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Description 1, title of the invention
Flame retardant diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a diaphragm of an
acoustic transducer such as a speaker / microphone. Heretofore, a natural fiber type paper-made
one has been used as a rattan-type diaphragm. This is most frequently used because it can be
easily made into paper in complex shapes as well as small grit, relatively large Young's modulus,
and large internal loss due to the reason for large internal loss. Thus, a moving plate made of
natural fibers such as wood pulp fibers and strings has excellent characteristics, but it is a
vibration made of other materials that have different negative feelings depending on lifestyle
changes and preferences of audio viewers. Dust on the plate is expected. Recently, molded
articles made of thermoplastic resins such as polyvinyl chloride and boliazed and thermosetting
resins have been proposed to meet the expectations, but many of them are inherently flammable
and susceptible to fire. Ruru. That is, there is a risk that the voice coil of the speaker or the like
may generate heat due to a person-to-person input, or it may be rumored to be high temperature
like a television cabinet, and its incombustibility is II! It is necessary to transform the diaphragm
tsfe, which is a part of the speaker, as a matter of course. In the past, EndPage: 1, which is widely
used as a deflagration material, has 1 inorganic asbestos, but it has a large mass, so it has poor
Kfi &, and it is not preferable in sound quality, and the internal loss is small. Due to highfrequency distortion, there is a disadvantage that the frequency characteristics particularly in the
l1bf region are prone to "jumping". The present invention was made by focusing attention to the
above-mentioned point, and therefore, it is an organic bromine compound as a thermosetting
resin and 1IAIe agent that is provided with a characteristic characteristic of a diaphragm made
mainly of natural fibers such as wood bulbs, etc. It is an object of the present invention to
provide a diaphragm which emits superior jIi flame retardancy and frequency characteristics
from K by applying pressure and heat treatment. In the present invention, it is possible to use a
natural fiber such as wood pulp which has been appropriately refined and a mineral fiber of
warp-fiber-glass-line grade of 2020〜k 諷 囁 mixed with a fiberboard formed into a
predetermined shape. (1) After impregnating a thermosetting resin such as epoxy resin and an
organic bromine compound, it is predried, for example, under conditions of 100 ° C. for 5
minutes. Thereafter, by performing heat molding under conditions of a heat molding temperature
of 200 ° C. and a press pressure of 8 # Z-1 molding time of 1 minute, a diaphragm having
excellent heat resistance and frequency characteristics can be obtained. The organic bromine
compounds used in the present invention are soluble in 45 commercially available solvents such
as alcohols, benzene, toluene and acetone, and have a melting point of at least 100 ° C. Is
IR1002; tris (2,3-dibromofurovir) isocyanu V) (Olm 11ssBr, NBO @ A element-containing n 65.8)
or YR 1 (zo; 2,2-bis (4-hydroquine-3,5-) Dibromo-phenyl J-froban (kits HI * r40s 某 2gtM58.8To)
can be suitably used, the former is soluble in methanol, benzene and acetone, and the latter is
alcohol, acetone, ether, dimethylformamide, etc. Soluble in organic f @ media.
In addition, as the thermosetting resin, for example, an epoxy resin, a phenol resin, a meline
resin, etc., which are in the form of Kq, which is a solvent for the first phase. Thus, it is possible
to obtain a flame-retardant diaphragm excellent in processability and moisture resistance as well
as preventing the detachment of the organic bromine compound as the flame retardant. As the
above epoxy resin, commercially available Ebiform is 824F (Somalee S. N. Co., Ltd.), Phenolic tree
layer is Cedemaine $ 105 (Semetain Industrial Co., Ltd.), M. Dainippon Ink & Chemicals Co., Ltd.
