Кодификатор элементов содержания по информатике

Фамилия, имя_____________________________________________________________
Класс __9__, предмет английский язык Вариант ___демоверсия____, дата __________
ЗАДАНИЕ А. Задания с выбором одного ответа.
Вставьте в пропущенные места слова по смыслу
A.1 Rick loves ___________ films, as they are full of excitement and adventure scenes.
a. action-packed b. special effects c. box office d. model making
А.2. A number of students in our school________old books and school supplies to local charities
every year.
a. homes
b. support
c. donate d. encourage
A.3. Anna's puppy follows her ________she goes.
a. whichever b. whatever c. however d. wherever
A.4. Rick hasn't drink anything all day; I'm sure he's____________!
a. thirsty b. screamed c. embarrassed d. starving
A.5. Directors often ......make old films classics such as 'The war of the Worlds'.
a. mismake b. remake c. dismake d. over make
A.6. The actors ____________the scene once more.
a. run into b. run over c. run away d. run through
A.7. A new swimming pool _______ in the sport centre last month.
a. will be built b. has be built c. will be build d. was built
A.8. If you__________ two and three, you _______ five.
a. adds, gets
b. add, get
c. will add, get
d. add, will get
А.9 If he __________ on time, we will have dinner before we go out.
a. will arrive
b. arrive
c. arrives
d. will arrive
A.10. He ______________the exam if he studied more.
a. would pass
b. will pass
c. would passed
d. would passes
A.11. If Mary __________science, she would have found a better job.
a. had studied
b. has studied
c. studies
d. have studied
A.12. I wish he _______________only English
a. didn’t speak
b. doesn’t speak
c. have speak
d. won’t speak
A.13. David carries most of his camping supplies in his______________
a. map b. rucksack c. first aid kit d. experience
ЗАДАНИЕ В. Задания с кратким ответом
Подтвердите понимание текста, вставив подходящие по смыслу слова.
Около слов проставьте цифру соответствующего пропуска в тексте.
Are designed ______
a wonderful day out ______
more interested ______
farm animals ______
to explore ______
a very popular sport ______
Mountain Biking
In the past people enjoyed watching TV or reading in their free time. Nowadays people are (1) ____
in doing activities which take them out of their homes. That’s why mountain biking has become (2)
____ in recent years. It is one of the most rewarding ways (3) _____ the countryside. Cyclists must
pay attention to the type of the path they are on. Some paths (4) _____ for people who are on foot.
So if you cycle along these paths, you will cause inconvenience to the walkers. On any other path,
you should still respect walkers. Another thing which everyone is asked to do is closing gates
behind you, so that (5) _____ cannot escape. If the weather is fine, you will enjoy (6) _____,
especially if you do not forget to take some food and drinks with you.
ЗАДАНИЕ С. Задание с развернутым ответом
Прочитайте этот текст и составьте пять вопросов по его содержанию.
Dear Mrs Jones,
I am writing with reference to your advertisement for the position of volunteer at the Preston
Animal Shelter, which appeared in the Brighton Mail of 25 July. I am interested in applying for the
I am currently a year ten student at Coburg High School. Moreover, by the end of this month I
will have completed a three-week course on first aid at the local community centre. I am also a
member of Greenpeace.
I’m described by my teachers as hardworking, dedicated and responsible. As for work
experience, last summer I worked at a pet shop. My duties included caring for and feeding the
animals, as well as keeping the shop in order.
I have enclosed an application form including the telephone number and email address where I
can be reached. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Adam Smith