St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Bulletin
Special Holiday Edition
Christmas and Theophany 2015
Fr George Lardas, Rector – Telephone 203 / 209-9374
Web Site: StNicholasStratford.org
V Rev Fr George Lardas, Rector,
and Leo “Dexter” Peavy, Starosta,
with the entire Parish Council
Wish our parishioners and friends
A blessed Christmas
and a happy and
prosperous New Year!
о. Георгий Лардас, Настоятель,
и Лев Пиви, Староста,
со всем
Церковно-Приходским Советом
Сердечно приветствуем всех
наших прихожан и друзей
С Рождеством
Silver star under the Altar of the Nativity
marks the spot where Christ was born
Troparion of Christmas, Tone 4
Thy Nativity, O Christ our God, * hath
shined the light of knowledge upon the
world, * for thereby they that worshipped
the stars * were instructed by a star * to
worship Thee the Sun of Righteousness *
and to know Thee the Dayspring from on
high, ** O Lord, glory be to Thee
и с счастливым Новым
Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
Тропарь Рождества, Гласъ 4
Christmas carols - К
Blessing of waters - В
Troparion of Theophany, Tone 1
Тропарь Богявленія, Гласъ 4
When Thou wast baptized in the Jordan, O
Lord, * the worship of the Trinity was made
manifest, * for the voice of the Father bare
witness to Thee * that Thou art my beloved
Son, * and the Spirit in the form of a dove *
confirmed the certainty of that word. * O
Christ God, who wast made manifest, * and
dost enlighten the world, ** glory be to
St Nicholas Parish Bulletin – January 2015
Fr George Lardas, Rector – Telephone: 203 209-9374
Web Site: StNicholasStratford.org
Email: [email protected]
Verse: And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I
bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour,
which is Christ the Lord. – Luke 2:10-11.
Стjхъ: И# речE и5мъ ѓнгелъ: не б0йтесz, сe бо блаогвэствyю
вaмъ рaдость вeлію, ћже бyдетъ всёмъ лю1демъ. Ћкw роди1сz
вaмъ днeсь Спaсъ, и4же є4сть Хріст0съ Госп0дь, во грaдэ
давjдовэ. – њтъ Луки2 гl б7, ст< ‹-№i.
Стихъ: И
– Отъ Луки 2:10-11.
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** Yolka **
Children’s Christmas Party
Sunday, January 18
General Parish Meeting
This year’s Annual General Parish Meeting will take place
after the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 8 February. We invite all our
members to attend and participate. Please remember that those
eligible to vote are those who have confessed and received
Communion at least once in the past year and who are up to date
in their dues. If you wish to participate, please be sure to fulfill
your obligations.
Annual Dues: We ask our parishioners who are not current in
their dues please see our Treasurer, Anastasia Milligan. These
dues help maintain our parish and give us the privilege of voting
and making our voice heard at the Annual Parish Meeting. Donations over and above the dues are also most welcome.
This Bulletin
Christmas Donation Envelopes: This Bulletin includes a
special donation envelope for your annual Christmas Donation.
Please be generous in your contribution. This donation will
help cover our expenses during the year. Your donations can be
either mailed in or dropped into the collection basket when you
come to church.
Special Services: Included in this Bulletin is the schedule of
special services for Christmas and Theophany. The schedule of
blessing of homes with Holy Water will be announced later. If
you have not had your house blessed in the past and would like
to be included, please contact Fr George before Theophany so
that we may add your name to the list.
All parish children are invited to perform in the Yolka to be
held during the Coffee Hour after the Divine Liturgy on
Sunday January 18. Children can act in the Nativity play,
join in singing Christmas carols, or perform individually on
an instrument, recite a poem, sing a song or dance.
Rehearsal: 3 pm Saturday January 17.
Please contact Masha Peavy if you or your children wish to
participate: 203 387-8744.
Save the Date: Children’s Yolka
Performance: Sunday, January 18th
Inclement Weather: Winter sometimes brings stormy
weather. We ask our parishioners to use good judgment and
common sense not to drive when conditions are dangerous. As
weather varies from place to place, it may be that services will be
held as scheduled, despite the fact that conditions in your area are
difficult. To find out whether services are cancelled or delayed,
call 203 375-4793. If you hear the usual greeting, services will be
held as scheduled. Otherwise the message will inform you
whether services are cancelled or delayed. In general, if Fr
George can arrive at the church, services will be held however
many or few people are present. Weather advisories will also be
posted on our Parish website, www.StNicholasStratford.org.
Nativity Fast (Advent): The Nativity Fast continues until
Christmas Day, Wednesday 7 January. During this time we
abstain from meat, eggs and dairy products. On Wednesdays and
Fridays we also abstain from fish, wine and oil. Some keep a
strict fast Mondays. The fast becomes stricter on the day after Ss
Spyridon and Herman, 25 December, after which we do not eat
fish until Christmas Day.
