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The present invention forms a metal foil substrate such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel or
the like into a predetermined diaphragm shape, and then forms a coating layer of ceramic on the
surface by plasma spraying to form a diaphragm for a speaker. It relates to the improvement of
the manufacturing method. The #i moving plate of the speaker using metal such as aluminum,
titanium, stainless steel, μ, the specific vibration mode caused by the material is marked, and the
beak t- nod, which is large for the frequency characteristic of / 4 region It has the disadvantage
of damaging the quality. This defect can be eliminated by using a material having a large specific
elastic modulus E / p represented by the ratio of Young's bond E to density P, and as a specific
method thereof, on the surface of a metal substrate formed into a predetermined diaphragm
shape. It has been proposed to form a coating layer by plasma spraying of a ceramic material
having a large specific modulus, such as an oxide of gold or a metal such as alumina or a
compound or carbide. This method makes it possible to relatively easily increase the specific
modulus of #R moving plate, but in the formation of a coating by plasma spraying, the complete
bath-particles of the ceramic material in the plasma flame are plasma jetted. Since the flight
speed K is given and the coating layer is formed by the collision energy of the flying particles to
the 4ill I4 base material, the adhesion strength is insufficient when the surface of the common
base material is hard, such as titanium, and the coating is insufficient There is a disadvantage
that the layer peels off and the desired characteristics of fr are not obtained. Next,
conventionally, the surface of a metal substrate is roughened by blasting to enhance adhesion,
but in this case, plasma spraying must be performed within 2 hours at most after blasting. It has
the disadvantage of being overwhelmed by major time constraints in manufacturing. Even if the
spray particle speed is increased, the spray distance is short or <t, ycn, the adhesion can be
enhanced, but if the spray particle speed is increased by tjtt, the spray particle speed is increased
accordingly, the spray particles are increased accordingly As the speed of t increases, the time to
stay in the plasma 7 flame of the thermal spray particles becomes shorter accordingly, and the
unmelted particles become larger, and the molten particles that have already deposited are
broken. A), it is known to do), the thickness of the coating substrate is restricted, and the
thickness of the metal substrate is increased. There is a defect that the effect of forming the
coating layer is small, and if the spraying distance is short, the temperature rise of the metal base
increases, heat deformation occurs in the metal base, and the metal base itself Is melted).
Invention 4 # i The present invention seeks to eliminate the disadvantages of the conventional
methods as described above. The present invention thus provides a thin film of an oxide or
nitride or carbide of an alloy or metal between a metal substrate and a coating layer of ceramic.
It strengthens the adhesion of the coating layer. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. First em1 as shown in the figure, aluminum nikum. A
metal foil substrate such as titanium or stainless steel with a thickness of several tens of Oi III
ISO is formed into a dome shape, and so on. # I1 As shown in Fig. B, an alloy (Ni-At etc.) or metal
oxidation @ (AtzOs, ZaOz etc.), nitrided 11Il! I(TiN、A、! Thin film layer (2) t-ion coating,
sputtering, vacuum evaporation, plating, etc. to a thickness of 1 to 10-, As shown in c. A metal
oxide (such as 03) on the surface of the thin film N1121. And the like are plasma-sprayed to
form a coating layer 13) to form a diaphragm for a speaker. In the case where a ceramic coating
layer is formed on the lower surface of the gold 114 foil base on which the thin film layer 12+
and the ceramic coating layer (3) are formed on the upper surface to form a speaker diaphragm .
As shown in Figure 2A, l * #! After passing through the same steps A, B and C as in tll, a step is
carried out to form a thin film layer + 21 of 1 to 10 mm in thickness on the lower surface of E 9
metal foil substrate + 11 and a ceramic coating layer 131 thereon. By plasma spraying]. FIG. 3
shows the adhesion of the coating layer of the ceramic according to the present invention and
the conventional method in relation to the plasma spray short distance, and the solid line shows
the thickness of titanium of about 3-thickness of 30j116 thickness according to the present
invention. A thin film layer is formed, and alumina is plasma-sprayed to a thickness of 20- on the
surface, and 9 dotted lines are by a conventional method) surface of 30 μm titanium rj 7 Jt
immediately after blasting of alumina 2 LJsm It is a single piece plasma sprayed to a thickness.
As apparent from FIG. 3, the adhesion of the coating layer of the ceramic is improved by the
present invention. In addition, a thin film layer is formed on the surface of the metal foil base
material formed into a predetermined # R @ plate shape of the present invention. Ion nitriding
method is another method of WI rate other than the above embodiment. Method I / i: The glow
turtle is generated in a low vacuum gas atmosphere, and the collision energy of plasma ionized
gas ion simultaneously performs heating and chemical reaction of the processed material,
vacuum steaming M, etc. It is possible to make a thin rigid film # in a short time as compared
Therefore, according to the ion nitriding method. Combined with the simplicity of plasma
spraying, the steps of FIGS. 1A-C can be significantly shortened. Further, it is needless to say that
the shape of the metal foil substrate of the present invention is not limited to the dome shape of
the above embodiment, but may be a cone shape or a flat plate. As described above, according to
the present invention, the plasma spray distance of the ceramic is set to a range in which the
thermal deformation of the gold ll I 4 foil base does not occur, and the adhesion of the ceramic
coating layer is stabilized significantly compared to that of the conventional method. Can be
improved. A method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm is obtained.
Brief description of the drawings
C / fi A longitudinal sectional view showing each process of one embodiment of the present
invention, second factors A and R are longitudinal sectional views showing each process of
another embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 shows the present invention. It is a
figure which shows the adhesion of the ceramic coating layer by each of a conventional method.
Mountain: gold @ foil base, + 21-· · thin film layer, (3) · · · ceramic coating layer Fig. 1 Fig. 2 4 3-w
E 2 Fig. Slimming trii 虻 (り n 1 1