September 2014 Bulletin - St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

St Nicholas Parish Bulletin – September 2014
Fr George Lardas, Rector – Telephone: 203 209-9374
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Стjхъ: Слhшану сотвори2 мнЁ заyтра млcть твою2, ћкw
на тS ўповaхъ: скажи2 мнЁ, гDи, пyть, в0ньже пойдY, ћкw
къ тебЁ взsхъ дyшу мою2. - Pал0мъ рм7в, ст< }.
Verse: Cause me to hear Thy mercy in the morning; for in
Thee have I put my hope. Cause me to know, O Lord, the way
wherein I should walk; for unto Thee have I lifted up my soul. –
Psalm 142:8.
Стихъ: Даруй мнѣ рано услышать милость Твою, ибо я
на Тебя уповаю. Укажи мнѣ путь, по которому мнѣ идти,
ибо къ Тебѣ возношу я душу мою. – Псаломъ 142:8.
ST. NICHOLAS 85 Anniversary
Save the Date: Our parish community will be celebrating our
85th Anniversary on the first weekend of November.
Metropolitan Hilarion will serve the Vigil on Saturday 1
November and the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on Sunday 2
Joining our choir on that day will be
the St Petersburg Men’s Ensemble, who
will also be performing at the banquet
following the Liturgy. In addition, we
will have Russian folk dancing and a
performance of our children’s choir.
The time and place for the banquet, as
well as other details will be announced
after the meeting of the Committee on
September 7.
In addition to the Divine Services, we plan other events and
projects in connection with the 85th Jubilee:
 A Commemorative Book with highlights of our history and
greetings from our neighbors and parishioners.
 A general refurbishment of the church: we plan to restore the
peeling paint and refresh the icons on the walls and roof of
the nave of the church, and we will be engaging an iconographer for this job.
 Fundraisers to begin shortly in connection with the Jubilee.
This is too large a task to let it rest entirely on the shoulders of
the same people who already have other duties in the church. We
need more volunteers. If you wish to help, please speak with
Dexter or Masha Peavy, Gregory Romanovsky, or with Fr
On behalf of our Rector and the Parish Council, we ask all
our parishioners to attend all services, the Banquet, and all
activities related to the 85th Anniversary. We also ask you to
invite as many of your family and friends as you can for this
milestone event.
Please keep in mind that this Anniversary is not just for us,
the present parishioners. It is also a tribute for those who
planted the seed for our parish, and for those who worked hard
over the years to preserve and pass down our Faith and
heritage. We owe it to them as well as to ourselves this
testament to our commitment to serve our Lord and to preserve
our Russian Orthodox heritage.
This Bulletin
Sponsor the Bulletin: If you wish to sponsor any future issues in whole or in part, please contact our treasurer, Anastasia
Milligan or ask at the Candle Desk. You may donate in memory
of a departed relative, or for some milestone, a birthday, anniversary or other celebration. The cost of the Bulletin is approximately $125.
The Bulletin by Email: It costs about $1.25 each to produce
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Reminder on Parish Dues: At the beginning of the academic
and ecclesiastical year (the Church New Year is 14 September),
our Treasurer, Anastasia Milligan asks our parishioners to remember their dues, and please not wait until just before the Annual Meeting next February to get caught up. Our church needs
continuous funding to meet our obligations and to keep up with
the utilities.
Become a Member: If you attend services but are not a
member, would you please consider joining? The cost is not
great - $150 per adult, or $300 for families with two adults and
any number of children. This amounts to about $12.50 a month
per person. We also have an introductory rate for students.
New Beginnings: September is the beginning of both the
school year and the Church year, and so marks a time of new beginnings. Let us resolve to improve our spiritual lives. We are
never too old to learn our Faith. Let us learn along with our children this new Church School year.
9/11 Memorial: To commemorate the 12th Anniversary of the
attacks on New York and Washington, we will serve a short litya
at the end of the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 7 September for those
that perished. Some of the victims were Orthodox Christians.
