar, phone, and
mobile devices. Using intelligent cross-referencing,
categorization, and classification, Time Builder automatically
and accurately matches lawyer activity with clients and
matters. At the end of the day, lawyers receive a consolidated
daily report of their client- and matter-related activity,
showing the exact duration of each task.
Time Builder is an easy-to-use product that can help
everyone in your firm increase billings and reduce overhead.
Whether your lawyers already track time electronically as
they work, take notes for later entry, or delegate time
recording to their secretary, Time Builder easily supplements
existing time keeping practices. What’s more, it captures
activity while lawyers are working away from their desks—
in transit, from client premises, and at home.
By efficiently and seamlessly capturing time that otherwise
could be missed, Time Builder helps law firms bill more
time, gain firm revenue, and increase partner profits.
With Time Builder you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the
world’s leaders in providing professional services firms with
the most innovative of business solutions. With more than
60 years of experience, Thomson Reuters Elite has the
proven expertise to make it happen for you.
Thomson Reuters Elite offers a
complete Enterprise Business
Management Solution to run all
operational aspects of your firm,
including business development,
risk management, client and
matter management, and financial
management. Using our integrated
suite of offerings enables you to
increase visibility and streamline
workflow, ultimately improving
profitability and exceeding your
clients’ expectations.
• Increase firm revenue by capturing more billable time
• Boost lawyer satisfaction by helping them find missed or
under-billed time without changing their time-tracking behavior
• Establish new tracking methods without any manual
“training” of software
• Streamline billing and invoice operations
• Improve office efficiency and productivity by eliminating
administrative overhead and manual time tracking tasks
Time Builder allows lawyers to more easily capture and analyze billable
activity by automatically tracking the usage of key applications they
use throughout the day.
•Seamlessly and automatically track usage of phone, email, document
management software, calendars, and mobile devices
• Cross reference activity to firm CRM, contact, and accounting databases
• Group, detail, and submit activities directly to Enterprise® and 3E®
practice and financial management software
•Access fee earner activity reports in multiple ways, including
automated email, paper printouts, a personalized Web-based
interface, or directly through Microsoft® Outlook®
•Manage your time from anywhere with native support for mobile
devices, including Apple iPad® and iPhone®
•Set duration time filters and email reporting frequency
•Submit entries directly to time entry applications
•Simplify time submission and have added checks for mobile and
after-hours activity with direct integration to Outlook
• Allow assistants to review, modify, and submit time for lawyers via
the secretary mode, thus replacing email, notes, and dictation
Your Partner for Success
Thomson Reuters Elite offers an end-to-end Enterprise Business
Management Solution that allows law firms and professional services
organizations to run all operational aspects of their firms, including
business development, risk management, client and matter
management, and financial management. As an industry leader for
organizations across the globe, we understand the business and
financial aspects of firm operations, and we have the tools to
streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and provide the flexibility
you need to change and grow your business.
To learn more about Time Builder or for a global
list of office locations, visit elite.com.
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