3 курс
по английскому языку для студентов заочного отделения
( начинающие - второй год обучения)
Раздел I: Лексика
Задание 1.
Подчеркните лишнее слово в группе слов. Добавьте любое другое подходящее по смыслу
слово к группе оставшихся слов.
пример: her my our they their
1. French Canada Hungary Thailand ______________
2. journalist secretary taxi waiter _______________
3. eight number seventeen thirty ______________
4. friendly interesting kind person ______________
5. beautiful orange purple yellow _____________
6. aunt daughter family brother _____________
7. bedroom home kitchen study _______________
8. bed books chair cupboard ________________
9. computer television upstairs video ______________
10. babies men people woman _____________
Задание 2.
Заполните пропуски в предложениях подходящими глаголами
пример: I read a newspaper every morning.
1. I ___________ with my husband in north London.
2. I ___________ in school. I’m a teacher.
3. I ___________ up at seven in the morning.
4. I ___________ to school. Our house is near the school.
5. I ___________ work at four o’clock in the afternoon.
6. My husband and I ___________ dinner at eight o’clock.
7. Then I ___________ television.
8. I ___________ to bed at eleven o’clock.
Раздел II: Грамматика
Задание 1.
Выберите 10 подходящих по смыслу слов, чтобы заполнить пропуски в предложениях.
пример: a) does b) has c) is
1. a) Her b) His c) Their
2. a) from b) in c) on
3. a) a lot 2) at all c) not at all
4. a) a b) an c) any
5. a) people b) peoples c) person
6. a) a b) any c) some
7. a) a b) any c) some
8. a) watch b) watches c) watching
9. a) doesn’t b) hasn’t c) isn’t
10. a) Their b) They c) They’re
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I’ve got a sister. She is twenty. (1) ________ name is Barbara. She’s at university (2) ______
Oxford . Barbara likes Oxford (3) ________ . It is (4) ______ lovely city and the (5) _______
are very nice. Barbara’s got a small room in a college. There’s a desk, (6) _________ chairs and
a cupboard in her room. there’s a mirror but there aren’t (7) ________ plants. Barbara hasn’t got
a television – she doesn’t like (8) _________ it. Barbara (9) ________ married but she’s got a
boyfriend. (10) __________ very happy.
Задание 2.
Напишите вопросы к предложенным ответам.
пример: My name's Pat. - What’s your name?
1. Fine, thanks. _________________
2. I’m from London. ______________
3. It’s 25, Hill Avenue. ______________
4. It’s 01716478902 _______________
5. I’m a doctor. ______________
6. I’m twenty-five. _______________
7. Yes, I am. My husband’s name is Greg. ___________
8. Yes, I’ve got three children. __________________
Раздел III: Чтение
Задание 1.
Прочитайте текст How do you relax?о семье Билла и Кэйт и их дочери Салли.
I like football. I play once a week, at the weekend. I like watching it on television too. My wife,
Kate, and I have got two televisions. She doesn’t like watching football at all. I watch football
downstairs and she watches films in our bedroom. I like rock music too – and so does Kate.
My husband and I have got one daughter. We don’t usually go out in the evening. Sometimes we
get a video and some Chinese food – I don’t like cooking. We both like films. Once a month my
sister stays with us. She stays at home with our teenage daughter, Sally, while we go to the
cinema. I like going to the cinema.
I like listening to music. I like pop music and jazz but I don’t like rock. At the weekend I go to a
jazz club with my friends. Courtney Pine is my favourite musician. I like going to the cinema
and theatre too.
Заполните пропуски в предложениях:
пример: Bill likes watching football.
1. _______________ likes doing some sport.
2. _______________ like going to the cinema.
3. _______________ likes pop music.
4. _______________ likes rock music.
5. _______________ likes seeing friends.
3 курс