Moleben for the New School Year: A prayer service for the
beginning of the school year and for the good success in studies
of all our children and young people in all schools will be held at
Announcements – September 2014
the end of the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 7 September. Please
write the names of all students (yourself and your children!) on
the School Year Commemoration List at the Candle Desk before
the service.
Beheading of St John the Baptist: We will serve the
Moleben to the Beheading of St John at 6:30 pm Thursday 11
September. Please remember that this is a fast day. We abstain
from meat, eggs, dairy products and fish.
Our Parish
Fr George’s Work Hours: Fr George will be teaching at the
University of New Haven, where he will conduct Physics Lab,
and at the University of Bridgeport, where he will teach Introductory Algebra. In addition he will be tutoring Mathematics and
Physics at the University of New Haven. His hours are as
Church New Year: Services for the Church New Year 7523
will be combined with the Resurrectional service at the Vigil, 5
pm Saturday 13 September, and Divine Liturgy 10 am Sunday 14
September. An abbreviated Moleben for the New Year will follow the Divine Liturgy.
Nativity of the Theotokos: This is one of the Twelve Great
Feasts of the Church year, and celebrates the birth of the MostHoly Theotokos. Services for this Feast will be combined with
the Resurrectional service of Sunday. Vigil with litya will be at 5
pm Saturday 20 September on the Eve of the Feast. Divine Liturgy for the Feast is at the usual time, 10 am Sunday 21
Holy Cross: This is both a great feast and also a fast day. On
this day we abstain from meat, eggs, dairy products and fish. Vigil with Litya is at 6:30 pm Friday 26 September and Divine Liturgy is at 9:30 am Saturday 27 September.
Update Your Commemoration Lists: The beginning of the
Church year is a good time to take a moment to look over your
Commemoration Book (Pomjannik). Are there any changes? Do
you wish to add any names For Health and Salvation? Have any
of your relatives reposed? Are all the names Orthodox?
Please use proper baptismal names, and avoid nicknames or
shortened pet names. If someone’s secular name and baptismal
names are different, use the baptismal name.
If you include non-Orthodox names, please clearly mark them
as such. Prosphoras should not be given for the unbaptized or for
non-Orthodox. For non-Orthodox loved ones it is proper to light
candles before the icons and to pray that the Lord enlighten them
and have mercy on them.
Проверяйте Ваши Помяники: Пересмотрите ваши помяники. Есть ли какие-нибудь перемены, новые имена за
здравие или за упокой? Пишите пожалуйста только крещенние имена, а не ласкательные или светские, и только православных христиан. Можно зажигать свечки и молиться за некрещенных и неправославных перед иконами. Частицы с
именами на поминовение идут во Святую Чашу, а это для
тех, которые могут причащаться. Пишите пожалуйста все
имена четко и в том же падеже (т.е. родительном: за здравие
чье? За упокой чей?).
Molebens: To mark lesser holy days in September, we will
serve the following molebens: Beheading of St John the Baptist,
Thursday 11 September; and Martyrs Sophia and her Three
Daughters, Faith, Hope and Charity (Vera, Nadezhda and
Ljubov), Tuesday 30 September. Both of these molebens begin at
6:30 pm.
Monday: 9 am to 6 pm
Tuesday: 8 to 11 am
Wednesday: 4 to 6 pm
Thursday: 8 am to 3 pm, or until 10 pm on alternate
Friday: 9 am to 3 pm
In case of pastoral emergencies during those hours, please
call and leave a message at 203 209-9374, and Fr. George will
return your call at the earliest convenient opportunity.
Lampada Sponsorship: Offerings may be made to sponsor
the lighting the lampadas at the Divine Liturgy, either in memory
of loved ones, or in gratitude for blessings received, or for any
other good intention. The sponsorship of the lampadas is $25 for
all the lampadas in the church. Register at the Candle Desk if you
wish to sponsor the lampadas, in whole or in part, on a Sunday of
your choice.
Utilities: Please remember that on the first Sunday of each
month there is a special collection for utilities.
Consider the Church in Your Will: Please consider including St Nicholas Church in your will. There are many advantages
in making the Church one of your beneficiaries. It is possible to
structure the bequest so that there is little loss to the estate.
