Made by Rogaleva Valeria
Politechnical Lyceum 10 form
Led by Ilina Olga Victorovna
Like other teenagers I want to escape from my present
life to find adventure in another country. However I
depend on other people. I have a lot to offer them,
but I demand a lot too. Some people say that I am an
imaginative and creative person. Sometimes I
daydream instead of concentrating. And the city of my
dream has always been in my imagination.
There you can see part of the
marvelous city from one of the
biggest towers in the world!
They have everything they like because they have done the best for their city: exotic
drinks, exotic fruits, exotic birds are for them.
People can choose the place where to live…For example: A cosmic house or a Garden
towers and Lake house.
Push the button and the chair
lifts you where you want, If you
wish push the button again and
any wise person from any
century appears. You can ask
him questions.
People elect the head of the city assembly
The most severe punishment is an expulsion from the city
Write your wish in the book and touch the stick. Your wish will come true.
So…Welcome to my city!