Класс: 6 Тема: Shopping in our life Цель: активизировать знания

Класс: 6
Тема: Shopping in our life
Цель: активизировать знания учащихся по теме «Покупки» и обучать познавательной
деятельности с использованием иностранного языка
развивать навык диалогической и монологической речи;
семантизация лексики;
закреплять в письменной и устной речи лексику по теме «Покупки»;
совершенствовать грамматические навыки.
Воспитательные: – воспитывать интерес к стране изучаемого языка, уважение к
собеседнику, умение работать сообща (в паре, в группе);
Развивающие: – развивать память, способность к речемыслительным операциям;
Оснащение урока: учебник, рабочая тетрадь, раздаточный материал.
Ход урока
1. Приветствие учащихся.
- Good morning, dear children! Glad to see you.
- I see that you are ready for our English lesson and now let's start it!
- OK, we are ready!
Цель урока:
- Today we will go on speaking about shopping, repeat the words on this topic and practice your
speech. Perhaps in the future some of you will go abroad, and the knowledge which you will get
at this lesson will help you to live there.
2 Речевая зарядка.
Every day we go to the shop. What kind of shops are they? What for? Where you buy meat
fish (fishmonger’s)
3. Фонетическая зарядка:
T: Look at the blackboard and practice your phonetics.
[t], [d] – Betty, bought, butter, better
It's a tongue – twister, try to read it correctly.
Betty Botter bought some butter
"But", she said "this butter's bitter."
So he bought some better butter.
Now Betty Botter's butter's better.
bitter ['bitә ]– горький
4. Контроль домашнего задания.
Your home task was Ex. 2 at p. 74. Let`s check it. Who wants to be the first?
5. Обучение монологическим высказываниям.
Nowdays everything is packed both in supermarket and in small shops.
a packed of tea
a jar of coffee
a can of coke
a bar of chocolate
a carton of juice
a loaf of bread
a box of sweets
In what type of packing do shoppers buy other food?
1. a pound of …
a. bread
2. a bottle of…
b. honey
3. a box of …
c. chocolate
4. a bar of…
d. cheese
5. a jar of…
e. lemonad
6. a loaf of bread
f. eggs
7. a dozen of
g. cereal
8. a bunch of…
h. grape
6. Обучение диалогическим высказываниям.
Pretend you are in the shop. What will you buy here? Listen the example of dialog and then
make your own.
– Hello! I would like to buy that bunch of grapes.
– OK. How much do you want?
– A kilo.
– Yes, please.
– How much does it cost?
– Two pounds.
– Can I have a packed of tea and a box of sweets, please?
– Yes, of course.
– How much is that?
– One pound thirty.
– Thank you
7. Письмо (лексика по теме «Покупки»)
То tell you truth, I love birthday parties. And you? Would you like to invite your friends and lay
the table with many tasty things? But you must prepare beforehand. To begin with , make a
special shopping list. I hope your Mum will give you enough money and a free hand to buy
everything you want. You have only 3 minutes to write the list.
Who has the longest shopping list? You are the winner. We'll listen to your list. Oh, the party
will be great, super, fantastic, absolutely brilliant!
8. Чтение текста
My dear friends, do you want to learn how chocolate is made ? If so let’s read a very interesting
text (У каждого ученика текст, который они читают)
Where does chocolate come from?
cacao beans – боб какао
cacao trees – какаовое дерево
Chocolate grows on trees– but not looking like the candy bars you like to eat.
Chocolate really comes from cacao beans . The beans are the seeds of the cacao fruit. They grow
on cacao trees in lands where the weather is very hot.
The beans are dried and shipped to chocolate factories. There they are roasted and ground into
cocoa butter. In a big mixer, the cocoa butter is blended with sugar and milk to make milk
chocolate. Then the chocolate is put in stores where we can buy it.
The first British chocolate factory was founded in 1657. The magic sweet place in England is
Cadbury. It makes chocolate since 1831.Chocolate is tasty and delicious. For millions of people
chocolate is passion.
The next time you buy a bar of chocolate, think of the cacao trees where the story of chocolate
Контроль понимания прочитанного:
А) Agree or disagree:
– Cacao trees grow everywhere.
– Beans are flowers of the cacao trees.
– Cadbury is the largest chocolate factory in England.
– People dislike eating chocolate.
– The first chocolate factory in Russia was built in 1657.
B) Answer the questions:
– Where can you see cacao trees?
– What is made with beans?
– What do people do with cocoa butter?
– Why do you buy chocolate?
– What is your favourite chocolate?
– What is Cadbury?
– Since what time is chocolate made in Britain?
9. Домашнее задание.
Your homework:
Ex. 4 p. 75
10. Подведение итогов.
Thank you for your work, I enjoyed all your activities.
..., you were a success. I'll give you 5-s.
..., you had some mistakes, were not active enough– 4s.
All the rest try to do your best next time.
11. Заключительная песня "Hippety Hop".
Hippety Hop to the corner shop,
To buy some sweets for Sunday;
Some for you,
Some for me,
And some for sister Sandy.
Hippety Hop to the baker's shop,
To buy some bread for Monday;
Some for you,
Some for me,
And some for sister Sandy.
Hippety Hop to the butcher's shop,
To buy some meat for Tuesday,
Some for you,
Some for me,
And some for sister Sandy.