Please contact our Starosta, Dexter Peavy, for more information.
Collection Box: The collection box next to the icon stand in
the middle of the church is for the Restoration Fund and preparations for our 85th Anniversary as a community .Our anniversary
celebration will be on November 1 and 2.
Prosphora Baking: We had our first prosphora baking
session without Matushka Nina’s supervision on Saturday 19
July. The participants were: Fr Deacon Paul Giatas, Fr George
Lardas, Andrew Warth, and John Lardas. We used Matushka
Nina’s propshora seal and cutters, with the promise that this will
be the last time. We baked about 180 prosphoras, and they came
out very well.
The next session was on Saturday 23 August, since we had
nearly run out of our supply. This time the bakers were only Fr
George and Andrew Warth, and we baked 170 prosphoras.
Our next propshora baking session will be announced for
sometime at the beginning of October. We need more volunteers.
If Saturdays are not convenient for you, perhaps we could have a
smaller session some other time. Please speak with Fr George.
We Appreciate Donations of Coffee Hour Supplies: The
Sisterhood is always in need of donations of supplies for our
Coffee Hour. We need paper plates, Styrofoam soup bowls,
Announcements – September 2014
cups, and paper napkins. We are particularly in need of food
storage and ziplock bags. We also need food supplies and
willing hands to help prepare, set things up and clean up. Please
remember the parish when you are shopping, and see Joan
Hudobenko if you wish to help. We thank you for your continued
support, and appreciate all your donations.
Our Children
Our Summer: Here are two accounts of how our young
people spent their summer. Our Altar Boy Michael (Misha)
Reilly tells us about his week at Three Saints Summer Day
Camp, and his week at St Seraphim’s Camp. Our parishioner,
John Lardas, describes his participation in the All-Diaspora
Youth Conference in San Francisco. He was also a junior
counselor at St Seraphim’s Camp, where Matushka Ann
volunteered as kitchen staff.
By Misha Reilly:
When I was at Three Saints Camp I remembered a lot of familiar people. Kids from different Russian Orthodox churches
came to spend a week playing games, learning about the Bible,
participating in arts and crafts, and swimming in a pond. We
played a lot of different sports like basketball and soccer, and
made up games like pass that ball. We also had arts and crafts
time. This year we made a star with the Father and Son in the
middle. We also had Bible study. Father Patrick spoke about and
taught us about the Parables of Christ. This was my third year
and I can’t wait to go back again next year.
St. Seraphim Camp is a sleep away camp in Pennsylvania. It
lasts a week and you sleep in tents with a friend or two. You are
assigned to a campsite depending on your age. There is a senior
counselor and two junior counselors in each camp. We played
sports such as soccer, swimming, archery, and even got to shoot
B.B. guns. There were lots of fun games and we even had a
shaving cream fight. During this fight you need to get a board
over to your side before someone sprays you with shaving cream.
You need to move fast. Also, I don’t want to forget to mention the
band that came to perform and play music for us. There was a
saxophone, accordion, and drums. It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait
to go back
By John Lardas:
San Francisco Conference:
This summer I went to the AllDiaspora Youth Conference in
San Francisco. There were young
adults from 11 different countries
that ROCOR has parishes, all
there for the 20th anniversary of
Saint John Maximovitch’s glorification and the ordination of our
new Bishop Nikolai. I was personally in the youth choir for the
service, and there were at least 13 bishops. I had never seen so
many people fit into one church. The theme of the conference
itself was charity and social service, so we got to help a homeless
shelter, visit the Saint John of Kronstadt nursing home, as well
as listen to talks on how to be active in communities. The take
home point was that the Christian life requires emulating
Christ’s love for the world, by actively helping the poor, the
hungry, and the sick wherever we find them. I was particularly
impressed with the presentation by the group FOCUS, (Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve,) who center themselves around local parishes and provide food for the hungry as
well as connecting those who need it to counseling and medical
attention. I would suggest anybody interested to look up the work
they do, as well as ROCOR’s own Fund for Assistance. Photo by
Konstantine Ogora.
