Seminar on Interview Skills at GNIOT Group of Institutions
Employment is considered as the ultimate goal after graduation. Understanding this fact, Greater Noida Group of
Institution organized a day long seminar on interview skills. The event was headed by Prashant Khare- Placement Head,
GNIOT. Students from all the Engineering streams, including Computer Science, IT, Mechanical, Electrical, electronics and
Communication etc. participated in the seminar.
K.L. Gupta, Chairman-GNIOT, said that we are a part of an exponentially growing Industrial era. For entry and survival in
this world students need to work a lot on their skills and personality as well. They need to be familiar and updated with
new technology and advanced gadgets. In the direction of bridging the gap and benefiting students, we put our best
efforts to make them industry ready and the seminar and events like this are some of them.
Addressing the students, Prashant Khare said interviews are inclined towards good interpersonal skills. To get success in
the interviews one should have self-confidence, good command over the subject and attractive. He also added, “Along
with creative thinking, lateral thinking should be adopted to create a distinct mark in the industry”
The event was very informative and interactive too. Discussions on many important aspects involving, pre, during and
post interview activities, took place during the event. Talking about pre interview preparation, students were advised to
research the company's profile and background, including their future goals and plans, so that they can be able to get
ready to talk in depth about the industry, the organization, and the position they’re applying for. During the interview
active participation gives a good impression of their level of interest in the job. Students were also suggested to be
sticking to what they know well and keep things short and sweet. After the interview, candidates should shake hands
with the interviewer, exchange pleasantries, send a thank you letter and follow-up at the appropriate time and
frequency. The students also asked their queries and shared their views.
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02/02/2015 05:57