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Brief description of the drawings
1 is a sectional view showing an example of a conventional vibration pickup device, FIG. 2 is a
sectional view showing a microphone provided with the vibration pickup device, and FIG. 3 is a
view showing an electrical equivalent circuit of FIG. The figure is a cross-sectional view showing
one embodiment of the vibration pickup and tube device according to the present invention, FIG.
5 is a circuit diagram showing the electrical connection of the movable wire ring and the variable
resistor in FIG. It is a characteristic view for explaining an operation principle. Parts List of the
main portion, 4 ...... magnetic circuit, 5 ...... first movable coil, 10 ...... microphone unit, 11 ......
vibration Pickup device, 13a. 13b · · · · · · Rubber damper, · · · · · · · · · microphone housing, 1---------------------------------2nd movable wire ring, 16---· · · · · · · · · Variable resistor. 竿, 2 figures