Announcements – January 2015
Strict Fast: Please do not forget that the Nativity Fast continues up to Christmas. The day before Christmas (Tuesday 6 January) and the day before Theophany (Sunday 18 January) are both
strict lenten days, on which we abstain from meat, eggs, dairy
products, and fish. The evening meal on Christmas Eve should be
fully lenten.
No Vigil: On Saturday 3 January there will be no Vigil at St
Nicholas as Fr George will be travelling. Those who wish may
attend Vigil at Presentation Church, 5 Wheeler Terr in Stratford,
which begins at 6:30 pm.
Holy Supper: The traditional Holy Supper on Christmas Eve
will be held at 5 pm before the Christmas Vigil on Tuesday 6
January in the Church Hall. Matushka Ann is organizing this and
will have a signup sheet downstairs. Bring your favorite lenten
dishes. We also need volunteers to help with cleanup.
Christmas: Vigil for Christmas will be at 6:30 pm Tuesday 6
January, and Divine Liturgy at 10 am on Wednesday 7 January.
Christmas Trapeza: The Divine Liturgy on Christmas day
will be followed by a festive meal and singing of carols and
Christmas songs. Matushka Ann is organizing this meal and
would be appreciative of help. Please see her if you would like to
participate. Feel free to bring your favorite non-lenten dish!
Holy Innocents Killed by Herod: This year this day falls on
the Sunday after Christmas. We will serve a brief prayer service
at the end of the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 11 January for the
innocents killed by our society through abortion.
Saint Basil’s Day and New Year: Vespers for the Circumcision of our Lord and St Basil and the Old Calendar New Year
will be at 6:30 pm Tuesday 13 January. The Vespers will be followed by a moleben for the New Year. There will be no services
on Tuesday morning 14 January.
85th Anniversary: On November 1 and 2 we celebrated the
85th Anniversary of the founding
of our parish. Metropolitan
Hilarion arrived toward the end of
the Vigil on Saturday 1 November, having been delayed by traffic and distance, and was able to
join the service in progress. The
concelebrating clergy were: V
Rev George Lardas, Rector; V
Rev George Larin, Dean, of Holy
Protection Church in Nyack NY; V Rev Peter Paproski of St
John the Baptist Carpatho-Russian Church on Broadbridge Ave
in Stratford; V Rev Constantine Semyanko of our sister parish of
the Presentation of the Lord Church in Stratford; our Deacon
Paul Giatas; and Hierodeacon Panteleimon (Jigalin) who drove
the Metropolitan. The Vigil was followed by a dinner for the
visiting clergy.
The Hierarchical
Divine Liturgy on
Sunday 2 November
was led by Metropolitan
with Fr George Lardas, Fr Deacon Paul
Giatas and Hierodeacon Panteleimon
concelebrating. At
the Liturgy Metropolitan Hilarion awarded Fr George the right to
wear a jeweled cross.
Blessing of Homes: Starting on Theophany Day, Monday 19
January, Fr George will be blessing homes with Holy Water. Because his teaching hours for Spring 2015 have not all been assigned, the schedule of blessings will be announced after the
New Year.
A festive banquet
was held at Vazzy’s
Four Seasons Restaurant. During the banquet,
Hilarion delivered a
speech in honor of the
parish’s anniversary.
The children of our
parish opened the
performances as the St Nicholas Russian Folk Dance Group, under the direction of Elena Reilly and Kelley Kendall. They performed five dances, including the Berezka and the Gopak. The
Barynya Folk Dance Ensemble from New York followed with
traditional dances and songs, and the next performance was by
the St Petersburg Men’s Ensemble, who also sang at the Divine
Liturgy. Our Vice-President Gregory Romanovsky and iconographer Oleg Trofimenko also spoke about the interior refurbishment and the iconography project that we are undertaking.
The banquet was a great success and enjoyed by all.
Molebens: To mark the lesser holy days in January, we will
serve a moleben on Thursday 15 January for St Seraphim of
Sarov; on Tuesday 27 January for St Nina; and Friday 30 January for St Antony the Great; all three molebens are at 6:30 pm.
Children’s Advent Retreat: On Saturday 13 December our
children participated in a special retreat for the Nativity Fast.
They watched a short movie about the birth of our Lord in Bethlehem, practiced hymns and songs, discussed the meaning of the
Theophany Eve: Royal Hours for Theophany will begin at
6:30 pm Friday 16 January. Sunday 18 January is a strict fast
Theophany: Vigil for Theophany will begin at 6:30 pm Sunday 18 January, and Divine Liturgy will be at 9:30 am Saturday
19 January.
Blessing of Waters: There will be two Blessings of Waters,
the first during Vigil on Sunday evening 18 January, and the second at the end of the Divine Liturgy on Monday 19 January.
Late Vigil: From Theophany (19 January) to Meat Fare Sunday (15 February) Vigil will begin at 6:30 pm to allow Fr George
more time before the evening service to bless houses.
