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Real Luxury Inside
The Publishing Group Deluxe stands for limitless luxury and lifestyle at the highest level. The high-quality magazine focuses specifically
on a target group that has an exceptional affinity with luxury. The successful concept of an individual Deluxe Magazine undertakes
contemporary themes in the fields of fashion & lifestyle, beauty & trends, travel & enjoyment and art & design to the highest standards
for extremely demanding readers. The magazines are released one to four times a year and are dedicated exclusively to up-market
lifestyle. All of the publishing group‘s publications are released in the language of the relevant country, in English and, to a large extent,
in Russian too. The magazines offer an exquisite platform for business and high-quality leisure activities and lifestyle in exclusive hot
spots around the world. Publishing Group Deluxe sets the standards in the field of luxury.
Target Group
As a successful media business, we have set ourselves the goal of communicating with an extremely exclusive and demanding target
group (UHNWIs – Ultra High Net Worth Individuals). Through direct sales at the best locations, we attract expats, tourists or domestic
seekers of luxury wherever they happen to be and we speak to them in their own language. This is how we secure the attention of our
advertising customers‘ target group - both nationally and internationally.
Sales and distribution by means of top partners from upmarket
hotels and restaurants, exclusive city centre stores, art galleries
and auction houses, private jets, airport VIP lounges and the
general aviation centre allows us to have direct communication
with this target group which has an exceptional affinity with
luxury. Our channels of distribution are not just national, but
international and contribute to the magazines‘ success. Some
Deluxe Magazines are also available from select magazine
Premium Locations
UHNWI Mailings
Airlines & Private Jets
International Newsstands
Exhibitions & Events
Sales and distribution shares, last updated December 2013
Our customers include private banks, private clinics, real estate companies, beauty and wellness salons, designers, luxury hotels,
jewellers, watchmakers, luxury car brands, museums and galleries and many more. We strive for more long-term partnerships and
collaborations and we always endeavour to provide our advertising customers with the best possible presence.
Market situation
The desire for luxury is unchanged. The S&P Global Luxury Index (Dow Jones) illustrates an increase from 1776 to 2213 points within
the last year. This shows a growth of roughly 29 %. Would you like to communicate with this target group that has an exceptional
affinity with luxury? Our publications offer you the ideal platform to do so.
Des chefs-d’oeuvre de
technical Data
230 x 297 mm
Facts & Figures
Genève Inside, Art & Culture, Business & Finance,
Shopping & Lifestyle, Gourmet & Dining,
Motor & Sports, Properties & Interior,
Beauty & Medical, Travel & Resorts
Publication dates
27 June (Summer) and 15 December (Winter)
Advertising Deadlines
We accept images in the following formats: EPS, TIFF and JPEG
in RGB or preferably CMYK.
The image resolution should be 300 dpi in the selected image
size. The images have to be in 4c color separation (as indicated
under image data) and JPEG (highest quality) or compressed
as ZIP. All fonts have to be embedded.
Printing Material
For full page formats we require 3 mm bleed on each crop mark.
In the case of a double-page spread with text copy extending
across the gutter margins, leave 2 mm bleed on the center left
and right-hand sides. Forwarding as a ready to print PDF-file in
line with X3 standards and with crop marks. A fee of CHF 300,–
will be charged for advertising design.
06 June (Summer) and 24 November (Winter)
15.000 copies
Summer: French, English, Arabic
Winter: French, English, Russian
Forwarding Printing Material
E-Mail: [email protected]
user: 355632-gd, password: GD2013
After forwarding via FTP, please send us an e-mail with picture
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1/1 Page (right-hand page guaranteed)
230 x 297 mm
CHF 14.700,–
wa tc h es I 4 1
The new Malte collection celebrating 100 years of the tonneau shape at Vacheron Constantin, simply could not ignore
the most iconic of all horological complications: the tourbillon. Vacheron Constantin has long since demonstrated
its know-how in the field of the tourbillon movement. Often
associated with other complications, the tourbillons from the
Geneva-based manufacturer reveal remarkable know-how and
undeniable audacity. It is in this spirit that Vacheron Constantin offers a new interpretation of this stunning complication
in keeping with the classic style and elegance inherent to this
anniversary collection. The tourbillon carriage is inspired by
the brand’s signature Maltese cross, and magnificently showcases the exceptional level of finishing of each movement part.
