УСРС по дисциплине «Письменный перевод специальных текстов»
5 курс, 9 семестр
Автор: Малько Н.П.
УСРС №1 (2 часа)
Тема: Перевод технической документации.
- совершенствование навыков перевода технических текстов;
- расширение словаря технических терминов.
1. Комиссаров В.Н. Общая теория перевода. М.; 1999.
2. Разинкина Н. М. Стилистика английского научного текста. М.: Едиториал,
2005 .
3. Чужакин А., Палажченко П. Мир перевода или Вечный поиск
взаимопонимания. М.; 1997.
Text № 1
Role of Viscosity in Dynamic Creep Tests in Conventional, Oxidized, and
Polymer-Modified Asphalts
A dynamic creep test was proposed as a new method for evaluating the ability
of modified asphalt binders to maintain their elastic response. The test was readily
proposed to evaluate the resistance to rutting of asphalt pavements. The authors
are reporting the analysis of results of the dynamic creep test on several
conventional and oxidized asphalts and blends of conventional asphalts with
two polymers. The used polymers were styrene-butadiene-styrene and styrene(ethylene-co-butylene)-styrene. The effects of temperature, material (base asphalt
and polymer modifier), applied stress level, and oxidation were investigated.
The possibility of using linear viscoelastic models for the description of the
dynamic creep test was also studied.
In pavement engineering, rutting is the result of deformation in one or more of the
asphalt pavement layers. At one extreme, the deformation occurs in the uppermost
layer; this is the case of surface rutting. However, on the other extreme, the main
component of deformation could come from the subgrade, and this is identified
as structural deformation (1). The surface rutting occurs mainly due to the defects
of asphalt-concrete mix design and construction. In this context, binder properties
play a major role, and accumulated strain is one of the main considerations. It is
believed that accumulated strain in an asphalt binder, as a consequence of traffic,
is mainly responsible for the rutting of asphalt pavements. There were attempts
to formulate a specification parameter that can describe the affinity of a binder
to increase deformation under periodic loading.
Text № 2
Воздушный компрессор должен быть тяжелым, двухкаскадным
оборудованием с большим запасным резервуаром (одобренный
Американским обществом инженеров-механиков ), если планируется
использование в течение продолжительно долгого времени при высокой
Воздушный компрессор следует установить в свободном от грязи, сухом
помещении (с низким содержанием влаги)например в комнате для
оборудования, крытых проходах между частями дома, или контрольных
комнатах, но вблизи к компоненту(там), которое данное оборудование будет
обслуживать, так чтобы гидросистема была короткой насколько это
возможно, и удобной для технического обслуживания. Не проводите монтаж
компрессора в грязных помещениях или возле раковин, а так же вблизи
оборудования, которое регулярно моется.
УСРС №2 (2 часа)
Тема: Перевод юридической документации.
- совершенствование навыков перевода юридических текстов;
- расширение словаря юридических терминов.
1. Комиссаров В.Н. Общая теория перевода. М.; 1999.
2. Разинкина Н. М. Стилистика английского научного текста. М.: Едиториал,
2005 .
3. Чужакин А., Палажченко П. Мир перевода или Вечный поиск
взаимопонимания. М.; 1997.
