Credit questions

Вопросы к зачёту по дисциплине
«Основы межкультурной коммуникации (на англ.яз.)»
Winter time
December 2011, Gr 21a
Yanushkova T.P.
Credit questions
New Headway Upper-Intermediate
Units 1-6
I. Credit questions:
1. There is no place like home.
2. Do you agree that home is where you make it? E.g. Frank Webb has a most
unusual house, hasn’t he?
3. Why do people emigrate?
4. Do these people have any problems about living away from home?
5. Many people move to a new country in search of a new life. Do they always find
what they are looking for?
6. Do you know any stories about those who emigrated? Are they happy?
7. What are advantages and disadvantages of emigration?
8. The Clavy family’s story. Do they still think that moving was a wise decision?
9. What are the changes in the way of life for the parents and children of the White
family? Are they happy?
10.Which country would you like to move? Why?
11.Two travellers. How are they different?
12.Why is tourism vitally important in many countries?
13.The future of tourism. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about it?
14.What are some of your earliest memories?
15.Natalie Hodgson’s life. Is she a person who has a very rich, colourful, interesting
16.A biography of an old person that you know.
17.Mandy’s story of what actually happened to the man on the plane.
18.Thomas Hardy and his books.
19.What do you think about Michael’s actions?
20.How did trade begin?
21.What were the leading trade centers in the Middle Ages?
22.What are the trade patterns of the modern world?
23.What was the Higgins’ key to success in gourmet's paradise as France?
24.The business that might succeed in your country.
25.The prenuptial agreement. What are your impressions of Clifford and Annie?
26.The man who could buy anything (Bill Gates).
27.I’ve never seen anything like it! (Antarctica – the coldest, highest, driest, weirdest
place on earth) and so on.
29.My favourite part of town.
II. Grammar: Units 1-6.
III. New words, translation from Russian into English.