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According to the present invention, itjf j which makes 11 by vibration, deforms a pressure 1-I
element by the drive of 4 bodies, and causes the deformation? W ら れ る I (!: Related to pressure
vibration ア ア ア プ プ し た which is designed to detect vibration by electric output.
Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, as the piezoelectric vibration pickup described above, the
load is applied to the pressure element l so that the mass 2 is subjected to the hair vibration and
the movement of the body 2 in the 1 = F direction. Rl 2, rg 2 also deforms the element 1 in
the compression direction and slides the electrical output based on the piezoelectric constant H
'1 d 33, or the outer circle of the ring-shaped piezoelectric element 3 as shown in FIG. A
composite of 7t of ring-shaped quality jiY rest 4 is contacted with a material 5 floated by a
method such as illustrated in FIG. The piezoelectric element f'-3 is deformed in the cutting rfT
direction so that the JI''lli constant did-is obtained to obtain a +1 j air output, etc. are generally
used. 41. The compression type vibration pink amplifier of 1121 described in る 1 is a large
structure because it has a structure that can be firmly tightened with ′ 'as shown in Fig. 1 and a
spring 6 with a screw etc. (Driving, + P + 'is extremely strong, and it is extremely robust, but
when the temperature changes, the electrical output (pyro electricity) is generated regardless of
the vibration, and the behavior as if the apparent seven abnormal vibrations were detected is For
example, this type of compression-type vibration pink amplifier has a fatal defect such as 7 On
the other hand, although the above-mentioned sheared vibration pink-up of the fiIJz diagram is
not seen in the pyro 'fl'i gas generation phenomenon such as the compression type of L note due
to the nature of the same type 71 piezoelectric element, its structure l -1 When the stress in the
direction of work is applied to the bonding interface, if the vibration is a human contact, contact
7Iifji (7), 'J'l's vice, LE' t1. i: + '<Y-(7) It is easy to come to break Weak l, lJ, and further the
integrity of the adhesive surface, 徨; It has a drawback of '9. According to the present invention,
the present invention is described in 1 below: Ha: width-type nobi, nkua, puro, etc., which is
considered to be a fatal defect Pyro 'lIi: evening (if / 12 / l is completely excluded if Ily is
removed) 1, Solves the problem of lack of mechanical strength (iN + l light bow-3ness) in 'J ti' fl 'I
cedar vibratory pink amp. Due to disturbance yellow cause such as 11 temperature changes in
hardship ;, 1 V! ゞ i (Receiving τ r1, 安: + i で き, can operate on fine, i / / I hs, Ihs, moving sand,
wide to the large vibration with large impact, detects the drive precisely) A new high-rise, j'i new
11-inch vibration pink-up is offered.
In addition, the present invention satisfies the above-mentioned performance only by high
precision circular grinding of the inner and outer peripheral surfaces such as a conventional foilshaped vibrating pink-up piezoelectric element. The provision of the pink amplifier is 0. The pyro
electricity is not a problem when the temperature of 1 '43 is kept at a constant water level.
However, in fact, this kind of compression type vibration pink amplifier is sensitive to slight
temperature change +5, and for example, the condition of temperature change is neglected, for
example, a large pyro output is observed by only feeling the body temperature. The river is
difficult. Incidentally, in the case of a pressure 11ii type piezoelectric element (one that gives an
electrical output when a compressive deformation is applied), if a temperature change is
generated, even if it is minute, it is a fate that pyrocharge is generated on the electrode surface
Owe. The present invention makes it possible to completely cancel this while recognizing the
occurrence of pyrochran. In the present invention, as shown in FIG. 3 and the following figures as
a solution to the problem I, the structure in which fj <'71 integral 10 is interposed and at least
one piezoelectric element 11a and L1b are wound together on the opposite surface is Do. Each of
the piezoelectric elements 11a and 11b has electrodes 11c, lie 'and Ltd, Lid' on opposite surfaces,
and one of I [! , Pole] 1c 'and Ild' to form a face with the body 111. 1 94 r +-2 'I! : 'J I' l l a, l l l l in
the 回 interdigitated state with the arrow in the figure (opposite also 1 II), the polarization in one
direction is large and small in one / two times. :, ': Body does not drive 1) pressure f, +;-f-, 11a.
