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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
diaphragm for an electroacoustic transducer, and more particularly, to a method of
manufacturing a diaphragm and e considering not only acoustic characteristics but also
decorative value. [Prior Art] A diaphragm used for an acoustic device, particularly a speaker, as a
diaphragm material to increase the divided eye movement frequency of the diaphragm as much
as possible and to flatten the frequency characteristics over a wide band as is well known
Although lightweight and highly rigid metallic materials such as aluminum and titanium are
widely used, in recent years, it has been put to practical use to color the surface of these metal
diaphragms and to use the decorative effect. A layer of titanium nitride is formed on a titanium
base as a diaphragm that is both acoustically superior as well as decorative, for example, by (1)
sputtering, (2) ion plating, or (3) high temperature nitrogen There is a diaphragm which is
formed by exposing the substrate in gas, etc. and has a golden-colored appearance to enhance
the decorative effect. C. Problems to be Solved] In the various conventional methods described
above, since the base material is at a high temperature of about 500 ° C. to 950 ° C., not only
deformation of the formed base material occurs, but also the gas' nitriding method The treatment
time is as long as 6 to 9 hours, while the treatment method by applying a voltage in vacuum such
as sputtering or ion plating makes the treatment effect different depending on the curvature of
the substrate and makes the entire surface uniform. It has a drawback that it can not be
processed in large quantities at one time. [Means for Solving the Problems] In order to eliminate
the disadvantages of the above-mentioned conventional example, the present invention is to
expose a diaphragm substrate made of titanium or a titanium alloy formed into a diaphragm
shape in a heated oxygen atmosphere. The present invention relates to a diaphragm for an
acoustic device having a golden-colored appearance in which oxygen is diffused from the surface
to the inside to form a rutile (titanium dioxide) layer, and a method of manufacturing the same.
[Example] The surface of a diaphragm base l made by pressing a 15 μ thick titanium foil into a
dome shape with a diameter of 25 cabinets is cleaned and held in an appropriate support at a
temperature of 320 ° C. 15 By exposure for a minute, oxygen in the heated air diffuses from the
surface of the substrate 1 to the inside to form the rutile layer 2 from the surface to the inside,
and it has a golden color having a configuration shown in FIG. 1 as a cross section. I got a
diaphragm. According to the experimental results, the temperature of the heating air is suitably
in the range of 300 ° C. to 350 ° C., and if the temperature is too low, the treatment time will
be long, according to the experimental results. It is not practical, and at C. or more,
color unevenness occurs with a reddish purple appearance and the appearance is impaired.
[Effect] The method for manufacturing a diaphragm according to the present invention can be
processed at a low temperature of about 300 ° C. to 350 ° C. (1), so the diaphragm is not
thermally deformed.
(2) The entire surface is uniformly exposed to the heated air, and the outer shape is treated
under the same conditions, so that the entire surface exhibits a uniform golden color. (3) By
using, for example, a container made of stainless steel wire mesh, the above-mentioned support
tool, mass processing can be performed at one time, and processing costs are reduced. In
addition, the diaphragm as a product is not thermally deformed during processing, so it is also
possible to process a thin, thin diaphragm with low rigidity, it is lightweight, highly efficient as an
acoustic device, colored in golden color, and extremely beautiful in appearance Obtain the
diaphragm 608 "16" 9 '"6 · · 1
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a partially enlarged cross-sectional view of a diaphragm according to the present
invention, in which l is a substrate and 2 is a rutile layer.