Announcements – January 2015
Nativity Fast and how we may prepare for the birth of our Lord,
and they participated in a craft – making Christmas tree decorations. Fr George gave a talk about the Church prepares us for
major holy days. The program ended with the children staying to
sing Vespers and go to confession. The children and their
mothers also served the Coffee Hour on Sunday after the Liturgy.
Since this was the first time we held this event, it was somewhat
small, but we look forward to doing it again in the years to come.
Greg Romanovsky – bringing the St Petersburg Men’s
Ensemble and coordinating with the iconographer
Matushka Ann Lardas – press releases
Elena Reilly – choreographing, scheduling and working
with the children dancers
Kelley Kendall – sewing the beautiful costumes
From the Restoration Committee
Sonya DeBiase – creating the raffle baskets
To the Family of St. Nicholas,
Natasha Peavy – setup and Commemorative Booklet
For all of those who were able to attend the 85th anniversary
services and banquet I thank you. It was a well thought out
event and from what I saw and heard everyone seemed to have
a good time. That day also marked the beginning of our parish
interior transformation to what is to become an everlasting
statement for our commitment to God through iconography.
As I stated in my first letter back in October this should not be
looked up as a project but rather a spiritual journey that cannot
be measured in dollars and cents.
The church council has approved funding for Oleg
Trofimenko, to begin work on the four evangelists. This does not
mean that an individual or group cannot contribute to all or part
for any of these icons. If you have an idea for a fundraiser that
you would like to run that would be okay with the approval of
the church committee.
All the names of the contributors will be honored on a plaque
which will be placed in the church hall. If you wish to remain
anonymous that is fine as well.
I will provide a monthly status for the bulletin but don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. (203) 8955660
Paul Przybylski – Commemorative Booklet
Sergei Rakov – photography from start to finish
Dimitry Shurba and Dexter Peavy - preparation of the
church for the event
Fr Deacon Paul Giatas – innumerable labors preparing
the Altar and moving furniture and icons for the painting and restoration of the church, brass polishing
Andrew Warth – moving furniture and icons, assisting
Fr Paul with brass polishing and other work
Walter Nalysnyk – Hanging of all the icons and
lampadas after the painting of the interior walls
The choir and our visiting singers
Yours in Christ
With so many people working together for this event it is possible that someone might have been overlooked; our apologies.
Children’s Advent Retreat: We thank Maria Peavy, Elena
Reilly and Kelley Kendall for arranging and putting together the
Children’s Advent Retreat. This was a beautiful occasion for the
children, and we hope to continue it in the years to come.
Calendars for 2015: These are now available at the Candle
Desk, courtesy of Adzima’s Funeral Home. We thank the
Adzima family for their continued generosity to our parish in
supplying our annual calendar for so many years.
Gregory Romanovsky
Chairman of the Church Restoration Committee
Donations Still Accepted! It is not too late – you may still
make a tax-deductible contribution to the 85th Anniversary
Restoration Fund or toward the Iconography Project. Please see
our Treasurer, Nancy Milligan to make a donation.
Many Thanks
85 Anniversary: The 85th Anniversary would not have been
so great a success, nor so wonderful an occasion without the hard
work of many people, to whom we are grateful. We thank them
Leaf Cleanup: We thank Katherine Pigiel and her daughter
Gabrielle, Eugene Viderman, Daria Sipeykina, and John
Lardas who came and did the preliminary raking of leaves on the
announced day for the cleanup. There was much remaining, for
the job was so big.
We thank Nicholas Niejelow for arranging and donating the
cleanup of the leaves from the church yard this December. Now
that the leaves have all fallen and the yard is cleared, the grounds
are beautiful and clean before winter.
Maria Peavy – overall management and planning of the
event, and engaging the painters and floorers
Choir Books: We thank Elena Reilly for copying all the music for the choir for our 85th Anniversary celebration, and also
Daria Sipeykina for making enlarged, bound copies of the Tenor
and Soprano Vigil books.
Nancy Milligan – handled all the monies and wrote the
thank you notes for donations, did innumerable tasks to
make things go smoothly and painted the trim and
crosses in the church, that the painters did not complete
Altar Wine: We thank Andrew Warth for his donation of the
Rosario wine for the zapivka.
Kathy Callaghan – booklet ads
Announcements – January 2015
per person. We also have an introductory rate for students.
Prosphora Baking
Work Party: We held a prosphora baking work party on the
Saturday after Thanksgiving, 29 November, and we baked about
150 prosphoras. The participants were John Lardas, Daria
Sipeykina, Eugene Viderman, and Fr George. Since we made a
smaller batch than usual, the time was shorter. These will not last
until our Christmas, and so another work party will be announced before secular Christmas.
Our Parish
Sponsor the Coffee Hour: The Sisterhood is happy to hold
the Coffee Hour every Sunday for the sake of fellowship and the
community of our Parish. However, we find the same ladies
working in the kitchen Sunday after Sunday. Since many of our
Sisterhood are no longer so young and able, we are seeking volunteers to give the ladies in the Sisterhood a rest so that they may
attend the Divine Liturgy in peace.