Mechanical hand-wound Calibre 2795, comprising 246 parts,
beating at a frequency of 2.5 Hz (18,000 vibrations/hour) and
endowed with an almost two-day power reserve; water resistance at a pressure of 3 bar (approximately 30 metres); dial
with silvererd opaline, convex external zone with circular grained minute-track; index applied in 18K gold; fitted with a brown
Mississippiensis alligator leather strap complete with Maltese
cross-shaped rose gold folding clasp.
2/1 Double Page
460 x 297 mm
CHF 23.400,–
Fotos: © Vacheron Constantin
Available at Jeweller Wempe, Maximilianstraße 10.
6 2 I z u r i c h d e lux e I s h o p p I n g & l I f est y l e
Premium placements
3/1 Pages Cover Flap + U2 + P1
671 x 297 mm
CHF 43.900,–
j ewe l l e r y I 6 3
Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco
necklace, bracelet and earrings of cascading
pink sapphires and diamonds
collier: cHf 206.500,-, earrings cHf 66.800,-,
bracelet cHf 72.900,-
Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco
Pétales de Rose Ring & earrings, 750 white gold and
diamonds, Ring cHf 3.975,- and earrings cHf 6.500,-
Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco
"Pétales entrelacés", 750 red gold and diamonds,
Rings cHf 1.990,-, 6.000,- and 9.400,-,
bracelet cHf 8.300,-
Montblanc präsentierte in genf bei der siHH 2012 zu ehren von grace Kelly zwei
schmuckensembles, die den unvergleichlich zeitlosen stil und die bestechende
aura ihrer Persönlichkeit und eleganz widerspiegeln. inspiriert durch das schönste Hochzeitsgeschenk, das sie als junge fürstin gracia Patricia von Monaco erhielt – einer ihr gewidmeten Rose – haben die Montblanc designer für die beiden
Kollektionen „Pétales de Rose“ und „Pétales entrelacés motifs“ die form eines
Rosenblatts abstrahiert und in diamantbesetzte Juwelen, mit einer faszinierenden, unverwechselbaren Harmonie der Linien und Volumina, verwandelt.
ein in Weissgold gefasstes band aus Pavé-diamanten zeichnet den stilisierten
umriss eines Rosenblatts nach. ein einzelnes blatt wird zum blickfang eines
grazilen armbands oder dezent funkelnden ohrsteckers und somit zu einem
schmuckstück, das zu jeder gelegenheit ein sicheres gespür für geschmack und
feminine eleganz beweist. für den besonders festlichen anlass reihen sich gleich
mehrere tropfenförmige blätter zu girlanden und luftigen bouquets, um bezaubernde colliers und creolen, Ringe und ein armband zu zieren. einzigartig ist
dabei die Präzision und Kunstfertigkeit, mit der die Pavé-diamanten fast unsichtbar gefasst sind. die abstrahierten Rosenblätter scheinen zu schweben – leicht
und beschwingt in funkelndem glanz. sie spiegeln den Mythos der fürstin wider:
Montblanc presented two jewellery ensembles at the siHH 2012 in geneva in honour of grace Kelly, which with their unforgettable style and
enticing aura mirror her personality and elegance. inspired by the most
beautiful wedding gift, which Princess grace Patricia of Manoco received,
a rose dedicated to her, the designers at Montblanc have used the names
„Pétales de Rose“ and „Pétales entrelacés motifs“ for their collections
that carry the shape of a rose petal, decorated with diamond set jewels in
a fascinating and unmistakable harmony of lines and volumes.
a bracelet in white gold and pave-diamonds set in the styled contours of
a rose petal. a single petal becomes an eye catcher of a graceful bracelet, of discreet earrings and thereby a collection of feminine and elegant
jewellery that can be tastefully worn for every occasion.
for special occasions and celebrations, rows of numerous tear shaped
petals with garlands and light bouquets make for magical colliers and
creole earrings, rings and bracelets. Their precision and craftsmanship,
with which the pavé-diamonds are invisibly set in, is unique. The abstract
rose petals seem to float light and elated in brilliant radiance. They mirror
the legendary princess: distinguished, timeless and of sublime beauty.
distinguiert, zeitlos und von erhabener schönheit.
