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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
method of mounting an electrical component on a printed wiring board, and more particularly to
a method of mounting a piezoelectric buzzer. [Prior Art] Conventionally, on a substrate on which
a conductive pattern is printed and formed, along with various types of parts, for example, a
sensor (sensor) or the like having a property of being susceptible to electrical and magnetic
noises on the same substrate When placed, it has been customary to cover and protect the sensor
in noise resistant shields, for example using a box of pure iron, in order to avoid these noises.
Furthermore, on this substrate, for example, a buzzer may be arranged to emit an alarm. Then,
for example, in the case where an extremely thin piezoelectric buzzer for improving space
efficiency is installed on a print substrate, a fixing method by an adhesive or a double-sided tape
or an adhesive using an organic solvent is adopted. In this case, when a normal adhesive is used,
it is necessary to connect a plurality of lead wires at least two in order to connect the
piezoelectric buzzer and another electric component or a power supply. In addition, when using
an adhesive that uses an organic solvent, sufficient ventilation is required from the viewpoint of
the working environment, and in the case of a double-sided tape, a pre-process such as removing
the release paper is required in advance. The process was complicated. Furthermore, it was
necessary to take up a relatively large amount of space in the same kind of electrical component
as for example the space of the buzzer as well as the space of the shield protecting the sensor.
For this reason, it is necessary to increase the printed board area, which causes inconvenience in
achieving the miniaturization. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In view of the above-mentioned
disadvantages, the object of the present invention is to simplify the installation work process and
reduce the number of lead wires to be connected, as well as the space efficiency of the substrate.
Provides a method of attaching an electrical component to a printed circuit board that improves
The above-described object of the present invention is to fix an electric component, in particular
a piezoelectric buzzer, directly to a shielding box for protecting a sensor by soldering or using an
adhesive fixing means. It is achieved by improving the space efficiency on the substrate by
serving as a conduction and integrated on the top surface of the box. DETAILED DESCRIPTION
OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT A preferred embodiment of the present invention will be
described below. FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the present
invention. 1 is a piezoelectric buzzer, 2 is a box, and has conductivity, one of which is in contact /
conductive with the piezoelectric buzzer, and the other is a ground / power supply previously
wired to a printed circuit board 3 described later. Connected to etc.
Reference numeral 3 denotes a printed circuit board. On the printed circuit board 3, various
components (not shown) are provided while securing a mounting space for a power source and
the like in addition to a plurality of types of electrical components. A sensor 4 has a property of
being vulnerable to the influence of magnetic and electrical noise from others. Although the
sensor 4 is disposed on the printed circuit board 3 together with other parts, it is susceptible to
other electrical and magnetic influences, so a shield is necessary to avoid such an influence. The
box 2 is formed of a metal having a high shielding effect like pure iron, and the box 2 is used to
cover the sensor 4 as a shield for eliminating these various influences. 5 is solder and 6 is a lead
wire. Next, the procedure of the formation is described below. First, a necessary conductive
pattern is applied on the surface by printing or the like on an insulating substrate made of resin,
glass or the like to form the printed circuit board 3. Various electrical components (not shown)
are placed in place on the conductive pattern printed on the substrate. At the same time, a sensor
4 which is susceptible to the influence of others is disposed on the printed circuit board 3
together with these electric components. In order to avoid this sensor 4 from the influence of
electric noise, magnetic and the like, the box 2 made of a metal having a high shielding effect and
conductivity is different from the above-mentioned printed board 3 by a procedure such as press
molding Form it. A mounting hole 2a is opened in the box 2, and the piezoelectric buzzer 1 is
disposed so as to close the mounting hole 2a. Thereafter, the piezoelectric buzzer 1 and the box 2
are fixed by dropping the solder 5 from the back surface (opening) side of the box 2 using the
solder 5 through the hole 2 a of the box 2. The piezoelectric buzzer 1 and the box 2 assembled in
this manner are fixed so as to cover the sensor 4 on the printed circuit board 3 as described
above. With regard to this fixing method, it may be penetrated in a hole drilled in the printed
circuit board 3 and then it may be bent and soldered, or may be fixed by a method such as screw
fixing. At this time, by making the conductive pattern printed on the printed circuit board 3 and
the conduction to the box 2 possible, one electrical connection to the piezoelectric buzzer 1 is
simultaneously made, so the connection after this is performed. Is reduced. Thereafter, at least
one other connection is performed by soldering the lead wire 6 connected to another component
or the like to the piezoelectric buzzer 1 and the attachment is completed. Another Embodiment
FIG. 2 is a schematic sectional view showing another embodiment of the present invention. In the
present embodiment, the same members as those in the first embodiment are given the same
reference numerals, and the mounting holes are not formed in the box 2 having the shielding
First, solder is appropriately dropped on the surface of the upper part of the box 2, and the
piezoelectric buzzer 1 is put on the dropped solder 5 and the number is not given from the upper
surface of the piezoelectric buzzer 1, but with a soldering iron The solder under the piezoelectric
buzzer 1 is melted to fix the piezoelectric buzzer 1 to the box 2. Further, although not described
in detail, in the first embodiment, it is not always the case that the piezoelectric buzzer is fixed to
the box 2 by the solder, and processing such as bending around the mounting hole 2a of the box
2 Therefore, if the contact area between the box and the piezoelectric buzzer is relatively large
and conduction is sufficient, a non-conductive adhesive may be used, of course. It may be an
adhesive having properties, for example, containing Au, Ag and the like. In the former case, it is
desirable to fill the adhesive so as to contact the surface of the piezoelectric buzzer exposed in
the mounting hole 2a of the box 2 and to wrap around the inside of the fold. Furthermore,
although the case where a piezoelectric buzzer is attached is shown in the present embodiment, it
is needless to say that the present invention is not limited to this and that it can be used for
various other electric components. [Effects of the Invention] As described above, by practicing
the present invention, a plurality of lead wires conventionally required to be attached are
reduced to one, and a fixing method by soldering is adopted. Since it is possible to continue the
soldering process used when attaching parts without interruption as it is, when attaching electric
parts, it is necessary to include separate processes such as peeling of the back surface tape used
conventionally and adhesive application. There is no problem from the manufacturing process,
no need for organic solvents which are not preferable for human beings in working environment,
and furthermore, since a shielding member necessary for the construction of the substrate is
used in advance. Mounting method of the electric part which the effect of the process
simplification is remarkable compared with the conventional mounting method of not requiring
the new part for fixing the electric part It can be provided. Furthermore, by integrally mounting
the electric component on the upper surface of the shield member, there is no need to secure an
arrangement space unique to the electric part on the printed circuit board, so the effect of
improving space efficiency in achieving miniaturization is remarkable. The thing is recognized.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a schematic sectional view showing a first embodiment of the present invention, and FIG.
2 is a schematic sectional view showing a second embodiment of the present invention.
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