Кодификатор элементов содержания по информатике

Фамилия, имя______________________________________________________________
Класс ___10__, предмет английский язык Вариант _демоверсия____, дата __________
ЗАДАНИЕ А. Задания с выбором одного ответа.
А.1 The use of cars and planes greatly ……… CO2 emissions.
a. increases
b. cut down
c. improve d. destroys
А.2 Did you book the tickets on the Internet or at a travel …..
a. agency
b. card
c. dryer
d. sick
А.3 It is used to make food and drinks taste sweet. You can find it in
biscuits and cakes. It`s ……
a. protein
b. fat
c. sugar
d. carbohydrates
А. 4 The ….. organizes and plans each rehearsal prior to opening night.
a. cast
b. storyline
c. tune
d. director
А. 5 My dad used to hate technology, but he loves the ….I bought him for
his birthday.
a. digital camera b. university lectures c. voice recorder d. music collection
A.6 They have given ….. of finding the two divers alive.
a. up b. off c. away d. back
A.7 We were impressed with the restaurant`s menu ….the fact that
there were no vegetarian options.
a.in spite of b. however
c. although
d. because of
А. 8 We ….. a cottage near the beach. It was beautiful.
a. rents
b. was renting
c. rented
d. rent
A.9 I … to work when I heard the news on the radio.
a. had driven b. was driving c. had been driving d. drove
A.10 If I …………(know) how to cook, I would make you paste with red sauce and tuna.
a. would knew
b. have known
c. knew
d. known
A.11 There is a car outside. …..car is Bill`s.
a. b. An
c. A
d. The
А.12 You …. walk the dog again. John walked him an hour ago.
a. don`t have to b. should c. can`t d. must
A.13 There are no more tickets for the play; they ………….(sell) out since last week.
a. have been sold
b. was sold
c. had sold
d. selled
ЗАДАНИЕ В. Задания с кратким ответом
Вставь глагол в нужной форме
B.1 Haggis is a …………..Scottish dish.
B.2 The root keeps the tooth ………….attached to the gum.
B.3 The mountains in Wales are a place of outstanding …………..beauty.
B.4 Julia Roberts is one of the most ……..actresses in the world.
B.5 It is important to be fit and …………….
B.6 The new comedy show on BBC2 is really …………………….
ЗАДАНИЕ С. Задание с развернутым ответом
Составь пять вопросов к тексту.
Healthy food
Colourful and crunchy fruit and vegetables can be an enjoyable part of our diet. However, not all
children and adults eat the recommended amount of two pieces of fruit and five vegetables per day.
Some children prefer ‘tastier’ snack foods. Unfortunately, parents may not always set a good
There are many reasons why we should eat plenty of fresh produce. Not only are they packed with
healthy vitamins. Eating more fruits and vegetables can also lower cholesterol and bring down high
blood pressure.