Fotos: © Montblanc
15% additional charge for placement next to the editorial and content.
10% additional charge for placements in the first third of the magazine.
На часовой выставке SIHH 2012 года в Женеве компания Montblanc представила две
линии ювелирных изделий, посвященных Грейс Келли и отражающих ее вневременный
стиль и ауру ее очарования и безупречной элегантности. Дизайнеры Montblanc нашли
вдохновение для создания этой коллекции в прекрасном подарке, который получила
юная принцесса на свадьбу – розу, выращенную и названную в ее честь. Основным
мотивом для обеих линий – „Pétales de Rose“ и „Pétales Entrelacés motifs“ стал лепесток
розы, форма которого повторяется в усыпанных бриллиантами ювелирных изделиях,
перемежаясь в чарующей, удивительной гармонии контуров и композиций.
Браслет из белого золота с бриллиантовым паве передает контуры лепестка розы. Каждый лепесток зачаровывает, притягивает взгляд к изящному браслету или сверкающим
серьгам – украшениям, которые подходят на любой случай жизни, и будут являться свидетельством прекрасного вкуса и женственной элегантности тех, кто их будет носить.
Для особо торжественных случаев предназначены обворожительные колье, серьги,
кольца и браслеты, украшенные множеством каплевидных лепестков, которые складываются в гирлянды и воздушные букеты. Поражает уникальная тонкость искусной
работы, благодаря которой крепление бриллиантов на бриллиантовом паве почти
незаметно для глаз. Кажется, что легкие, невесомые лепестки роз парят в мерцающем
блеске. Они таят в себе загадку принцессы и ее ставшую легендой утонченную, возвышенную красоту, над которой не властно время.
Montblanc Boutiques Switzerland:
Montblanc boutique basel
singerhaus, Marktplatz 34
4001 basel
T: +41 61 261 06 81
Montblanc boutique lugano
Via Pretorio 7
6900 Lugano
T: +41 91 922 84 89
Montblanc boutique crans-Montana
Rue du Prado 12
3963 crans-Montana
T : +41 27 481 84 00
Montblanc boutique Zurich
am Paradeplatz, bahnhofstrasse 25
8001 Zürich
T: +41 44 211 48 10
Montblanc boutique Geneva
Place du Port 1
opposite of Horloge fleurie
1204 genève
T : +41 22 312 27 70
Montblanc boutique Zurich airport
airside center
8058 Zurich airport
T : +41 43 816 93 71
8 8 I z u r i c h d e lux e I b u s I n ess & f I n a n c e
av i a t i o n I 8 9
2/1 Pages U2 + P1 (inside cover page)
460 x 297 mm
CHF 32.400,–
No matter whether the journey will be a business trip to Eastern Europe or a skiing weekend in the Pyrenees, anyone travelling to a remote destination appreciates the advantages
of business aviation. Flight schedules individually designed to the customers’ needs, short
check-in times as well as personal service and privacy onboard are just some of the perks
in flying privately.
NetJets Europe is the leading business aviation company in Europe. The company has
office across Europe including Rotkreuz and flies its customers on one of the world’s
youngest fleets to airports around the world - some of which –aren’t even accessible by
commercial services.
The company’s major feature: its fractional ownership model offers companies and individuals access to the entire NetJets Europe fleet of over 130 aircrafts for a tiny fraction of
what it costs to operate a single aircraft.
Those new to business aviation can opt for NetJets Europe’s “Private Jet Card” which covers a set amount of flying hours and enjoy the benefits of business aviation with no longterm obligation – from a cost of 143,000 Euro for 25 hours flight time.
NetJets Europe is the first business jet operator to hold the highly regarded IOSA certificate for flight safety. Being industry leader, NetJets Europe also invests greatly in climate
protection and just one of its many initiatives is the introduction of new aircraft designed
to reduce fuel consumption. NetJets Europe is on track to being the world’s first aircraft
operator to become carbon neutral by the end of 2012.
