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Dear Colleagues,
We would like to invite you to attend annual international scientific and
practical conference «Law and Information: the Questions of Theory and Practice».
The conference will take place at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library (3,
Senatskaya Square, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation) on April, 10-11, 2014. The coorganizer of the event is the Federal Protective Service of Russian Federation.
Directors and specialists from state institutions, scientists and experts,
representatives of libraries and other organizations providing public access to the
information are expected to attend the conference.
The main discussion tracks are:
- information technologies development in the field of legal information and law
- questions of access to information and its legal regime in the Internet;
- e-government and information law;
- information and libraries in state organizations and government;
- copyright and electronic libraries;
- comparative legal studies on the topics mentioned above;
- information law, intellectual property and legal informatics as a study courses.
If personal attendance in the conference is not possible, the videoconference is
available or the author can provide us with text materials.
A publication of the conference materials with translations of foreign speakers to
Russian language will follow. The electronic materials book will be freely available.
The materials of previous conferences of the Presidential Library can be seen at
Potential participants should inform us of intention to attend the conference
before March, 1 2014.
Organization Committee
7(812) 305-16-21, add.261
[email protected]