By this Power of Attorney, the Company authorizes the Attorney to do the
- to represent the Company before governmental, non-governmental,
commercial and other organisations, institutions, establishments, agencies,
legal entities and individuals in the Russian Federation, including, but not
limited to the State Registration Chamber under the Ministry of Justice of
the Russian Federation, Moscow Center for quotation of work places, the
Federal Migration Service, the Department of the Federal Migration Service
for Moscow and its territorial subdivisions, Department for Labor and Public
Employment of the City of Moscow, Public Employment Center, Moscow
Center for Labour Exchange, territorial divisions of the "Post of Russia", the
State Labour Inspectorate, the Pension Fund of Russia, the Federal Tax
Service and its territorial divisions and inspectorates, social benefit funds;
- - to execute on behalf of the Company contracts, agreements and delivery
acceptance acts with vendors of services, legal and tax vendors, benefits,
pension, recruitment and training vendors, as shall be required for the
operations of the Company;
- - to sign, submit and collect on behalf of the Company declarations,
accounts and reports addressed to the tax authorities, as well as other
documents, associated with the tax payments and other payments to the
- - to determine the staffing structure, sign internal labor-related regulations,
labor book entries, personnel orders on hiring, dismissal, transfers,
vacations, all standard personnel forms, payroll orders and sheets,
documents addressed to the Bank on staff related queries and payroll,
documents related to obligatory medical insurance and other employment
related documents;
- - to sign, submit and collect on behalf of the Company all documents
necessary for obtaining permissions to hire and use foreign employees, work
permits for foreign employees, personal accreditation cards, invitations for
entry in the Russian Federation, visas for the foreign employees and their
family members, as well as for business guests of the Company. The
Attorney is also authorized to sign any and all applications, letters,
notifications on hiring foreign personnel, notifications of arrival and certify
draft employment agreements for work permit purposes;
УСРС №3 (2 часа)
Тема: Перевод медицинских текстов.
- совершенствование навыков перевода медицинских текстов;
- расширение словаря медицинских терминов.
1. Комиссаров В.Н. Общая теория перевода. М.; 1999.
2. Разинкина Н. М. Стилистика английского научного текста. М.: Едиториал,
2005 .
3. Чужакин А., Палажченко П. Мир перевода или Вечный поиск
взаимопонимания. М.; 1997.
Text 1
Ampicillin is an antibiotic used to treat various infectious diseases of the urinary,
respiratory tract, liver and gastrointestinal tract. It is ineffective against
penicillinase, so it should not be given in cases where the disease is caused by
microbes that produced by this enzyme. It is taken orally or injection is appointed,
the possible side effects: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, may develop various allergic
reactions. Trade names: amfipen (Amfipen), penbritin (Penbritin).
The drug is not destroyed in the acidic environment of the stomach, it is well
absorbed when taken orally. It is active against Gram-positive microorganisms,
which operates benzyl penicillin. In addition, it operates on a number of gramnegative microorganisms (Salmonella, Shigella, Proteus, Escherichia coli,
Klebsiella pneumonia (pneumobaccillus), Pfeiffer's bacillus (bacillus influenza))
and it is therefore seen as a broad spectrum antibiotic and is used in diseases
caused by mixed infection.
Infectious-inflammatory diseases caused by microorganisms susceptible to
Ampicillin, including infections of the ear, nose and throat, Odontogenous
infections, respiratory tract infections (pneumonia, bronchitis, pneumonia, lung
abscess), acute and chronic urinary infections and biliary tract (pyelitis,
pyelonephritis, cholecystitis), gastrointestinal infections (including salmonella),
gynecological infections (including gonorrhea), meningitis, endocarditis,
septicemia, sepsis, rheumatic fever, erysipelas, scarlet fever, infections of the skin
and soft tissue.
Text 2
A new way to fight bleeding, developed by US and Hong Kong scientists, may
replace dressings and electrocoagulators. A peptide gel created by the researchers
forms a thick film on the wounded tissue that stops bleeding in a matter of seconds.
After healing the wound, the film begins to dissolve while the body absorbs its
During laboratory testing of the new technology, a group of scientists from the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Hong Kong University were
successfully able to stop open wound bleeding on the surface tissue of lab rodents,
as well as in the animals’ brain and spinal cord, liver and intestines.
According to researchers, on average the bleeding stops less than 15 seconds after
the gel is applied to the wound. The research project’s coordinator Rutledge EllisBehnke believes that introducing the new method may revolutionize surgery.