1/1 Page U3 (inside back cover page)
230 x 297 mm
CHF 19.400,–
Ob Geschäftstermin in Osteuropa oder Ski-Wochenende in den Pyrenäen: Jeder, der
schon einmal zu abgelegenen Zielen unterwegs war, weiss die Vorzüge eines eigenen
Jets zu schätzen. Flugpläne, die individuell auf die Bedürfnisse des Kunden abgestimmt sind, kurze Check-In-Zeiten sowie persönlicher Service und Privatsphäre an
Bord sind nur einige der Vorteile eines Privatjets.
NetJets Europe ist der führende Betreiber von Business-Jets in Europa. Das Unternehmen verfügt über Niederlassungen in ganz Europa - unter anderem in Rotkreuz - und
fliegt seine Kunden mit einer der jüngsten Flotten der Welt zu Flughäfen rund um den
Globus: Viele davon sind im Liniendienst nicht erreichbar.
Der Clou bei NetJets Europe: Durch das Modell des Teileigentums haben Firmen und
Privatpersonen Zugang zur gesamten Flotte des Unternehmens mit über 130 Flugzeugen, und zwar zum Bruchteil der Kosten, die der Betrieb eines einzigen Jets mit
sich bringt. Business-Jet Einsteiger können die „Private Jet Card“ von NetJets Europe
mit einer Anzahl von 25 Flugstunden buchen und geniessen die Vorzüge des privaten
Flugverkehrs ohne langfristige Verpflichtungen - bereits ab 143.000 Euro.
NetJets Europe ist der erste Business-Jet-Betreiber mit dem renommierten IOSAZertifikat für Flugsicherheit. Als Branchenführer investiert NetJets ausserdem intensiv
in den Klimaschutz: Neue Flugzeuge sind nur eine von vielen Massnahmen, um den
Treibstoffverbrauch zu reduzieren. Darüber hinaus ist NetJets Europe auf gutem Weg,
Ende 2012 als erstes Flugunternehmen weltweit CO2-neutral unterwegs zu sein.
Fotos: © Netjets
5 Young Street
London W8 5EH
United Kingdom
Telefon +44 (0)207 361 9620
1 1 8 I z u r i c h d e lux e I t rav e l & r es o rts
1/1 Page U4 (outside back cover page)
230 x 297 mm
CHF 25.600,–
t u r key I 1 1 9
Kizilagac Koyu, Gerenkuyu Mevkii
48400 Bodrum
Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay
+90 252 311 0303, +90 252 311 0300
[email protected]
Printed up to the edge of the page (plus 3 mm bleed – all edges, all pages). Applicable taxes are not included in the prices above.
Foto: © Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay
Das Fünf-Sterne-Resort im Südwesten der Türkei gilt als Oase der Ruhe,
die türkische Gastfreundschaft, luxuriöses Ambiente und zeitgenössisches
Design perfekt miteinander verbindet.
Prices upon request
Компания NetJets Europe – ведущий бизнес-авиаперевозчик в Европе. Компания имеет представительства во всех европейских странах, включая Роткройц
в Швейцарии и, с помощью своего самого молодого
в Европе флота, обеспечивает перевозки своих пассажиров во все аэропорты мира, многие из которых
являются недоступными для обычных авиалиний.
Основное преимущество NetJets Europe: компании и
частные лица, в рамках программы долевого владения, могут приобрести доступ ко всему флоту компании, состоящему из более чем 130 самолетов, путем
приобретения только одной малой доли стоимости
затрат, необходимых для обеспечения эксплуатации
одного бизнес-джета.
Новый долевой собственник может приобрести
частную карту „Private Jet Card“, предоставляющую
долевым собственникам NetJets Europe право на
определенное количество лётных часов без какихлибо долгосрочных обязательств. Стоимость карты от
143.000 евро за 25 лётных часов.
NetJets Europe – первый бизнес-авиаперевозчик, обладающий сертификатом IOSA, свидетельствующем о
высочайшем уровне безопасности полетов. Являясь
лидером на рынке частных авиаперевозок, NetJets
Europe инвестирует значительные средства в охрану
климата: новые самолеты с низким расходом топлива – это только одна из многих инициатив компании.