Your Children Belong in Church (Fall Activities): We
again remind the parents of our parish that attendance and
participation in the Divine Services on the Lord’s Day is a duty,
and not optional. When we absent ourselves from serving God on
that day we are actually stealing from God. He gives us
absolutely everything, our life, our homes, our abilities, our
careers, our children, our minds, our health – absolutely
everything. He gives us the time of our life, and our freedom. In
return He requires of us our service, our worship, our gratitude.
Please keep this in mind when you are planning your children’s school-year activities. No activity is more important than
our duty to God. There is enough time in our week for everything: Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the
seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt
not do any work (Exodus 20:9, 10).
Let all parents know that they commit a sin when they put
their children in activities that take them away from the Church.
There are times when an occasional event might be inescapable,
but when it becomes the general rule, it is wrong. Absence from
church on Sundays and holy days is a sin that must be confessed
and repented of.
Altar Boys’ Workshop: This will take place on Sunday 31
August after the Coffee Hour. We ask all Altar Boys to attend.
Any young man in the parish who wishes to serve in the Altar,
even if he is not able to attend every Sunday, is welcome to join
and to participate in the Workshop.
Church School Teachers and Volunteers: We thank those
who conducted the Church School last year: Maria Peavy, Mary
Coroneos and Joy Paschalidis. We also thank Elena Curran for
supervising the Children’s Choir. We can always use help in any
capacity with our children and with the Church School, and so if
you wish to work with our young people, please see Fr George or
Maria Peavy.
Church School Begins: The first day of classes will be on
Sunday 14 September. This year’s curriculum will be a continuation of those of the previous years, with new material. Class begins immediately after Holy Communion, when the teachers lead
their pupils downstairs to the church hall. Lessons will continue
until after the kissing of the Cross, when Fr George comes downstairs to bless the food. Please enroll your children. Many parents
have their children engaged in sports, music and foreign languages; but spiritual education is far more important.
Rehearsals: Beginning after Labor Day, the Choir will be
holding rehearsals for the Hierarchical Services on our 85 th
Anniversary, November 1 and 2. We ask all members of the
Announcements – September 2014
Choir to stay a few minutes after the Liturgy each Sunday to
practice the special hymns for that occasion.
Singers needed: Please come sing with us in the Choir! All
skill levels are welcome.
Our Diocese
Celebration at St Panteleimon’s Church in Hartford: On
the occasion of the Centennial of the Glorification of St Pitirim
of Tambovske, and with the blessing of Patriarch Cyril, Metropolitan Hilarion is bringing the icons and relics of Ss Pitirim of
Tambovsk and Seraphim of Sarov to our sister parish of St
Panteleimon, 19 Becket St, Hartford CT. The Meeting of the
Icons will be at 6:30 pm Friday 5 September followed by Hierarchical Vigil. The Meeting of the Bishop will be at 9:30 am Saturday 6 September followed by a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy,
both served by Metropolitan Hilarion. At the end of the Liturgy
there will be a triumphant Procession and Moleben, followed by
a Festive Trapeza (Dinner). Our clergy and parishioners are invited to the celebration.
Festive Opening of our Diocesan Center: St Alexander
Nevsky Diocesan Cathedral at 200 Alexander Ave, Howell NJ,
will hold the official opening of our Diocesan Center on their
Patronal Feast, served by Metropolitan Hilarion. Hierarchical
Vigil is at 6 pm Thursday 11 September; the Meeting of the
Bishop and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy is at 9:30 am Friday 12
September, followed by a banquet in honor of Protopresbyter
Valery Lukianov’s 46 years of service to the parish and his retirement. For details call Archpriest Serge Lukianov at 732 9611917 or email [email protected]
Holy Cross Monastery, Long Island: On the occasion of
their Patronal Feast, Metropolitan Hilarion will celebrate a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at Holy Cross Monastery, 140 Main St,
East Sautucket, Long Island, NY at 9:30 am Saturday 27 September.