The gel, composed of seven different peptides (short protein fragments made up of
amino acids), quickly hardens after being applied to the wound and seals openings
of the bleeding vessels. As the wound heals, the hard film on its surface gradually
dissolves, breaking up into amino acids that are easily absorbed by surrounding
According the scientists, their peptide cocktail has additional healing properties
since its component amino acids are a valuable building block for a body’s cells.
Thus, previous locally applied experiments of a similar gel saw vision partially
restored in lab rats and hamsters.
Using the new technology during surgery will allow doctors to quickly and
effectively stop internal organ bleeding without causing them additional damage.
Thus, the time to perform an operation could be reduced by up to 50 percent.
УСРС №4 (4 часа)
Тема: Особенности перевода информационно-публицистической прозы.
- совершенствование навыков перевода текстов СМИ;
- расширение словаря лексики СМИ.
1. Комиссаров В.Н. Общая теория перевода. М.; 1999.
2. Разинкина Н. М. Стилистика английского научного текста. М.: Едиториал,
2005 .
3. Чужакин А., Палажченко П. Мир перевода или Вечный поиск
взаимопонимания. М.; 1997.
British Muslims want Islamic law and prayers at work
Muslims in Britain want greater recognition of their faith with the introduction of
Islamic law for civil cases and time off for prayers during the working day, but are
equally committed to greater participation in British life.
A special Guardian/ICM poll based on a survey of 500 British Muslims found that
a clear majority want Islamic law introduced into this country in civil cases relating
to their own community. Some 61% wanted Islamic courts - operating on sharia
principles - "so long as the penalties did not contravene British law". Many civil
cases in this country deal with family disputes such as divorce, custody and
The poll also found a high level of religious observance with just over half saying
they pray five times a day, every day - although women are shown to be more
devout than men. The poll reveals that 88% want to see schools and workplaces in
Britain accommodating Muslim prayer times as part of their normal working day.
Alongside these signs of a desire for more recognition of their religion, however,
the poll suggests that the Muslim community is perhaps more integrated than many
might imagine, with 62% saying they number "a lot or quite a few" non-Muslim
people among their closest friends and 35% saying they would consider marrying
someone who was not a Muslim.
There is also a strong appetite within the Muslim community to become a closer
part of British life, with 40% saying they need to do more to integrate into
mainstream British culture.
The ICM poll was commissioned as part of a groundbreaking Guardian exercise to
gauge the mood of Britain's younger Muslim generation. In addition to the poll,
103 young Muslims were brought together to discuss the most important issues
facing their future, from identity and integration to the war on terror.
The Guardian/ICM poll confirms that political support for Labour has halved since
the 2001 general election and the Liberal Democrats have emerged as the leading
political party within the Muslim community.
The role of Britain in the Iraq war and Tony Blair's strong support for the war on
terror which is widely seen by the Muslim community to be an attack on Islam, has
undoubtedly played a part in eroding Labour's support among British Muslims. In
the 2001 general election it is believed that 75% of those who voted backed
The voting intention figures in this poll show that support in the Muslim
community for the government is slipping away fast. In March, ICM recorded
Labour support at 38% and it has now fallen a further six points to 32% of Muslim
This is nine points behind the Liberal Democrats who now enjoy the support of
41% of Muslim voters. Conservative support has also fallen in the last six months
from 25% to 16%.
Other parties enjoy the support of 10% of British Muslim voters with 4% going to
the Greens and 4% to George Galloway's Respect party.
The problem for the Liberal Democrats is that the poll shows turnout among the
Muslim community is likely to be far lower than the general electorate with only
47% saying they "always or nearly always vote" compared with 68% of all voters.
ICM interviewed a random sample of 500 Muslim people by telephone between
November 15-21 2004. The data has not been weighted because there is no
authoritative source of demographic information on the Muslim population. ICM
abides by the rules of the British Polling Council.
УСРС №5 (2 часа)
Тема: Перевод рекламных текстов.
- совершенствование навыков перевода рекламных текстов;
- расширение лексического запаса по изучаемой теме.
