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In the Kono invention, the property Me of the diaphragm of cone-shaped sbi ica is N in the shape
of the diaphragm which is identical to that of the diaphragm. Heretofore, there has been shown a
cone-shaped skier shown in FIG. In the figure, (l) is the cone bIglJw. The numeral 121 is a burst
cap (3) a Havoyage coil, (4) a voice coil bobbin, (5) an edge. (6) is a snow gutter, (7) is a frame,
and (8) is a magnetic circuit unit. O 2 (a), (for bl. Conventional cone swing! As 0 酸, straight lcon
and calf corn acid l1 'r views are shown. Next, the operation will be described. When an
alternating signal is flowed to the voice coil (3) arranged in the magnetic circuit # 6 part
(magnetic gap s of 81), a driving force between upper and lower sides is generated in the sift coil
(3) according to Fleming's left hand rule . This force is transmitted to the diaphragm 11 »via the
voice coil hovin (4), and the vibration supported by the edge {5} and the spike −− + 61 causes
the sound wave to be almost lost by #Rm in the vertical direction. It is Because it is configured as
more than the conventional cone-shaped scaika ri, the vibration that develops in the voice coil (3)
is transmitted to @ @ & the mountain, and the diaphragm 1) is integrally output in the vertical
direction (hereinafter referred to as I have to do piston shooting movement). However, when the
vibration frequency goes up, the IiJ-Koyama is in charge of the I-J J-Hist, and the I-J J-J-J is used
to generate the strain 7 at the same time. There was a drawback of that. The cause of this
problem is that, as shown in FIG. 3, transmission causes transmission to the diaphragm. As a
countermeasure, there is a method of increasing the Young's modulus (ratio CM / p of EJ to total
summer (ρ) ratio of diaphragm material) in order to make it difficult to reduce vibration, but
generally it is a diaphragm or ^ K It had become. The invention was made to eliminate the
disadvantages of the prior art as described above, along the cone shape! By opening the plate of
the Jii plate and forming unevenness on the paternity between the cows of the diaphragm, due to
the geometric effect), the curvature of the cone-shaped vibration vJ Itayama divided by
increasing the degree of vibration To reduce distortion simultaneously with the expansion of the
reproduction frequency characteristics, the expansion of the Niu peripheral limbs 畝 and the aim
to provide an inexpensive diaphragm for a cone-shaped speaker. And Hereinafter, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described. FIG. 4 (a) e (b) is a plan view and a @ i
view of a cone-shaped #R work board showing an example of the present invention.
In the figure, the mountain is a Jf コ ー ン cone-shaped peristaltic plate according to the present
invention with 10,000 m diameter of the cow according to the present invention, and the loading
section 11 11 capital (laJ is a voice coil bobbin (4) and the other end is an opening (ib) an edge
(5 ) Are joined. Next we can carry on this action. The voice coil f31 K ′ ′ 418 power (vibration)
is transmitted to the top portion 11111 end (1a) of the swing-a plate mountain of the present
invention shown in FIG. 4 via the voice coil bobbin (4) to withdraw. As Itayama will get pregnant,
but as shown in the figure, since the unevenness is formed along the shape of the cone at 10,000
times the diameter of the cone swing plate, the radial direction of the cone can be heard. The
ratio (E /) of the Young's modulus (equal to density ()) of pregnancy disturbance is greatly
increased in order to improve splashingly. Therefore, the division vibration of the diaphragm is
〈シ ス 〈〈〈〈〈再 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 シ ス 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午
午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午 午. It is possible to make a large instructional book for the expansion of
the reproduction frequency band and the reduction of distortion. なお。 An example of the
bonding state with the edge in this case is shown in FIG. 6 (a). FIGS. 5 (a) and 5 (b) show another
embodiment of the present invention. The outer peripheral end (1b) of the cone-shaped am-ma
(1) is formed into a circular shape centering on the central axis of the cone mountain or a
polygonal shape which is circular in a near area. By doing this, in addition to the effects of the
embodiment described above, the bondability of edges f5J and # R # is the same, and FIG. 6 (as