We need families or individuals (men can do this too!) to take
responsibility for preparing and serving a meal on a rotating basis. Ideally this responsibility would not fall more than once
every six weeks or so, and so it would not be a great burden. This
is also an opportunity to showcase our culinary skills. It is a
Christian duty to support the Parish, and there is much blessing
in it. To sign up see Joan Hudobenko.
St Nicholas Day: We celebrated our Parish Feast with a Vigil
on Thursday 18 December and the Divine Liturgy on Friday 19
December, at the end of which we congratutlated all the
Nicholases in our parish as well as all our parishioners with the
Feast of our Patron Saint.
We Appreciate Donations of Coffee Hour Supplies: The
Sisterhood is always in need of donations of supplies for our
Coffee Hour. We need paper plates, Styrofoam soup bowls,
cups, and paper napkins. We are particularly in need of food
storage and ziplock bags. We also need food supplies and
willing hands to help prepare, set things up and clean up. Please
remember the parish when you are shopping, and see Joan
Hudobenko if you wish to help. We thank you for your continued
support, and appreciate all your donations.
Another need is paper towels and toilet paper for the bathrooms and kitchen.
Our Children
Food Drive: Our children collected eleven bags and one crate
of food for the Sterling House Food Pantry during October and
the first part of November. These were delivered the Tuesday
before Thanksgiving. We thank all our parishioners who participated, and we plan to continue collecting food for the unfortunate
through the winter holiday season.
Sterling House Food Pantry: Our children collected eleven
bags and one crate of food for the Sterling House Food Pantry
during October and the first part of November. We received this
letter from Sterling House:
Please know that your support enables Sterling
House to nurture the body, mind and spirit of
youth and adults in the heart of Stratford and
surrounding areas. Again, thank you.
Christmas Flower Donations: Please make note of the
collection box in the center of the church; It its being used for
flower donations to make the church beautiful for Christmas.
Most Sincerely,
Raymond O’Donnell
Lampada Sponsorship: Offerings may be made to sponsor
the lighting the lampadas at the Divine Liturgy, either in memory
of loved ones, or in gratitude for blessings received, or for any
other good intention. The sponsorship of the lampadas is $25 for
all the lampadas in the church. Register at the Candle Desk if you
wish to sponsor the lampadas, in whole or in part, on a Sunday of
your choice.
Consider the Church in Your Will: Please consider including St Nicholas Church in your will. There are many advantages
in making the Church one of your beneficiaries. It is possible to
structure the bequest so that there is little loss to the estate.
Please contact our Starosta, Dexter Peavy, for more information.
Become a Member: If you attend services but are not a
member, would you please consider joining? The cost is not
great - $150 per adult, or $300 for families with two adults and
any number of children. This amounts to about $12.50 a month
A heartfelt thank you for the generous donation
to Sterling House.
This act of kindness enables us to provide
assistance to many individuals and families.
St Nicholas Day Fish Dinner: The Sisterhood served up a
splendid fish dinner in honor of our Parish Feast after the Liturgy
on Sunday 22 December. The dinner was enjoyed by all, and
many kept company for a long while.
Utilities: Please remember that on the first Sunday of each
month there is a special collection for utilities.
St. Nicholas Church,
Raymond O’Donnell
Program Director
Sterling House Community Center
2283 Main St
Stratford, CT 06615
The Choir in the New Year: We encourage our parishioners
to begin the new year by joining the Choir! It takes many voices
to sustain us! Nobody is too young. Nobody is too old.
Liturgical Notes
Note: We include this section so that Fr George may have
help changing the altar cloths and vestments at the appropriate
times. This is a lot of work, but goes much more easily with a few
helping hands.
Announcements – January 2015
Red: On Thursday 11 December we change all altar cloths
and vestments to Red for the continuation of the Nativity Fast.
The red remains until Christmas Eve, Tuesday 6 January.
Decorations: On Saturday 3 January we decorate the church
with poinsettias and lights.
White: After Liturgy on Christmas Eve, Tuesday 6 January
we change all altar cloths and vestments to white. The white remains until the Apodosis (Leave-Taking) of Theophany, Tuesday
27 January.
Gold: After the leave-taking of the Feast of Theophany,
Tuesday 27 January, we change the altar cloths and vestments to
gold. They remain gold until Vespers on Forgiveness Sunday, 22
February, when the cloths are changed to black.
Note: The following events were inadvertently omitted from
previous issues of this Bulletin:
Reception of a Convert: On Friday 12 July, the eve of Ss
Peter and Paul, Andrew Warth, formerly of the Roman Catholic
faith was received into the Orthodox Faith. His sponsor was Rev
Deacon Paul Giatas. We congratulate the newly-illumined and
his sponsor! Many years! Многая лѣта!
