5 seminar Фразеологические единицы Exercise 1. Переведите

5 seminar
Фразеологические единицы
Exercise 1. Переведите предложения
a) с помощью полных эквивалентов для передачи фразеологических единиц:
1. I wash my hands of this job. 2. To kill time before the train left, we went to a movie. 3. My
uncle Henry was on these occasions in the habit of saying that the devil could always quote
scripture to his purpose. 4. I don't care what you say about my race, creed, or religion, but don't
tell me I'm not sensitive to beauty. That's my Achilles' heel, and don't you forget it. 5. “Money,
John,” said Mr. Pecksniff, “is the root of all evil.” 6. One swallow does not make a spring. 7.
Don’t shed crocodile tears, I know you hated him when he was alive. 8. They were armed to the
teeth, ready for emergency. 9. The report of a flood proved to be a false alarm. 10. The thief was
put behind bars for six months.
b) с помощью частичных эквивалентов для передачи фразеологических единиц:
1. That's past. There's no use looking back. It's water over the dam. 2. Well, you leave and learn,
don't you. 3. Others will say that you have lied and fawned and wormed yourself through dirty
ways into my favour. 4. Old friends and old wine are the best. 5. The disaster came like a bolt
from the blue. 6. The brothers came to blows after a violent quarrel. 7. Drop me a line when you
arrive in San Diego. 8. After a hot bath the traveler felt like a new man. 9. What is the matter
with Joseph? Di he get out on the wrong side of the bed? 10. We learned that Nancy was a grass
widow. 11. He is head and shoulders above the other students. 12. Better a lean peace than a fat
c) с помощью фразеологического аналога:
1. “Listen, Clive,” she said, “you're making a mounting out of a molehill.” 2. As you make your
bed, so you must lie on it. 3. He would not set the Thames on fire. 4. Queen Ann is dead. 5.
Never cackle till your egg is laid. 6. One fire drives out the other. 7. He tried to kill two birds
with one stone. 8. Unfortunately – as he knows only too well – it never rains but it pours. 9. He
lies like a gas-meter. Don’t believe him. 10. I want to talk cold turkey to you. 11. When Ted was
hit on the head by the ball, he saw stars. 12. John said: “My father personally know the President
of the United States.” Dick answered: “Tell it to the marines.”
d) не сохраняя фразеологическую единицу в переводе:
1. He had a sweet tooth that, because he was in fine shape, he could afford to indulge. 2. Mrs.
Grey, I have no crystal ball. 3. She wanted to talk my head off about it, but I wouldn't let her. 4.
“You don't want it to come into Court?” “No, though I suppose it might be rather fun.” [Mr.
Settlewhite smiled again.] “That entirely depends on how many skeletons you have in your
Exercise 2. Переведите следующие пословицы и поговорки на русский язык.
1. After rain comes fair weather. 2. Birds of a feather flock together. 3. A cat in gloves catches
no mice. 4. Don’t swap horses in the middle of the stream. 5. It’s no use crying over spilt milk.
6. Look before you leap. 7. In Rome do as Romans do. 8. After meat comes mustard. 9.
Curiosity killed the cat. 10. Every cloud has a silver lining. 11. Give him an inch and h will take
a yard. 12. Haste makes waste. 13. Homer sometimes nods. 14. An hour in the morning is worth
two in the evening. 15. An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.