Кроме того, NetJets Europe успешно идет к тому, чтобы
в 2012 году стать первой в мире углеродно-нейтральной авиакомпанией.
Für Körper, Geist und seele
Будь то деловая поездка в Восточную Европу или лыжный уикенд в Пиренеях, все те, кому приходится преодолевать дальние расстояния, знают о преимуществах частной авиации. Расписание полетов, которые
индивидуально согласовываются с потребностями
клиентов, ускоренное время регистрации перед отлетом, индивидуальный сервис и обилие личного пространства на борту самолета – это только некоторые
преимущества бизнес-джета.
A whole world of luxury, with only one click. Those
wanting to invest in the online advertising platforms of
the Publishing Group Deluxe, have the possibility of being
featured on all our websites – from Vienna Deluxe to
South Africa Deluxe. As a global player, our group offers
an ideal platform for your advertisements.
City Guide
1 Module
CHF 1.470,–
2 Modules CHF 2.940,–
3 Modules CHF 4.410,–
4 Modules 1
CHF 5.880,–
851 x 60 Pixel
CHF 2.900,–
Restaurants I Shops I Hotels I Wellness I Time Out
Content Ad 2
Zürich Bahnhofstrasse 50 |
(Visits: 30.000, Page Impressions: 83.000, Unique Clients: 24.000)
Superbanner Top 1
_2993_BUC_Ins_ZuerichDeluxe.indd 1
24.10.11 17:04
496 x 90 Pixel
CHF 2.300,–
Im Haus Hiltl dreht sich alles um „gesunden Genuss“. Das erste vegetarische Haus
Europas wurde 1898 in Zürich eröffnet und bietet heute Vegetariern und GenussMenschen alles, was das Herz begehrt. Zum Beispiel das bekannte und beliebte
Hiltl-Buffet mit einer Auswahl an über 100 Köstlichkeiten – auch als Take-out–
oder der einzigartige Brunch mit Live-Musik an Sonn- und Feiertagen. In seinem
Kochatelier im 1. Stock führt das schmucke Restaurant verschiedenste ThemenKochkurse durch – ein wahres Erlebnis für Erwachsene wie auch Kinder. Und nachts
wird das Haus zum In-Club, wobei dem tanzhungrigen Publikum ein Mix aus Club
Music, RnB, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul und Partytunes serviert wird.
M. Liska & Co. GmbH
Hoher Markt 8, 1010 Wien
Öffnungszeiten: Montag – Freitag, 9:00 – 18:00
Graben 12, A-1010 Wien; Hoher Markt 8, A-1010 Wien; Telefon: (+43 1) 533 22 11; E-Mail: [email protected];
Superbanner Bottom 3
761 x 90 Pixel
Photography, Elfie Semotan
CHF 1.500,–
Must Haves Deluxe I WOmen & Men
Video Ad
Prices upon request
Product placement
CHF 1.500,–
m u s t h ave s d e l u xe I 2 5
Kette und Ringe von
Eau de Parfum von Dior
Armband von Capolavoro
Damenuhr, Ladymatic von Omega
Kleid von Missoni
Ring von Piaget
High Heel von Manolo Blahnik
über Marion Heinrich
Wrinkle Filler von Babor
Fotos: © Omega Watches, Capolavoro, Piaget, Manolo Blahnic, Chanel, Babor, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Pomellato, Missoni, Etienne Aigner
Sonnenbrille von Louis Vuitton
Nagellacke von Chanel
Tasche und iPhone-Hülle von Etienne Aigner
Cancellation requests must be received 14 days before
advertising deadline. In the event of cancellation of an
order, a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the ad value
will be invoiced. If the order is cancelled after the closing
date of the advertisement or if the print documents do
not arrive on time, the complete price for the agreed
advertisement will be invoiced. For further details, please
see our general terms and conditions.
All our online prices relate to an advertising period of three months, Indication on the number of visits, PL & UC relate to all websites of the Publishing Group Deluxe.
Contact us
Genève Deluxe Magazine
Zugerstrasse 76B, 6340 Baar, Switzerland
T +41 79 4661660
E [email protected]
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