17 Annual Fall Festival and Russian Bazaar: Our sister
parish of the Holy New Martyrs Church will hold this from 9 am
to 5 pm on Saturday 4 October at 364 Canterbury Turnpike, in
Norwich. There will be a variety of foods, bake sale, tag sale, Silent Auction, bookstore, country market, basket raffle, kids activities, live entertainment and more! For more information visit
the website, or call 860 822-9955.
Orthodox Neighbors
Romanian Food Festival: St Dimitrie’s Romanian Orthodox
Church at 504 Sports Hill Rd in Easton CT is holding a Food
Festival on Friday and Saturday, September 5 and 6 from 12
noon to 10 pm. The Festival will feature church tours, delicious
ethnic foods, homemade pastries, a cake walk, take-a-chance,
religious booth, outdoor cafe, music all day long, dancing to our
DJ, folk dancing, children’s activities and rides. Free parking and
admission, rain or shine. Indoor dining room, dinners a la carte,
and beverages.
September. They will be serving lunch and dinner: baked goods,
shish kebab, kibbe, falafel, tabouli, grape leaves, gyros and vegetarian specialties. Great food, music, fun and games. Silent auction, kid’s games and activities. Great Vespers are at 4 pm.
Teenagers and God: A screening and discussion of Soul
Searching, a movie about teenagers and God, will be held from 6
to 9 pm Friday 19 September at Ss Peter & Paul Orthodox
Church in Meriden CT. Soul Searching is a 79-min documentary
based on the National Study of Youth and Religion, the “largest
and most comprehensive and detailed study of American teenage
religion and spirituality conducted to date.” Come learn about
and discuss the spiritual realities of adolescence, so we can love
and serve our children better! Questions? Call Matushka Jenny
Mosher, (203) 237-4539.
Giant Tag Sale: Three Saints at 26 Howard Ave, Ansonia
CT, is holding a Giant Tag Sale from 9 am to 2 pm Saturday 27
September. It will feature antique glassware, depression glass,
kitchen items, jewelry, tools, electronics, linens crafts, kids’ antique toys, books, furniture, golf items and sports equipment.
Bake sale, free coffee while you shop. For more information call
203 922-2953.
21st Annual Benefit Dinner by FORCC: The Fellowship of
Orthodox Churches in Connecticut (FORCC) is holding their 21st
Annual Benefit Dinner at 1 pm Sunday 5 October at St Nicholas
Antiochian Orthodox Church Hall, 5456 Park Ave, Bridgeport
CT. Guest Speaker V Rev Timothy Lowe, will give a talk,
“Christianity in the Holy Land.” Reservations are by advance
ticket sales only, no tickets will be sold at the door, and must be
made by Saturday 20 September. Tickets: $35 adult, $10 children. Contact Nina Kosowsky at [email protected] or call 203
924-0936, or call Bill Balamaci 203 876-2379.
Community Notes
Caregiver Retreat: The Stratford Senior Services is holding
a retreat for those caring for older adults, “Take Care of Yourself,” from 9 am to 1 pm 8 November at Boothe Memorial Park,
Main Street Putney, Stratford CT. No charge to participants. To
register call 203 385-4055.
Thank You
Cookie Cutters: We thank Deacon Paul Giatas for his gift of
round cookie cutters for baking prosphoras.
Incense: We thank John Lardas and Andrew Warth for their
gifts of incense, which we can use at the Divine Services.
Help Wanted
Ride to Church: We have two students who wish to attend St
Nicholas Church – one at Yale residing on campus in New
Haven, and the other at Sacred Heart University residing on Old
Town Road. If you can bring either of these students to church,
even if only occasionally, please contact Fr George, and he will
put you in touch with the student.
Middle Eastern Food Fest: St Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church,, 5458 Park Ave, Bridgeport, will be holding their
annual Middle Easter Food Fest from 11 am to 4 pm Saturday 13
Announcements – September 2014
Liturgical Notes
Note: We include this section so that Fr George may have
help changing the altar cloths and vestments at the appropriate
times. This is a lot of work, but goes much more easily with a few
helping hands.