1. Комиссаров В.Н. Общая теория перевода. М.; 1999.
2. Разинкина Н. М. Стилистика английского научного текста. М.: Едиториал,
2005 .
3. Чужакин А., Палажченко П. Мир перевода или Вечный поиск
взаимопонимания. М.; 1997.
Text 1
Time flies. You may think it is still a long time to Christmas, but with all the things
still to be done it will be here sooner than you think. So why not tackle this annual
problem of Christmas presents now!
You have probably already begun to rack your brains with a problem of what to
give your wife.
We want to give you an idea. Buy her one of our 'Blast Mixers'. It will do a
hundred jobs for her: shake cocktails, whip, stir or beat up cream, eggs or cake
mixture, make ice-cream, delicious biscuits. In short, it will be a blessing for the
whole house.
But you must see for yourself. May we show the "Blast" to you in action. If you
sign and post the enclosed card we shall send our representative round and he will
explain the advantages of this wonderful machine. A short demonstration will do
more than a hundred letters to convince you of the joys it will bring into your life.
And we assure you that if you have one, your wife will love it - and you.
Text 2
How to save 75% - 80% on office systems furniture
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systems furniture. We specialize in refurbished and pre-owned name-brand
workstations including Haworth, Herman Miller and Steelcase. Why pay full
price for new workstations when you can get beautiful professional-quality
and refurbished
furniture at up to 80%
As a full service dealer we have products and services to help you design,
furnish and install workstations, reception areas and conference rooms. We
are networked with wholesalers and distributors throughout the U.S. to offer
you an extensive range of products to meet all of your needs and at a price
that is guaranteed to fit your budget. And, we will personally deliver and install
your office furniture for you so your project is done correctly, on-time and onbudget.
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УСРС №6 (2 часа)
Тема: Перевод коммерческой документации.
- совершенствование навыков перевода коммерческой документации;
- расширение лексического запаса по изучаемой теме.
1. Комиссаров В.Н. Общая теория перевода. М.; 1999.
2. Разинкина Н. М. Стилистика английского научного текста. М.: Едиториал,
2005 .
3. Чужакин А., Палажченко П. Мир перевода или Вечный поиск
взаимопонимания. М.; 1997.
Text 1
Letter of offer
Dear Mr. Steven Lewis:
Does your company have problems about employee's morale and confidence? Are
you having trouble in getting maximum production from your employees? Do you
think that your company can perform much better if the employees are encouraged
to work together? Here is our motivational training program that will be a good
option to solve your all troubles.
If you are one of the successful employers, you must be thinking about finding
ways to keep employees motivated. We provide specialized training programs to
your employees that will solve their all issues. Our training programs are 100%
guaranteed for boosting the employees and enhancing their productivity. We offer
money back scheme in which you will get your all money back if you do not find
the expected results.
Our experienced trainers and motivators have helped many esteemed big
organizations for improving their productivity and employee psychology. You may
want to consult with all these aspects, so you can call 455-654-7896 and our
experts will answer your questions. We have attached a detailed catalog with this
letter. Remember, encouragement leads to better work performance.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Bulton
Manager of Real Motivation Company
Text 2
Letter denying credit
Mr. Alan T. Hinsdale
Hinsdale, Hinsdale, and Wanda, Inc.
43 Turnstable Road
Elmira, New York 90432
Dear Mr. Hinsdale:
Thank you for taking the time to apply for credit at Square Office Supplies, Ltd.
I’m sorry to inform you that we are unable to grant you the credit line you
requested. We are grateful for your interest in our office supplies store and
welcome your business, but I am afraid that your current debt situation suggests
that your ability to take on additional monthly payments could put you in difficult
financial straits.
When you have paid down some of your outstanding debt, or your cash flow
situation changes, we would be glad to reconsider your credit application. We will,
of course, welcome the opportunity to provide you with quality products and
services and continue to do business on a cash basis.
William W. Donohoe
Credit Manager