Wedding: On Sunday 9 November, David Dutkanicz, son of
our parishioners Peter and Anna Dutkanicz, was wed to Mary
Alice McDonald in Holy Matrimony at Three Saints Orthodox
Church (OCA) in Ansonia by Bishop Jerome of the Russian
Church Abroad. Concelebrating the wedding were Fr Patrick
Burns, Rector of Three Saints Church, and Fr George Lardas of
St Nicholas Church in Stratford. Congratulations to the
newlyweds! Many years! Многая лѣта!
Mitered Archrpiest Stavros Rousos, Protodeacon Nicholas
Triantafillidis (cancer), Reader Vladimir.
Ailing Parishioners: Mildred Harko, Emilia Hramov, Martin
Hudobenko, Kiril (Charles) Nettle, Vera Peebles and her
daughter Janet, Galina Penchuk, Angelina Schneider, Ann
Sharog, Elena and Ludmila Skorik, Valentina and Denis Zimbalkin.
Ailing Orthodox: Uliana Drobot, Nina Boldyreff, Nadezhda
Jakovenko, Helen Raduk, Yvette (Eve) Girard, Andrea Picard,
Sophia, Peter Nelson, Desislava Dimitrova, Margaret, Theophan,
and also the servants of God Velitchka and for Sophia Drobot,
and for the servant of God Natalia (cancer), and for infant
Constantine Bezas. Prayers are also asked for child Taras.
Ailing Non-Orthodox: Veronica Wlodarski, the daughter of
Elizabeth Wlodarski, and Sophia Salinger, the daughter of
Tatiana Sergievsky.
Other Requests, Clergy: Archpriest Alexander Fedorowsky at
Novo-Diveevo Convent (facing a frivolous, but expensive lawsuit).
Other Requests, Orthodox: David, Ambrose, Matthew, and
Nicholas, Andrés, Benjamin.
Other Requests, Non-Orthodox: Ken, Jane, and Daniel.
Soldiers, Orthodox: Nicolas, Jesse, Andrei, Michael,
Timothy, James, and Sarah.
Soldiers, Non-Orthodox: John and Geoffrey.
Is Anyone Sick? “Let him call the presbyters,” as it says in
the Epistle of St James. If you know anyone who needs attention
please let Fr George know. Call 203 209-9374 and leave a message.
Is Anyone Better? If you have submitted any names for the
list of prayers for the sick and that person has recovered, please
let us know so we can keep the list a manageable length.
Prayer Requests
Reminder: If you need a hospital visit or wish Fr George to
visit a sick relative, please call and let us know. Hospitals no
longer give out information to non-relatives without express permission, so if you want the priest to know you or your loved
one’s condition you must inform the hospital or nursing home in
Deadline for Submissions: Notices from parishioners or parish organizations must be submitted to Fr George by the 18th of
the month for inclusion in the next Bulletin.
Pray for our Soldiers: Although we do not have any parishioners of St Nicholas Church on active duty now, our parishioner, Vera Peebles asks prayers for her granddaughter’s husband, John. There are also many Orthodox Christians in the
Armed Forces and serving in the War. Please keep them and all
our soldiers in your prayers.
Asking Prayers: Please remember the following names in
your prayers:
Ailing Clergy: Archbishop Paul (Pavlos) of Astoria (Greek
Old-Calendar), Archbishop Nikon (OCA), Mitered Archpriest
Andrei Semyanko, Mitered Archpriest Theodore Shevzov,
Mark Your Calendar
Please mark these events of the coming months in your
Sunday 8 February – General Parish Meeting
Sunday 15 February – Presentation Parish Feast
Sunday 15 February - Bliny
Sunday 22 February – Forgiveness Sunday
Monday 23 February – Lent begins
Sunday 8 March – Daylight Time begins
Saturday 28 March – Children’s Lenten Retreat
Sunday 29 March – Children’s Communion Breakfast
Sunday 5 April – Palm Sunday
Friday 10 April – Good Friday
Sunday 12 April - Pascha
In the year 2014 we had six baptisms, one reception of a convert, one wedding, and four funerals. One parishioner was married
elsewhere. We celebrated our 85th Anniversary as a parish, and we began a program of restoration of the church, including new iconography. Our Synod requested we add prayers for the Ukrainian land over the troubles that began with the new year. Fr George celebrated the 25th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. Our parish continued participation in the Greater Bridgeport PanOrthodox Lenten Vespers. In addition to our annual Children’s Lenten Retreat, we also had for the first time a Children’s Advent Retreat during the Nativity Fast. In the spring Emilia Hramov celebrated her 90 th birthday with a big party, and Walter Wolog gave a talk
at the University of New Haven about his experiences during the War. Stratford celebrated the 375 th Anniversary of its founding as a
town. Our young people participated in events outside our parish: Misha Reilly wrote about St Seraphim’s Camp and the Three Saints
Day Camp, and John Lardas wrote about being a delegate to the 13th All-Diaspora Youth Conference in San Francisco, and some of
our parishioners attended the Columbus Day Youth Picnic at St Nicholas in Springfield MA. In the fall our new Diocesan Center
opened in Lakewood NJ. In November Metropolitan Hilarion celebrated the 30 th anniversary of his consecration to the episcopate, and
the Diocese celebrated the 80th Anniversary of its founding.