Blue: On the eve of the Forefeast of the Dormition, Wednesday 27 August, the altar cloths and vestments are changed back
to blue. The blue remains until the apodosis or leave-taking of
the Feast of Dormition, Friday 5 September.
Gold: On Friday 5 September, the altar cloths and vestments
are changed to Gold (when the blue is removed, the gold will
show beneath).
Blue: On Friday 19 September, the altar cloths and vestments
are changed to Blue for the Forefeast of the Nativity of the
Theotokos. The blue remains until the apodosis of the Nativity,
Thursday 25 September.
Red: Before Vigil on Thursday 25 September the altar cloths
and vestments are changed to Red for the Forefeast of Holy
Cross. The red cloths are placed over the gold. They remain until
the apodosis of the Feast, Saturday 4 October.
Gold: Before Vigil on Saturday 4 October, the altar cloths
and vestments are changed to Gold (when the red is removed, the
gold will show beneath).
Baptism: On Saturday 16 August, Ian Alexander, the son of
Jose João Simões, Roman Catholic, and Olga Simões, Orthodox,
was baptized into the Orthodox Faith by V Rev Archpriest
George Lardas, Rector. His sponsors were: Nikolai Berov and
Elvira Klassen.
We congratulate the newly-illumined, his parents and sponsors! Many Years! Mnogaja Ljeta!
Prayer Requests
Reminder: If you need a hospital visit or wish Fr George to
visit a sick relative, please call and let us know. Hospitals no
longer give out information to non-relatives without express permission, so if you want the priest to know you or your loved
one’s condition you must inform the hospital or nursing home in
Pray for our Soldiers: Although we do not have any parishioners of St Nicholas Church on active duty now, our parishioner, Vera Peebles asks prayers for her granddaughter’s husband, John. There are also many Orthodox Christians in the
Armed Forces and serving in the War. Please keep them and all
our soldiers in your prayers.
Ailing Clergy: Archbishop Paul (Pavlos) of Astoria (Greek
Old-Calendar), Archbishop Nikon (OCA), Mitered Archpriest
Andrei Semyanko, Archpriest Theodore Shevzov, Protodeacon
Nicholas Triantafillidis (cancer), Reader Vladimir.
Ailing Parishioners: Emilia Hramov, Martin Hudobenko,
Kiril (Charles) Nettle, Vera Peebles and her daughter Janet, Galina Penchuk, Angelina Schneider, Ann Sharog, Elena and
Ludmila Skorik, Irina Stettinin, Valentina and Denis Zimbalkin.
Ailing Orthodox: Uliana Drobot, Nina Boldyreff, Nadezhda
Jakovenko, Helen Raduk, Yvette (Eve) Girard, Andrea Picard,
Sophia, Peter Nelson, Desislava Dimitrova, Margaret, Theophan,
and also the servants of God Velitchka and for Sophia Drobot,
and for the servant of God Natalia (cancer), and for infant
Constantine Bezas. Prayers are also asked for child Taras.
Ailing Non-Orthodox: Veronica Wlodarski, the daughter of
Elizabeth Wlodarski, and Sophia Salinger, the daughter of
Tatiana Sergievsky.
Other Requests, Clergy: Archpriest Alexander Fedorowsky at
Novo-Diveevo Convent (facing a frivolous, but expensive lawsuit).
Other Requests, Orthodox: David, Ambrose, Matthew, and
Nicholas, Andrés, Benjamin.
Other Requests, Non-Orthodox: Ken, Jane, and Daniel.
Soldiers, Orthodox: Nicolas, Jesse, Andrei, Michael,
Timothy, James, and Sarah.
Soldiers, Non-Orthodox: John and Geoffrey.
Is Anyone Sick? “Let him call the presbyters,” as it says in
the Epistle of St James. If you know anyone who needs attention
please let Fr George know. Call 203 209-9374 and leave a message.
Is Anyone Better? If you have submitted any names for the
list of prayers for the sick and that person has recovered, please
let us know so we can keep the list a manageable length.
