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The present invention relates to a 1F-plate-like speaker diaphragm, and it is an object of the
present invention to provide a lightweight speaker diaphragm having a rigidity of 11 ". In
general, many diaphragms for loudspeakers are formed by forming pulp into a pulp, and the
diaphragms have a cone shape. Therefore, the position of the sound source is shifted in the
vicinity of the center and the outer periphery of the cone, causing a phase difference, and the air
in the cone having a resonance resonates, so that it is difficult to obtain a flat sound pressure
frequency characteristic. On the other hand, a flat plate speaker in which the diaphragm is flat
and the positions of the sound sources are aligned is advantageous for flattening the frequency
characteristics without the front chamber effect seen in a cone shape. However, in the case of the
flat diaphragm, when using conventional paper, the rigidity against bending is small and split
vibration is likely to occur from a low frequency, and a flat frequency characteristic over a wide
band can not be obtained. On the other hand, although attempts have been made to use a
polymer foam such as expanded polystyrene as a flat diaphragm, this too has low rigidity and is
not suitable as a diaphragm. Therefore, it is a flat diaphragm having a sand-inch structure which
is light in weight and can obtain high bending rigidity. In order to realize these, in recent years, a
flat diaphragm using a nikham sand inochi structure etc. is adopted. When using a so-called
nodal drive method in which the voice coil is bonded and driven to the nodal position at the first
inter-resonance wave number of this diaphragm and the first resonance is canceled, the C (high
frequency limit frequency) is significantly increased. It can be increased and a wide band speaker
can be obtained. しかしながら、ハニ。 The diaphragm using the cam sandwich structure is
expensive because of the complicated structure. In order to solve this problem, a rectangular
plate-like body is bent in a zigzag shape, and developed in an annular shape so that the − side
portion is the inner peripheral surface and the other side is the outer peripheral portion, and the
both end surfaces are bonded It has been considered to use a sand-in structure made by bonding
a surface material to both sides of an annular frame member as a diaphragm. In the case of a
sand-in structure in which the rectangular plate-like body is bent into zigzags and the surface
members are adhered to both sides of the annularly expanding frame member, the bending
rigidity (XI) of the frame member as the core member is high. It is desirable from the aspect of
(1′′f axiality) such as at the time of assembly. Further, in order to improve the characteristics
as the diaphragm, it is desirable that the specific elastic modulus CTLQ 'of the skeletal member as
the core material be high. Conventionally, a paper with a large EI has been used as the core
member as a core member, but the Eie of the paper is smaller compared to aluminum etc. and it
is not preferable for the characteristics of diaphragms was there.
The present invention solves such a defect of the conventional iM, and a rectangular plate-like
body in which plate-like bodies of different materials are laminated is bent in a zigzag shape, and
the side surface is an inner circumferential surface. The surface material is adhered to both sides
of the frame member expanded annularly so that the other side surface becomes the outer
peripheral portion. According to this configuration, since a large material of EI and a large
material of Vl can be laminated as a frame member of one diaphragm, it is possible to make the
frame member as the core material of the diaphragm the most suitable. As a result, the rigidity as
the diaphragm is increased, fh is increased, and a diaphragm of a wide band can be obtained.
Further, since the flexural rigidity of the frame member is improved, unnecessary vibration is
suppressed, a low distortion speaker can be obtained, mechanical strength is improved, and
reliability in assembly and the like is increased. Further, by forming the frame member into a
three-layer sand-in structure, it is possible to aim at moisture resistance, thereby reducing
deformation of the diaphragm and aiming at first reliability. Have the advantage of Hereinafter,
the speaker diaphragm of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings
of the embodiments. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention, in which 1 is an
annular frame member, and 2 is a surface material adhered to both sides of the annular frame
member 1. As shown in FIG. 3, the above-mentioned annular frame member 1 has an aluminum
foil 13 bonded to a kraft paper 11 with an adhesive 12 so that a rectangular plate-like body 14
made of a laminate is shown in FIG. It is bent in a zig-zag shape, and it is developed in an annular
shape so that the inward side of the side surface 14 has an inner circumferential surface and the
side of the other side surface 14B has an outer circumferential portion. Specifically, the skeletal
member 1 is a rectangular plate in which aluminum foil of 7 μm thickness is laminated by dry
lamination 11 type via urethane adhesive having surface density of 1 o / rn ′ to 7 of 509 m
thick kraft paper The body was used to form a diaphragm 6 mm thick and 190 mm in diameter.
The fh of the speaker using this diaphragm was 3.3 KHz, and there was a point of 0.2 KHz from
the fh of the speaker using only kraft paper as a rectangular plate. Further, as shown in FIG. 4,
the skeletal member 1 dry laminates a 7 μm thick aluminum foil 13 on both sides of a 3-layer
μm thick kraft paper 11 through a urethane adhesive 12 having a surface density of 10 g / i.
The same rectangular plate was used as the diaphragm described above. The fh of the speaker
using this diaphragm was 3.6 KHz, which was an improvement of 0.5 KHz over the speaker using
the kraft paper alone as the rectangular plate.
The aluminum foil 13 may be formed into a rectangular plate by laminating on the paper 11 or a
plastic sheet by vapor deposition, regardless of the dry lamination method.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 is a partially cutaway plan view of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, Fig. 2 is
a perspective view of a development if1 of a framework member used for the diaphragm, and Fig.
3 is from two layers forming the framework member FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of a
rectangular plate-like body having a three-layer sand-inch structure.
1 ...... frame member, 2 ..... surface materials, 11 ...... paper, 12 ...... 1 Chakuzai, 13 ...... aluminum
foil. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Atsushi other 1 person Figure 1 Figure 2