The celebration of our 85th Anniversary as a parish took place on the weekend of November 1 and 2, with a pastoral visit by
Metropolitan Hilarion and a Festive Banquet in which our children performed. Preparations included the repainting of the church and
refinishing of the floors. In addition our iconographer, Oleg Trofimenko, restored the icons in the Altar, and we engaged him to restore the Four Evangelists in the nave. This work is ongoing.
Baptisms: Patricia, daughter of Alexandru and Larisa Eshanu; Milena (Xenia in Baptism), daughter of Pavel and Tatiana Shurba;
Nicholas (Cameron Joshua), son of Joshua Matthew Dickinson and Iryna Kheilik; Adrian Alexander, son of Clint Alexander Joseph
and Tatiana Prosvirina; Aliana (Maria in Baptism), daughter of Klimentsi and Viktoriya Manko; Ian Alexander, son of Jose João and
Olga Simões. Congratulations to the parents and sponsors. Many years! Mnogaja ljeta!
Chrismation: Andrew Warth. Congratulations to the parents and sponsors. Many years! Mnogaja ljeta!
Graduations: George Peavy, Hamden Hall Country Day High School;
Wedding: At St Nicholas Church: Alexandru Eshanu and Larisa Bulaki. Wedding elsewhere: David Dutkanicz and Mary
McDonald at Three Saints in Ansonia. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Many years! Mnogaja ljeta!
Moving Away: Joy Paschalidis and Tatiana Porfirieva.
Awards: Miter – Archpriest Theodore Shevzov; Jeweled Cross – Archpriest George Lardas; Double Orarion – Deacon Paul
Giatas; Rason – Reader Peter Romanovsky.
Funerals: At St Nicholas Church: Barbara Yaremich Cardinal, Michael Shigalkowski, Mary Horelik, Alexander Kulakov, and
Irene Stettinin.
St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
Special Holiday Edition
Christmas and Theophany 2015
Fr George Lardas, Rector – Telephone: 203 / 209-9374
Web Site: StNicholasStratford.org
1 Honeyspot Road, Stratford, CT 06615
Telephone: 203 209-9374
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
V. Rev. George Lardas, Rector
Сердечно приветствуем всех наших прихожан и друзьей
С Рождеством Христовым,
и с счастливым Новым Годом!
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5 (23)
6 (24)
7 (25)
8 (26)
9 (27)
10 (28)
Synaxis of the
Fast day
12 (30)
Christmas Eve
Royal Hours
9:30 am
Holy Supper 5 p
Vigil with Litya
6:30 pm
Strict Fast
13 (31)
No fast
16 (3)
Vigil 5 pm
17 (4)
Moleben 6:30 pm
22 (9)
Royal Hours for
Theopany Eve
9:30 am
No fast
23 (10)
Vigil 5 pm
24 (11)
29 (16)
Fast day
30 (17)
Late Vigil 6:30 p
31 (18)
Sunday before
Christmas, 30th
after Pent, Ancestors of Christ
Tone 5
Liturgy 10 am
Fast day
11 (29)
Sunday after
Christmas, 31st
after Pentecost,
Holy Innocents
Tone 6
Liturgy 10 am
Prayer Service
12 pm
18 (5) Eve &
Sunday before
Theophany, T 7
Liturgy 10 am
Yolka, Children’s
Christmas Party
Vigil with Blessing of Waters
6:30, Strict Fast!
25 (12) Sun after
Theophany, 33rd
after Pent, of
St Tatiana
Tone 8
Liturgy 10 am
Pelmeni Dinner
19 (6)
Liturgy 9:30 am
Blessing of
Waters 12 noon
Blessing of
houses begins
Martin Luther
King Day
26 (13)
Vespers with
Litya and
Moleben for the
New Year
6:30 pm
20 (7)
Liturgy 10 am
Festive Trapeza
12 noon
No fast
14 (1 Jan 2015)
Circumcision of
our Lord,
St Basil the Great
Old Calendar
New Year 2015
No Liturgy
No fast
21 (8)
No Liturgy
15 (2)
St Seraphim of
Synaxis of St
John the Baptist
No services
27 (14)
Fast day
28 (15)
St Nina
Moleben 6:30 pm
St Antony the Gt
Moleben 6:30 pm
Fast day
Fast day
Late Vigil 6:30 p
Note: Dates in parentheses are Old Style (Julian Calendar).