Deadline for Submissions: Notices from parishioners or parish organizations must be submitted to Fr George by the 18th of
the month for inclusion in the next Bulletin.
Mark Your Calendar
Please mark these events of the coming months in your
Sunday 2 November – Daylight Time ends
Sunday 2 November – Parish 85th Anniversary
Sunday 9 November – Brotherhood Roast Beef Dinner
Thursday 27 November – Thanksgiving Day
Saturday 29 November – Brotherhood Leaf Cleanup
Friday 19 December – St Nicholas Day, Parish Feast
Sunday 21 December – St Nicholas Day Dinner
Asking Prayers: Please remember the following names in
your prayers:
Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
1 Honeyspot Road --- Stratford, CT 06615
Telephone 203 209-9374
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
V. Rev. George Lardas, Rector
St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
Calendar – September 2014
31 Aug (18 Aug)
Fr George Lardas, Rector – Telephone 203 / 209-9374
1 Sep (19 Aug)
2 (20)
3 (21)
4 (22)
5 (23)
6 (24)
Fast day
Vigil 5 pm
12 (30)
13 (31)
Moleben 6:30 pm
Fast day
18 (5)
Fast day
19 (6)
Vigil 5 pm
20 (7)
Fast day
26 (13)
Vigil with Litya
5 pm
27 (14)
12th Sunday after
Tone 3
Liturgy 9:30 am
Altar Boy’s
Workshop Noon
Civil Holiday
Labor Day
7 (25)
8 (26)
Fast day
9 (27)
10 (28)
11 (29)
13th Sunday After
Tone 4
Liturgy 10 am
Moleben for New
School Year
14 (1mon)
14th Sun after
Pent, Tone 5
Church New
Year 7523
Liturgy 10 am
Church School
21 (8)
Sunday before
Holy Cross, 15th
after Pentecost
Tone 6
the Theotokos
Beheading of St
John the Baptist
15 (2)
22 (9)
16 (3)
Fast day
17 (4)
23 (10)
Fast day
24 (11)
Liturgy 9:30 am
Liturgy 10 am
28 (15)
Fast day
29 (16)
30 (17)
Sunday after
Holy Cross,
16th after
Tone 7
Ss Sophia, Faith
Hope, and
Liturgy 10 am
Moleben 6:30 pm
(18 Sep)
Fast day
2 (19)
Vigil with Litya
6:30 pm
Fast day
Vigil 5 pm
Fast day
3 (20)
Fast day
Vigil 5 pm
Note: Dates in parentheses are Old Style (Julian Calendar).
Please mark these events of the coming months in your calendar:
Sunday 2 November – Daylight Time ends
Sunday 2 November – Parish 85th Anniversary
Sunday 9 November – Brotherhood Roast Beef Dinner
Thursday 27 November – Thanksgiving Day
Saturday 29 November – Brotherhood Leaf Cleanup
Friday 19 December – St Nicholas Day, Parish Feast
Sunday 21 December – St Nicholas Day Dinner
Свято-Николаевская Русская Православная Церковь
Календарь – Сентябрь 2014 г.
О. Георгий Лардас, Настоятель – Телефон 203 / 209-9374
31 Авг (18 Авг)
1 Сен (19 Авг)
2 (20)
3 (21)
4 (22)
5 (23)
6 (24)
День постный
5 ч веч
12 (30)
13 (31)
День постный
19 (6)
5 ч веч
20 (7)
12ая Неделя по
Глас 3
Литургия 9:30 ч
Праздник – День
7 (25)
8 (26)
13ая Неделя по
Глас 4
Литургия 10 ч
Молебен на
новый учебный
14 (1 mon)
14ая Нед по Пят
Глас 5, Индикт –
Новолетие 7523
Литургия 10 ч
Начало занятий
21 (8) Нед пред
15ая по Пят
Глас 6
День постный
9 (27)
11 (29)
Главы Св
15 (2)
22 (9)
16 (3)
23 (10)
Литургия 10 ч
28 (15)
10 (28)
День постный
17 (4)
День постный
24 (11)
6:30 ч веч
День постный
18 (5)
25 (12)
День постный
29 (16)
30 (17)
Неделя по
16ая по Пят
Глас 7
Св Софии и
Веры, Надежды
и Любве
Литургия 10 ч
6:30 ч веч
1 Окт (18 Сен)
День постный
2 (19)
с литией
6:30 ч веч
День постный
с литией
5 ч веч
27 (14)
9:30 ч утра
5 ч веч
День постный
3 (20)
День постный
5 ч веч
День постный
26 (13)
Замечание: Все даты в скобках по старому стилю (по июлианскому календарю).
