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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cone for a rectangular cone
speaker. PRIOR ART A pyramidal cone of this type has a neck portion 1 as shown in FIG. Cone
surface 2. Structure having an edge portion 3. It was in shape. That is, the slope of the cone
surface 1 is a straight line or R1 == R2: R3 in the same cross section of FIG. It was as shown in
the plan view. If the problem to be solved by the invention is the shape of the pyramidal cone of
the former, the difference in strength at the inclined surface, particularly at the periphery,
becomes weak and remarkable at the center of the side. In the conical cone speaker, in order to
prevent the distortion of the sound pressure frequency characteristic in the natural vibration
region beyond the piston motion region and the increase in distortion, the surface thickness in
the circumferential direction of the cone is uniform, so the intensity is also uniform. It is possible
if thickness, material etc. are made appropriate. However, in the case of the conventional
pyramidal cone, in order to make the strength in the circumferential direction of the cone
uniform, it is necessary to change the thickness, material and the like, but this is disadvantageous
in terms of technology and cost. Therefore, if it is attempted to obtain the required strength of
the cone by adjusting the surface thickness, the weight with respect to the cone area becomes
larger than that of the conical cone, and the efficiency in terms of increasing the radiation area of
the rectangular cone speaker can not be exhibited. Performance aspects such as pressure
frequency characteristics and distortion are sacrificed. Also, when a dust cap is joined to the cone
surface, with a constant H curved cone, it has a special shape as shown in the plan view of Fig. 2,
and the dust cap shape does not match the cone surface or deviates at the time of joining. It was
difficult to conform to the cone surface, and a decrease in bonding strength and appearance
problems occurred. Therefore, the present invention reduces the partial strength difference of
the pyramidal cone without changing the surface thickness, the material, etc., and makes the
cone surface lighter and allows the efficiency of the rectangular cone speaker to be sufficiently
exhibited. It also facilitates the bonding of the dust cap and the pyramidal cone. Measures to
avoid problems To solve this problem, the radius of the inclined surface curve of the pyramid
cone is made particularly large at the centers of the sides of the major axis, and it is made smaller
and smaller toward the corners, The inclination of the central portion is made acute, and the
strength of the peripheral portion and the neck portion is made uniform in the circumferential
direction. Moreover, the shape of the dust cap bonding surface is circular or elliptical. Since the
strength of the peripheral portion of the working pyramidal cone is made uniform by making the
surface thickness constant, weight can be reduced and efficiency can be improved.
In addition, the dust cap has a shape that easily conforms to the cone surface, and bonding is
easy, and the bonding strength and the appearance after bonding are excellent. Embodiment A
cone of a rectangular cone speaker according to an embodiment of the present invention will be
described. As shown in FIG. 1, the top of the pyramidal cone is composed of a neck portion 11
joined to the voice coil, a cone surface 12 of the pyramid and an edge portion 13 joined to the
cone surface. Assuming that the dust cap is joined to the cross section of the dome portion, the
planar shape 14 of this portion continuously changes the radius R of the cone surface curve so as
to be elliptical. Specific shape and dimensions will be described below. That is, the shape of the
opening of the cone portion is a rectangle of 7011111 × 60 MM, and the neck portion is a circle
of φ14 flf. If the height dimension is 15jl'l and it is shaped such that a 30ff X 25ff dust cap is
attached at a position of 6.1 ff from the neck, the cone slope is as shown in each section, and the
center of the major axis The radius is large at the corner and small at the corner. As a result, the
difference in strength at the peripheral portion is reduced. As described above, according to the
present invention, by reducing the difference in strength between the corner portion of the
pyramidal cone and the central portion of the side, the cone surface can be reduced in weight
even in a cone having a substantially uniform surface thickness. Therefore, it is excellent in terms
of efficiency. Further, by making the bonding surface with the dust cap elliptical, bonding with
the dust cap can be made easily and surely, the quality and reliability can be stabilized, and the
appearance of the bonding portion is advantageous. Furthermore, the conventional elliptical cone
and the dust cap used for the conical cone can be used, and the development cost of the speaker
can be reduced.
Brief description of the drawings
1a and 1b are plan and half sectional views of a pyramidal cone of a rectangular cone speaker
according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 2a to 2d are plan views of a
pyramidal cone of a conventional rectangular cone speaker, and FIG. It is C sectional drawing, OX
sectional drawing, 0-C sectional drawing.
11 ········ Neck part, 12 ······· Cone surface, 13 ······································· Agent's Name Attorney Nakao
Toshio and one other person 11--one part 12--cone surface Figure 1! 3- Esso section Fig. 2 KL =
KZ "K3