Please mark these events of the coming months in your calendar:
Sunday 8 February – General Parish Meeting
Sunday 15 February – Presentation Parish Feast
Sunday 15 February - Bliny
Sunday 22 February – Forgiveness Sunday
Monday 23 February – Lent begins
Sunday 8 March – Daylight Time begins
Saturday 28 March – Children’s Lenten Retreat
Sunday 29 March – Children’s Communion Breakfast
Sunday 5 April – Palm Sunday
Friday 10 April – Good Friday
Sunday 12 April - Pascha
Свято-Николаевская Русская Православная Церковь
Календарь – Январь 2015 г.
28 (15)
29 (16)
30 (17)
203 / 209-9374
1 Янв 2015 г
31 (18)
Неделя Свв
Праотцев, 29ая
по Пят, Глас 4
2 (20)
3 (21)
Литургия 10 ч
День постный
День постный
День постный
День постный
День постный
День постный
Всенощная в
Церкви 6:30 ч в
День постный
4 (22)
5 (23)
6 (24)
7 (25)
8 (26)
9 (27)
10 (28)
День постный
12 (30)
Навечерие Рожд
Царские Часы
9:30 ч утра
Ужин 5 ч веч
Всенощная с
литией 6:30 ч
Строгий пост
13 (31)
Поста нет
16 (3)
5 ч веч
17 (4)
19 (6)
Вечерня с
литией и
Молебен за
Новый Год
6:30 ч веч
20 (7)
Царские Часы
на Богоявления
9:30 ч утра
Поста нет
23 (10)
5 ч веч
24 (11)
День постный
30 (17)
6:30 ч веч
31 (18)
Неделя пред
30ая По Пят
Глас 5
10 ч утра
День постный
11 (29)
Неделя по
31ая по Пят
Свв Младенцев
Глас 6
Литургия 10ч ут
Молебен 12 ч д
18 (5) Навеч и
Нед пред огояв,
Глас 7
Литургия 10 ч
Всенощ и Вел
6:30 ч веч
Строгий пост!
25 (12) Нед по
34ая по Пят, о
Закхее, Гл 8
Мучц Татианы
10 ч утра
Пельмени от
Сестричества 12
Лит 9:30 ч утра
Вел Водоосвящение 12 ч дня
освящ домов
26 (13)
Литургия 10ч ут
стол 12 ч дня
Поста нет
14 (1 Янв 2015)
Свят Василия
Новый Год 2015
Литургии нет
Поста нет
21 (8)
Собор Пресв
Литургии нет
15 (2)
Преп Серафима
6:30 ч веч
22 (9)
Собор Иоанна
27 (14)
День постный
28 (15)
29 (16)
Св Равноап
Преп Антония
6:30 ч веч
6:30 ч веч
День постный
День постный
6:30 ч веч
Замечание: Все даты в скобках по старому стилю (по июлианскому календарю).
Отметьте эти наступающие события
Воскресенье 8 Февраля – Годовое Общее Приходское Собрание
Воскресенье 15 Февраля – Сретение Господне
Воскресенье 15 Февраля - Блины
Воскресенье 22 Февраля – Прощенное Воскресенье
Понедельник 23 Февраля – Начало Великого Поста
Воскресенье 8 Марта – Начало летнего времени
Суббота 28 Марта – Детское Великопостное Говение
Воскресенье 29 Марта – Детское Причастие
Воскресенье 5 Апреля – Вербное Воскресенье
Пятница 10 Апреля – Великий Пяток
Воскресенье 12 Апреля – Пасха Господня
Holiday Schedule - Christmas and Theophany – January 2015
Sunday before Christmas, 30th after Pentecost, Ancestors of Christ, Tone 5
3 Jan 21 Dec
6:30 pm
Vigil at Presentation Church (not at St Nicholas)
4 Jan 22 Dec
9:30 am
Hours and Confession
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
CHRISTMAS – The Nativity of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ
6 Jan 24 Dec
9:30 am
Royal Hours, Christmas Eve – Strict fast
5:00 pm
Holy Supper in the Church Hall (lenten)
6:30 pm
Vigil with Great Compline and Litya
Wed 7 Jan 25 Dec
9:30 am
Hours and Confession
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
12:00 noon Festive Trapeza,
Nativity Season – The Twelve Days of Christmas: From Christmas Day to the Eve of Theophany we do not fast on Wednesday and
Friday. However, the Eve of Theophany, 18 January (5 January), which is a Sunday this year, is a strict fast, like Great Lent.