product etc. can be used. Generally, the physical properties of the speaker diaphragm are
required to have a small area density and a large specific elastic modulus 罵 / ρ. That is, the fact
that the surface density is small is necessary to make the diaphragm lighter and increase the
sound pressure, and to increase the specific elastic modulus X / ρ 1. In order to expand the
region of the piston movement of the speaker, this piston movement region is a relatively low
frequency fire region where the diaphragm vibrates together and the frequency characteristic is
flat and the distortion of the child is small. Further, in the divided vibration area, peaks and
troughs are easily generated in the sound pressure characteristic in a relatively high frequency
area where each portion of the diaphragm is locally developed and vibrates, and there are many
distortions in sound quality. Thus, in order to improve the performance of the speaker, it is
desirable to widen the piston movement area as much as possible EndPage: 2 and the frequency f
is proportional to the square root of the specific elastic modulus 1 m / ρ, and the diaphragm is It
is required that the 27 値 value be as large as possible. According to the invention, natural fibers
and nothing! l quality mixed mixed 振 # dJ & # 111 il I! Because it is subjected to pressure heat
treatment with an oxidizing resin and a single bromine compound, it has excellent water
resistance and of course also withstands ^ temperature of 230 ° C, as well as having a different
browsiness from the diaphragm made of conventional natural fibers. An M-combustible
diaphragm is obtained which observes the heat resistance which has been corroded. In addition,
natural fiber and nothing! The density is small because it is based on carbon fiber, and further
the pressure resistance heat treatment with a thermosetting resin makes it substantially stiff with
the metal plate diaphragm, which promotes the frequency characteristics with a large X / mm,
particularly A 4 jkn diaphragm with dynamic characteristics is obtained. Next, the present
invention will be specifically described by way of examples. Operation 狗 Wood pulp 11.4 double
glazed, bast fiber 8, 6 double i1-with a blend ratio of P 'Ps machine subjected to melting for 60
minutes for 60 minutes, freshness of 25 ° 5 R ˜ 2 g' 5 N Thereafter, a glass fiber 201 kJt *
having a density of 2.452 / csl and a cross-sectional perfect-circular fiber length of 5 ■ is
introduced into a beating machine, and the fiber is disintegrated so as not to damage the
composition of the glass fiber.
The melted material was formed into a conical shape by a paper machine, and papermaking was
performed by web making, and pressing and heat drying were simultaneously performed at a
paper machine press pressure of 2 kl // cd @ degree to prepare a cone for hJdr board. A
thermosetting resin (a mixture of 8247 (2) main agent and a curing agent) 50 j (a mixed solution
of each of the main agent and a curing agent) and a mixture solution containing ss * n parts and
mu Fi (101 032 JHtm) The content is 307 / IMfa, and after preliminary drying, it is subjected to
pressure heating processing under the conditions of heat forming temperature * zooc, press
pressure II # / cd, forming time 1 minute, and the diaphragm according to the present invention
Obtained. In addition, the pressure and heat treatment is applied in the same manner as
described above except that the above-mentioned bast 411 fiber is not blended, and the
diaphragm cone is paper-formed at a blending ratio of wood pulp 50 weight and glass fiber 50
weight. A vibrating plate made of a material was made. The diaphragms obtained after 5 K were
subjected to a combustion test. As a result, immediately after taking them out of the flame, there
was no ignition, which conforms to the VL standard 94-V-0 requirements and show excellent
flammability. Further, the physical properties of the above-mentioned swing plate are shown in
the following table in comparison with the conventional product. In the history, the figure is a
frequency characteristic diagram of the sliding plate according to the present invention formed
by aperture 10amK with glass fiber 20 weight-. EndPage: As is apparent from Table 3, the
diaphragm according to the present invention has a larger tolerance ρ than that of the
conventional product, but the Young's key becomes about twice, so that the specific elastic
modulus 1 /
(propagation velocity) 7) Human feeling <, there is little peak and valley (fIi) in
the entire frequency region as shown in the figure, and the frequency characteristics are
remarkably improved. In addition, the present invention III! The I4R showed excellent water
resistance without dip and over 4 weeks in the immersion test of 50 deep steel.
A simple explanatory view of 4 drawings is a frequency characteristic diagram of a diaphragm
according to the present invention. Patent applicant Pioneer Inc. Okamoto Electric Co., Ltd. End
Page: 4 Procedure correction (spontaneous) June 11, 1977, Secretary of the Patent Office
Secretary Shimakawa, Haruki-den 1, · 1 "Display of Patent Application No. 82552 Patent No.
82552 3, correction person Jff '1.,: Nokii H, Mochi I "Applicant address Tokyo Meguro-ku
Mecotton 1-chome No. 481 name ÷÷ (501) Pioneer Co., Ltd. others 1 person 4, agent 5 ?
Details of the correction (% application 511-2552) of the specification of 1 紙 j · Showa Date 8
sleeve 11-of the ii + E instruction (% application 51-12552) Line M3 page 12 to page 4 line 2 ....
Predrying. Vibration is obtained by mixing mineral fiber such as carbon fiber and glass fiber with
natural fiber such as wood pulp so as to be 20 to 50 weight% of the mixture with natural fiber,
and forming paper core into predetermined shape After impregnating the plate with a
thermosetting resin such as an epoxy resin and an organic bromine compound, the plate is
predried, for example, at 100 ° C. for 5 minutes. The sum of the thermosetting resin and the
organic bromine compound is in excess of 20 to 50% by weight of the whole vibrating plate. To
correct. Patent issued 1 person Pioneer Corporation and 1 person EndPage: 5