Updating Class Lists in FitnessGram
(Elementary PE Teachers)
Log into eSIS to create your FitnessGram Extract:
Click on the Reports button.
Drill down into the General School
Reports group
Double-click on FitnessGram Extract
Click on the ? button
Select your name from the list.
Click on Save As
If your Save As window looks like this
one, click on the Down arrow and the
window will enlarge . You MUST
work with the larger window or you
will crash eSIS.
When the window looks like this,
navigate in the window to your
Desktop and name your file in the
Save As box.
Click on the Printer icon to run the
Log into FitnessGram
Click on the Utilities
Click on Import and
Click on Custom Import
Change the Step 2
pulldown to “Student,
Teacher and Class Data”
Pull down on the outer scroll bar to
review the contents of the Order of
the Fields box.
Pull down on the scroll bar for the
Order of the Fields box until you see
Teacher Password.
Click on Teacher Password to select it
and use the green arrow to move it to
the “Fields not in the file” box.
Click on Browse and locate
the FitnessGram extract that
you created in eSIS.
Click into the box for Allow
duplicate student ID’s
Click on Upload.
You should see this
message after a minute or
What Might Go Wrong
If you select the wrong type of import, or if you forget to move the Teacher Password
field to the “Fields not in the File” box, you will get this error. Click on the Close button,
make your correction(s), and try again.
If you see this message, the system found an issue with one or more of the records in
your import file. Please notify Julie Cole at x7769 or [email protected] with your name,
school, and date/time of the import and the issue will be investigated and resolved.