11b 盃 ', Qi month' ne 1h JJ, nine,-power J Lotto 4.1 '1 b jl: giving a contraction (II +, month of
other power: release 11 cancel l ˜ Restore this. 1) The deformation is followed by the vibration of
l · 1 · j i E 't 1.4 Jr-I L a,]]-' c such that the notation is river-wide and the other side-to-side In
order to make 1711 j Ii body 10 and pressure ')' fi element f], 1 a and 1. L b and buy :, 1 dog in
the X body 10 pairs im having a name of II arrangement state im li ii yellow. 1- 1 (lJ ji: rest 10
and piezoelectric, '+, rI-1a, I-1b 1, L'4 as described. In the case where I is placed in the case, as an
example, the quality 111 body 10 and the moon, boron-J'-11a, lb l 4 lll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
l l l l l l Hold the contact state with crimp F-stage 'V or other clamping means.
Furthermore, as the other side γ! i,: Liil0 and positive contact 11a. 1 and 1 b contact field
[contact with rll] i intervenes the material and mini; Of course, while using an adhesive material,
the above-mentioned clamp may be used for 1JI river improvement of the cleaning unit such as
cleaning unit. The material obtained by passing I = silk as described above is contained in an
envelope, and the envelope is subjected to vibration and measurement on an object i + 11. Fig.
11: Place the mass of 1.1 body 10 and the plane j'lla and 11b in the arrangement as shown in the
following table: insert the tightening screw 12 in the center of the superimposing body of the
other, The case where cotton is planted with Natto 13-Afforestation is shown. 2) and the
envelope 14 are separate parts, or preferably as a unit of water from the bottom of the envelope
14 as ll'l) '// Let me insert it. Connectors are attached to the envelope for wiring (not shown). In
addition, mini 渚 10. In order to hold the overlapping of lla and llb, as shown in FIG. 4, it is
sandwiched between the clamping members 16, and pressure clamping is performed by the
elasticity of the partial clamping part 16a and the lower clamping part 16b, or 16. The whole is
composed of a rigid body, I, 'T) i: body], 01,' taki f 11. A, 1.1. A laminate of a knee name b and a
second blank is attached to the inner surface of a 41-piece piece 16a, 16b of a todo, and / I is
bald. There are 4 small but not 1 ball name? Layer body (contact / even contact /? 1) f) 1- 而 and
而 surface is thickly filled, l ·! There is also a case where a heavy load is tightened and tightened
on the outer side of the laminate, and a name may be tightened. In the above relation, small, twinheld τ '1 j, 1 body , O and III:' ilj elements 11a and 11b 'are detected on the detection target
f (fixed to the object [2;・ Take it to the ground so that it will move in the direction of movement.
When vibration is applied, the vibration of the ring 10 'is vibrated with an amplitude
proportional to the vibration direction 11, the vibration of the mouth. In conjunction with this
quality 15 bodies both arms [1'-11a. 11b is compressed and deformed to rL · When I: [@ 'A is
given to the pressure r11a or 11b of the pressure, the compression of the piezoelectric element
11b or 11a of other force is released and restored to JL, and so on It repeats the movement of
the body following the vibration. As described above, when the two piezoelectric elements 11a
and 11b are alternately compressed and restored at 7u in the superposition J, the polarization
follows the vibration and reverses the positive electrode surface of the physical pressure element
11a or 11b. Each produces a charge output of the phase corresponding to the direction.
