Bohdana Sychevska
1.The need for effective recruitment.
2. Job analysis.
3. Five categories of analysis.
4. Methods of recruitment.
5. Internal recruitment.
6. External recruitment.
Recruitment is the first stage in the
management of human resources.
It contains the skills, training and tasks that
are needed to carry out the job.
Job analysis can be used by firms in :
• selecting employees;
• setting pay;
• disciplinary interviews;
• promotion and job appraisal.
Task analysis;
Activity analysis;
Skills analysis;
Role analysis;
Performance analysis.
 External recruitment
 Internal recruitment
• It gives employees within the company a chance to
develop their career.
• There may be a shorter induction period as the
employee is likely to be familiar with the company.
• Employers will know more about internal
candidates’ abilities.
• Internal advertising limits the number of applicants.
 Commercial employment agencies.
 Job centers and professional recruitment
 Headhunting.
 The Careers Service.
Recruitment is becoming more and
more important in business.