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TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a dome-shaped speaker used for various
acoustic devices. Prior Art Conventionally, the structure of a dome-shaped speaker is as shown in
FIG. 6 where a magnet 2 is sandwiched between a plate 1 with a pole piece and a top plate 3, and
the pole piece and the top plate A magnetic gap G is provided between three. The dome-shaped
diaphragm 4 is joined to the top plate 3 through the ring-shaped part 5, and the wire ring 6 'of
the voice coil 6 joined to the dome-shaped diaphragm 4 touches the pole piece and the plate so
as to come out Support. Furthermore, a baffle plate 7 is joined to the top plate 3 to facilitate
attachment of the speaker to a box or the like. In the operation as a speaker, when a source
current flows through the wire 6 'of the voice coil 6, the wire 6' receives a force in the direction
of the arrow from the magnetic flux in the magnetic gear tube G and joins it to this The
diaphragm 4 is moved. The dome-shaped diaphragm 4 vibrates the air before and after it to
generate a sound. Problems to be solved by the invention The performance evaluation items of
the speaker include an item (efficiency) that expresses the sound intensity at the listening point
of a certain distance when a certain input (usually 1 W) is added. This value increases in
proportion to the fourth power of the diameter even if all the conditions other than the
diaphragm diameter of the 31 · -7 speaker are the same. According to this principle, since the
dome-shaped speaker has a diaphragm diameter smaller than that of a general cone-shaped
speaker, this value (efficiency) is considerably smaller than that of other speakers having the
same condition except for the diaphragm diameter. In addition, dome-shaped speakers are often
designed in combination with high-range speakers and often used in combination with other
cone-shaped speakers, so magnets are used to balance the efficiency of the two parties. 2 by
increasing the density of the magnetic flux generated in the magnetic gap G, increasing the force
applied to the wire ring 6 'of the voice coil 6, and increasing the efficiency! l12 people are in
balance. Therefore, the dome-shaped speaker is disadvantageous in cost, but on the other hand it
has features such as flatness of frequency-sound pressure characteristics, width of high-range
reproduction limit, low distortion etc., and some special applications Is used for The present
invention provides a dome shaped speaker with improved low efficiency which is a drawback of
the dome shaped speaker. Means for Solving the Problems In order to solve the problems, in the
present invention, the diameter of the dome-shaped diaphragm is increased based on the
principle described above.
Specifically, the second diaphragm is joined to the dome-shaped diaphragm. Since the diameter
of the diaphragm can be increased as compared with the conventional dome-shaped diaphragm,
the efficiency can be increased. At this time, since the weight of the diaphragm is increased, the
efficiency is lowered in a part of the frequency band, but the efficiency can be raised in the use
band of the speaker. EXAMPLES Examples of the present invention will be described below. FIG.
1 shows a first embodiment, in which ring-shaped magnets 12. A ring-shaped top plate 13 is
disposed on the magnet 12 to form a magnetic circuit, and a ring-shaped component 15 is
attached 5 t-7 on the top plate 13 of the magnetic circuit, and a dome shape on the ring-shaped
component 15 The peripheral portion of the diaphragm 140 is disposed, and the peripheral
portion of the dome-shaped diaphragm 14 is pressed and fixed by the baffle plate 17 mounted
on the top plate 13, and the dome-shaped diaphragm 14 is fitted in the magnetic gap 19 of the
magnetic circuit. A voice coil 16 having a ring 16 'is connected, and a second diaphragm 18
having a conical shape is coupled to the surface of the dome-shaped diaphragm 14 opposite to
the junction with the voice coil 16 There is. As a result, the diameter of the diaphragm of the
dome-shaped speaker of the present invention is larger than that of the conventional speaker,
and the efficiency can be enhanced in the use band of the dome-shaped speaker. The frequencysound pressure characteristics of the embodiment are shown in FIG. FIG. 3 shows the second
embodiment. In the first embodiment, the outer periphery of the second conical diaphragm 18 is
not fixed but made free, but in this embodiment the outer periphery is baffled. This is an example
in which the plate 1γ is flexibly joined, whereby the characteristics of the first embodiment can
be further broadened. This frequency-sound pressure characteristic is shown in FIG. Further, as
shown in FIGS. 5A to 5C, an example of bonding of the diaphragm 18 to the baffle plate 17 of 6
to 6 / periphery is a visco-elastic material 20. フィンクスドエノジ21. It can be performed
using the free edge 22. As described above, according to the present invention, since the
efficiency of the cisbee force can be increased by joining the second diaphragm to the domeshaped diaphragm of the dome-shaped speaker, the present invention can be made more than
the conventional dome-shaped speaker It is a revolutionary product that can achieve the same
efficiency with a small magnet and can reduce the cost of the speaker.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing a first embodiment of the dome-shaped speaker according
to the present invention, FIG. 2 is the same frequency sound pressure characteristic diagram, FIG.
3 is a half sectional view of the second embodiment, The figure is the same frequency-sound
pressure characteristic figure, Figure 5 AC is an enlarged sectional view of the principal part of
the second embodiment, and Figure 6 is a half sectional view of a conventional dome-shaped
11 ······ Plate with pole piece, 12 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Top plate, 14 · · 1-shaped
diaphragm, 15 · · · Ring-shaped parts 16 Voice coil 16 'Voice coil wire ring 17 Baffle plate 18
Second diaphragm 19 Magnetic gap 20 Viscoelasticity Materials, 21 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
Name of the free edge 0 attorney Patent attorney Nakao Toshio 1 other district Ku district Tsuka14 Mi (徊 6 (Kn-6 Kl-)) Ku a 城 シ 八 8 M Shiri Z