ТОА 3 курс примерная контр. работа Иностранный язык

Задание 1. Соотнесите английские слова с их русскими эквивалентами.
1. driver
2. lorry
3. cross-road
4. petrol
5. coach
6. motorway
7. boot
8. passenger
9. traffic line
a) пассажир
b) автомагистраль
c) водительские права
d) водитель
e) грузовик
f) перекресток
g) междугородний автобус
h) багажник
i) бензин
j) шоссе
Задание 2. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
Active or Passive?
1. We … a test yesterday.
a) wrote b) were written
2. Some letters … from London.
a) receive b) are received
3. Some instructions … by me.
a) send b) are sent
4. He … his car in the garage.
a) is repaired b) repairs
5. A new ring road … next month.
a) will be built b) built
6. In 1896 Henry Ford … an automobile powered by a gasoline engine.
a) built b) was built
7. A diesel … by Rudolf Diesel in 1892.
a) invented b) was invented
Задание 3. Образуйте правильную грамматическую форму глагола в
скобках (Present, Past or Future Continuous).
1. She (learn) new English words when her mum came back.
2. He (fly) over the Atlantic Ocean at 12 o’ clock tomorrow.
3. The secretary (have) a telephone conversation now.
4. During his breakfast my father (look) morning newspapers.
5. I (check) some payment orders.
Задание 4. Прочитайте текст и выберете выражение, соответствующее
Berny, a young man about 23 years old, this fair and moustache, and blue eyes
went home through the rain. He felt very depressed. It had been a very bad summer
for most people and he had not been better than the rest. A few weeks one firm, a
few days with another, then out of a job, then on again for a month perhaps, and so
His clothes, though shabby, were clean and neat but the holes in his shoes made
it painful to walk. He got married year ago though his wages didn’t average a
pound a week. As a single man he had never worried much if he happened to be
out of work. He always had enough to live on and pocket money besides, but now
that he was married it was different the fear of being ‘out’ haunted him all the time.
Berny felt depressed because…
it had been a bad summer for some people
he had recently got married, despite his low wages
he was afraid of losing his job
his shoes were worn out and his feet were hurting
Задание 5. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопрос после текста.
What car is desirable for all? It should be spaceous inside and small externally;
colour should be unpretending and stylish at the same time. It should be powerful
like a tractor and noiseless like a bicycle, computerized but with no fads and
fancies, easily disassembled but with no separable parts; speed should be high but
with low level of entropy. So, the list can be extended to infinity and there may be
quite incredible claims. To search for a point of support and balanced position is
essencially a real job of designer whose high-skilled creative work and bright
imagination may often be superior to the most daring dreamings of consumers.
Is this statements true (t) or false (f)?
 People desire to have a powerful, noiseless, fast and modern automobile.