Sunday after Christmas, 31st after Pentecost, Holy Innocents Killed by Herod, Tone 6
Sat 10 Jan 28 Dec
5:00 pm
Sun 11 Jan 29 Dec
9:30 am
Hours and Confession
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
Circumcision of our Lord, St Basil the Great and Old Calendar New Year 2015
Tue 13 Jan 31 Dec
6:30 pm
Vespers with Litya and Moleben for the New Year
St Seraphim of Sarov
Thu 15 Jan
2 Jan
6:30 pm
Preparation for Theophany
Fri 16 Jan
3 Jan
9:30 am
Royal Hours
Eve of Theophany, Sunday before Theophany, 32nd after Pentecost, Tone 7 – Strict fast
Sat 17 Jan
4 Jan
5:00 pm
Sun 18 Jan
5 Jan
9:30 am
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
12:30 pm
Children’s Christmas Party (Yolka)
THEOPHANY – The Baptism of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ
Sun 18 Jan
5 Jan
6:30 pm
Vigil with Great Compline, Litya and Great Blessing of Waters
Mon 19 Jan
6 Jan
9:00 am
9:30 am
Divine Liturgy
11:30 am
Great Blessing of Waters, Blessing of homes begins
Sunday after Theophany, 33rd after Pentecost, of Zacchaeus, St Tatiana, Tone 8
Sat 24 Jan 11 Jan
6:30 pm
Late Vigil
Sun 25 Jan 12 Jan
9:30 am
Hours and Confession
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
12:00 pm
Sisterhood Pelmeni Dinner
St Nina
Tue 27 Jan 14 Jan
6:30 pm
St Antony the Great
Fri 30 Jan 17 Jan
6:30 pm
Sunday after Theophany, 33rd after Pentecost, of Zacchaeus, St Tatiana, Tone 8
Sat 31 Jan 18 Jan
6:30 pm
Late Vigil
1 Feb 19 Jan
9:30 am
Hours and Confession
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
Note: Weekday services, apart from major Holy Days, subject to change depending on Fr George’s work schedule.
Расписание Богослужений – Рождество и Богоявление – Январь 2015 г.
День Новый Старый Время
Стиль Стиль
Неделя пред Рождеством, 30ая по Пятидесятнице, Свв Богоотец, Глас 5
Суб 3 Дек 21 Дек
6:30 ч веч Всенощная в Сретинской Церкви
Вос 4 Янв 22 Дек
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Божественная Литургия
РОЖДЕСТВО Господа Бога и Спаса нашего Иисуса Христа
Вто 6 Янв 24 Дек
9:30 ч утра Царские Часы, Навечерие Рождества – Строгий пост
5:00 ч веч Сватый Вечер, постный ужин в церковном зале
6:30 ч веч Всенощная с Великом Повечерием и литией
Сре 7 Янв 25 Дек
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Божественная Литургия
12:00 ч дня Праздничный стол, колядки
Рождественские Святки: От Рождества до Навечерие Богоявления поста по средам и пятницам нет. Но Навечерие
Богоявления, 18 Января (5 Января), которое впадает в Воскресенье в этом году – строгий пост, как Великий Пост.
Неделя по Рожеству, 31ая по Пятидесятнице, Свв Младенцев от Ирода в Вифлееме избиенных, Глас 6
Суб 10 Янв 28 Дек
5:00 ч веч Всенощная
Вос 11 Янв 29 Дек
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Божественная Литургия
Обрезание Господне, Свят Василия Великаго, Новый Год 2015 Старого Стиля
Вто 13 Янв 31 Дек
6:30 ч веч Вечерня с литией и Молебен на Новый Год
Преп Серафима Саровскаго
Чет 15 Янв 2 Янв
6:30 ч веч Молебен
Предпразднство Богоявления
Пят 16 Янв 3 Янв
9:30 ч утра Царские Часы,
Навечерие Богоявления, Неделя пред Богоявлением, 32ая по Пятидесятнице, Глас 7 – Строгий пост
Суб 17 Янв 4 Янв
5:00 ч веч Всенощная
Вос 18 Янв 5 Янв
9:30 ч утра Часы
10:00 ч утра Божественная Литургия
12:30 ч дня Детская Ёлка
БОГОЯВЛЕНИЕ – Крещение Господа нашего Иисуса Христа
Суб 18 Янв 5 Янв
6:30 ч веч Всенощ с Великим Повечерием, литией и Великим Водоосвящением
Вос 19 Янв 6 Янв
9:00 ч утра Часы
9:30 ч утра Божественная Литургия
11:30 ч утра Великое Водоосвящение; Начинается освящение домов
Неделя по Богоявлением, 33ая по Пятидесятнице, о Закхее, Св Мчцы Татианы, Глас 8
Суб 24 Янв 11 Янв
6:30 ч веч Поздняя Всенощная
Вос 25 Янв 12 Янв
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Божественная Литургия
12:00 ч дня Пельмени от Сестричества
Св Равноапостольной Нины
Вто 27 Янв 14 Янв
6:30 ч веч Молебен
Преп Антония Великого
Пят 30 Янв 17 Янв
6:30 ч веч Молебен
34ая Неделя по Пятидесятнице, Глас 1
Суб 31 Янв 18 Янв
6:30 ч веч Поздняя Всенощная
Вос 1 Фев 19 Янв
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Божественная Литургия
Замечание: Богослужения будных дней могут переменяться зависая от расписания работы о. Георгия.