That is, as described in detail according to the drawing, when the piezoelectric element 11b is
compressed and restored following the same 1.1a (generally, an elastic body such as ceramic
expands as a reaction to its compression) Depending on the direction of polarization), the
compression-side piezoelectric element 1], b, for example, the mass 11 of the combined blood
electrode 11d 'with the mass 10 is charged (+) to the electrode 11d of the opposite surface (-)
Charges are respectively generated, while the restoration side J itself, superposition of L element
r-11a with, for example, the mass 10] charge of (+) on the electrode 110 'of rIj, (-) on the
electrode 11c of the opposite surface Each generates a charge. The present invention detects the
vibration by the sum of the electric powers of Bikawa Shige / -11a, 11b obtained by compression
and decompression. In order to realize this, as shown in FIG. 5, both piezoelectric elements 11a
and 11b whose compression and restoration are performed as shown in FIG. Connect in parallel
to be in phase with each other. In order to make the connection as shown in FIG. 5 possible in the
assembly structure as shown in FIG. The electrodes 11C 'and 11d' of la and 1.1b are brought into
conduction, and in the case, 4 bottom branches and clamps 12 and NAND 13 are brought into
conduction with electrode 11C1] and 1d; -Connect the force to earth and the other to the 11 end
r-. Further, in the case of FIG. 4, the clamping member 16 and I (lj l, j body 1. (l is formed by the
guiding IF member) can be a contact 111 '+ or 4 + 1 of the hitting. As a result, the sum of the
electric outputs of the pressure sensors 11a and 11b is used as a detection output. In FIG. 5, + Q
and -Q indicate "charge", and arrows indicate the polarization directions of each pressure 1F
element r -11a, 1 1 b. As shown in L, one piezoelectric element 1.1 a, l l b is arranged to apply
one or more compressions when vibration is applied, and another force or restoration to be
obtained, and the sum of each electric output can be obtained as a detection output By
configuring, it is possible to properly remove the electrical output (pyro electrical output) that is
not related to the vibration caused by the temperature change. That is, in the case where the
temperature change occurs, the above-mentioned FIG. Unlike in the case of deformation of
compression and recovery (extension) of each piezoelectric element assembled and arranged to
operate as shown in FIG. 154, each piezoelectric element 11a, 11b is polarized as shown in FIG.
In-phase charge output (pyro electric output) is generated. As already described in detail, the two
piezoelectric elements 11a and 11b are disposed on the mass 10 and arranged as shown in the
representative example of FIGS. 3 and 4, and 14 are connected as promised as shown in FIG.
There is.
Therefore, necessarily -1- piro pyroelectric output cancels out the charge + Q and -Q or the phase
-IF, and so-called piro pyroelectric output is properly suppressed. By using exactly the same or
nearly identical f11 'or pressure-reducing elements 11a and 11b, it is possible to make the JL
pyroelectric output as close to zero as possible. , Stable detection output (vibration detection) is
eliminated. · · · "Invention"-in addition to obtaining the above-mentioned effect, effectively solve
the problem of lack of mechanical strength (lack of 1 ml impact) in the shear type vibrating pink
amplifier described in the above-mentioned Fig. 2 It is extremely robust against external forces,
and it can be stably 1 / [Motion y without being affected by temperature changes or disturbance
stars, and it is so weak that it may be betrayed by disturbances such as temperature changes. It is
possible to provide a high-reliability pressure-sensitive vibrating pink amplifier capable of
accurately detecting vibrations in the Jj1 range from large vibrations to large d + 9'l vibrations
that may cause damage to the pump. In addition, it is possible to construct a pink-up with the
desired performance at ZEN's P / N, which has a desirable performance, so that homogeneous
products can be produced at low cost. In accordance with the above-described spirit of the
present invention, as shown in FIG. 7, on the other side, the cage body 10 is interposed, and a
plurality of piezoelectric elements 11a..., 11b. The same number of layers are assembled to be
compressed and restored at f1 ′ ′, and connected in parallel so that the charge outputs of the
respective piezoelectric elements are in phase with each other as shown in FIG. This also includes
the case where the output shown in FIGS. 3 and 4 is multiplied by a plurality. The present
invention depends on the implementation, [114 piezoelectric element 11a. 11b where the 'upper
pole area is different, or in the opposite face of the mass 10' ii + 4 piezoelectric element 11a. This
includes the case where 11b is not completely connected.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the basic structure of a conventional C: vibrational pink
amplifier, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing a tree structure of the same cross-shaped
vibrational pick amplifier.
31) / I, 411 are sectional views showing the basic structure of a piezoelectric vibration pink
amplifier according to an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 3 shows an example of the
superposition holding means, and FIG.・ An example is shown, FIG. 5 shows the connection
circuit of the piezoelectric element in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, FIG. 6 is a diagram showing the state of
removal of pyro 71i output in the same circuit configuration, FIG. FIG. 8 is a cross-sectional view
of a vibration pick amplifier showing a modified example of the laminated structure constructed
in accordance with the spirit of the present invention, and FIG. 8 shows a connection circuit of
the piezoelectric element group in FIG. 10 ··· Quality 4 bodies, lla, llb · · · 'pressure' weight-f, 11 c,
l l c ', 11 d, l 1 d'-electrode. Figure 1 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6