shown in bJ, near the outer edge (1b) of the 6m plate) Since it is possible to make the structure
of IS not remembered at the edge, it is effective as a custom-made same. The off-turn is a plan
view and a side view of a cone-shaped diaphragm + 1) showing a second other embodiment of
the present invention. The inner peripheral end (la) of the cone-shaped diaphragm (1) is a circle
whose center is at the center of the cone mountain, or a circle centered on the axis, or a circular
shape in the near region. In this way, as shown in FIG. 8 + aJ, when the bonding between the
voice coil bobbin (4) and the diaphragm +11 is improved in addition to the effects of the above
embodiment, the voice coil bobbin is spread to 4 <M5jM is also the effect of M. FIG. 9 is a plan
view and a plan view of a plane 1111 of a cone-shaped moving plate pile showing a third other
embodiment fIJ of the present invention. There is no unevenness in the vicinity of the
circumferential end (1a) of the cone-shaped diaphragm +11 and it is circular. The basic effect of
the cone diaphragm (1a) is the same as that of the previous embodiment, but the connection
between the voice coil bobbin (4) and the diaphragm +11 is the same as the conventional one as
shown in FIG. 8 (b). It is also excellent for mass production because it
In the previous example of central #A, the number of asperities made by folding a cone-shaped
outlet type was not touched, but when considering the vibration state of the diaphragm,
deformation (non-circumferential It is said that axisymmetric vibration) causes distortion when
this vibration occurs. In order to solve this problem, it is sufficient to make the fR moving plate
non-axially symmetrical structurally or materially. In the conventional cone-shaped diaphragm,
measures such as changing the thickness of the diaphragm in the circumferential direction have
been taken to make the diaphragm non-axially symmetric. In the vibration wJ plate of the present
invention, the non-axisymmetric #R 鯛 can be suppressed to a reduction ratio by setting the
number of ridges of the convex folds to an odd number 111 for the depressions formed on the &
moving plate . As described above, according to the present invention, the diaphragm of the
cone-shaped diaphragm is arranged along the cone shape. The frequency difference between the
diaphragm and the diaphragm is suppressed by increasing the bending and strengthening of the
sicone-shaped diaphragm by making the structure in which the unevenness is formed alternately
in the radial direction of the fMa plate, and the frequency of the eight dwelling frequencies is
reduced. It is an object of the present invention to provide an inexpensive cone-shaped
diaphragm for a loudspeaker at the same time as it has the effect of flattening the surface area,
expanding the gain and loss frequency band and reducing distortion. By making the shape of the
outer peripheral end or the inner peripheral end of the diaphragm according to the present
invention into a substantially circular shape, the bonding property between the diaphragm and
the edge is improved, and the bonding property between the tRTIh board and the voice coil
bobbin It is also effective to improve productivity by improving the performance by reinforcing
coil bobbins and the like. Furthermore, if the number of the above-mentioned unevenness is odd
number 1-respectively, it also has the effect of suppressing non-symmetrical split vibration t-of
the diaphragm.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 is a flT view showing the structure of a conventional cone-shaped speaker, Fig. 1 (a) and
Fig. 1 (b) are f & cross-sectional views of the conventional cone diaphragm, and Fig. 3 is a first
order of the cone diaphragm. Figure 4 <a) e (b) is a plan view and a fun view showing a vibration
lIh board according to an embodiment of the present invention, and a view 4-5 (a) . (B) e FIG.
7 (aJ, (b) e FIG. 9 (a) t (b) are respectively a P-view and a side view showing another embodiment
of the present invention, FIG. (B) i and o (8) Regiment (b) is a longitudinal sectional view showing
another embodiment of the present invention.
In the figure, 11) is a shaking wJ 榊, (2) is a dust cap, (3) is a voice coil, (4) is a voice coil bobbin,
(5) is an edge, (6) is a spider, (7) is a frame, 8) is a magnetic circuit unit. In FIG. 9, the same
symbol "g" indicates the same or corresponding parts. Agent 易 信 171 171 171 Z Z color ((1)
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