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St Nicholas Russian
Orthodox Church
Свято-Николаевская Русская
Православная Церковь
Schedule of Services
September 2014
Расписание Богослужений
Сентябрь 2014 г.
Fr George Lardas, Rector – Telephone 203 209-9374
О. Георгий Лардас, Настоятель – Телефон 203 209-9374
13th Sunday after Pentecost, Tone 4
6 Sep 24 Aug
5:00 pm
7 Sep 25 Aug
9:30 am
10:00 am
12:00 pm
12:10 pm
Hours and Confessions
Divine Liturgy
Litya for 9/11
Moleben for the
New School Year
Beheading of St John the Baptist, fast day
Thu 11 Sep 29 Aug
6:30 pm
Moleben, fast day
14 Sunday after Pentecost, Indiction, Church New Year
7523, Tone 5, Church School – beginning of classes
Sat 13 Sep 31 Aug
5:00 pm
Sun 14 Sep 1 Sep
9:30 am
Hours and Confessions
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
12:00 pm
Church School begins
NATIVITY OF THE THEOTOKOS, Sunday before Holy Cross,
15th after Pentecost, Tone 6
Sat 20 Sep 7 Sep
5:00 pm
Vigil with Litya
Sun 21 Sep 8 Sep
9:30 am
Hours and Confessions
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
Fri 26 Sep 13 Sep
6:30 pm
Vigil with Litya
Sat 27 Sep 14 Sep
9:00 am
Hours and Confessions
9:30 am
Divine Liturgy
Sunday after Holy Cross, 16th after Pentecost, Tone 7
Sat 27 Sep 14 Sep
5:00 pm
Vigil with Litya
Sun 28 Sep 15 Sep
9:30 am
Hours and Confessions
10:00 am
Divine Liturgy
Ss Sophia, Faith, Hope and Charity
Tue 30 Sep 17 Sep
6:30 pm
День Новый
13ая Неделя по Пятидесятнице, Глас 4
Суб 6 Сен 24 Авг
5:00 ч веч Всенощная
Вос 7 Сен 25 Авг
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Бож Литургия
12:00 ч дня Поминовение 9/11
12:10 ч дня Молебен на
новый учебный год
Усекновение Главы Св Иоанна Крестителя, день постный
Чет 11 Сен 28 Авг
6:30 ч веч Молебен
14 Неделя по Пятидесятнице, Индикт, Церковное
Новолетие 7523, Глас 5, Начало занятий Церковной Школы
Суб 13 Сен 31 Авг
5:00 ч веч Всенощная
Вос 14 Сен 1 Сен
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Бож Литургия
12:00 ч дня Начало Церковной Школы
Воздвижением, 15ая по Пятидесятнице, Глас 6
Суб 20 Сен 7 Сен
5:00 ч веч Всенощная с литией
Вос 21 Сен 8 Сен
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Бож Литургия
Пят 26 Сен 13 Сен
6:30 ч веч Всенощная с литией
Суб 27 Сен 14 Сен
9:00 ч утра Часы и исповедь
9:30 ч утра Бож Литургия
Нед по Воздвижению, 16ая по Пятидесятнице, Глас 7
Суб 27 Сен 14 Сен
5:00 ч веч Всенощная с литией
Вос 28 Сен 15 Сен
9:30 ч утра Часы и исповедь
10:00 ч утра Бож Литургия
Свв мчцц Софии, Веры, Надежды и Любви
Вто 30 Сен 17 Сен
1:30 ч дня Молебен (накануне