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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cutaway perspective view showing a speaker
using a conventional foam diaphragm, and FIGS. 2a and 2b are detailed views showing the
diaphragm portion of FIG. FIG. 3 is a cutaway perspective view of the main part showing one
embodiment of the speaker diaphragm according to the present invention. 21 · · · First foam, 211
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 2nd foam, 221 · · · .......
The present invention relates to a speaker, and more particularly to an improvement of a
diaphragm section using a foam. Recently, in order to expand the piston movement area in the
speaker, it is possible to use a foam as shown in the first problem, instead of the one using corn
paper in the US as the diaphragm material, to expand the piston movement area. It is done. That
is, it is formed substantially in the form of 截 -1- / column q · 51; WI】 WI = cone of a cone so
that the thickness decreases continuously in the radial direction toward the center S ・ or the
periphery. The proximal end peripheral portion on the acoustic radiation surface side of the foam
swinging plate 11 is supported by the distal end portion of the bowl-like frame IJ via the edge
member 12 having a substantially M-shaped cross section, and is similarly connected to the voice
coil 14 6 is supported by the bottom of the frame 13 via the damper 15. In this case, the voice
coil 1 dsrX is disposed in the action magnetic field by the magnetic circuit 16 including the
magnet 161 provided at the bottom of the frame 11, the yoke 162 and the pole piece 163. -F * 2
foam fi 'II rJ plate 11 is b1 and its upper limit in consideration of b1 and its expansion of the
histone region. As shown in Fig. 112 (a) and (blK Toda, as shown in Fig. 112 (a), due to rust and
the ease of supporting the supporting structure including the seven edge members J2, the voice
coil 14, and the damper 15 as much as possible. It is made to unite what was formed separately.
That is, it is formed by forming a cross-sectional path ··· shaped with foam and fitting an internal
llils portion 112 formed with a cross-section with a cross-shaped path head head complex with a
@@ foam. is there. That is, since the diaphragm made of a single foam has a low rigidity and a
narrow piston operating area, reverse resonance easily occurs at a relatively low frequency.
However, since this * "ct edge member 12 has a shape of acoustic radiation t over the whole
thickness, it itself adversely affects the acoustic radiation from the original f'll radiation surface,
and in particular the reverse of the edge member 12 It is a friend who has a serious drawback
that it causes disturbances and gaps in frequency huntability in a collusion state. Further, in this
case, since the diaphragm 11 made of foam shows the junction from its outer surface, the
appearance on the outer appearance is significantly impaired, and since the sterility kit surface of
the density is present in the radial direction, the division is undesirable. It left the cause of
movement. Therefore, this invention has been made in view of the above points, and in the
construction in which two foams are joined, in particular, by covering the edge member with the
original sound emission surface, an adverse effect due to the edge member can be taken in
advance. Very good 3-53 ff 1 A modified to prevent.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a sliding plate for loudspeakers. See Figure IfIt-see below for one example of this four alternatives: 1111! Light up. That is, as shown in FIG. 3,
for example, the first foam body 21 having a density portion has a convex surface 212 at the
front end and a protrusion 212 at the rear end of the back surface. Then, it is formed in a
substantially T-shaped cross section. In this case, it is assumed that the pleiple radiation * 2 J1
includes from the center part up to the thorax wholesaler covering the lamina of the frame
supporting edge member E not shown. In addition, the projecting portion 212 is located at the
center of the glue of the acoustic radiation 1211 and is provided so as to project in a direction
substantially orthogonal to the 1 radiation surface 211, but the inclination of the landing is
accompanied by the root portion of t. ing. For example, the second foam body 22 having a low
WI degree t-t has a hole 221 for fitting the protrusion # 212 to the placing portion of the first
foam body 21 so that the joint ΩJ-11- It has a voice coil * shield WtBxxzk at the top of K and is
formed substantially in a 截 WR silver shape. It is assumed that a frame, an edge member, a voice
coil, a damper, a magnetic circuit, etc. (not shown) are made substantially the same as # 4 ft in
FIG. 1, where the upper Wi 2 first and second foams The 21 ° 22 is joined to form the speaker
diaphragm 1 but the second foam 22 is made in advance, and the edge member E 1 is formed at
the bottom of the second foam 22 with respect to the voice coil castle layer 222 at the top. If the
first foam body 21 is bonded by using an appropriate adhesive or the like after being attached to
the frame through the voice coil and the damper, the support structure of the entire speaker can
be simplified. The slide plate 22 for the speaker of the above-mentioned example is as follows:
Right problem when it is used as a shooting plate material * Strength problem and support
structure problem From Although the ones formed in advance by being divided into dishes are
united, it is possible to reliably remove the fault term which is inevitable in the conventional one
of this bowl. 5-55p motion] That is, the acoustic radiation surface 211 is formed so as to include
only the first @ foam body 21 from the central portion to the edge portion gK for supporting the
frame at the front end thereof. As a result, the junction with the second foam 22 does not dust on
the outer surface, and the appearance on the appearance can be reduced without any loss. In
addition, the discontinuity of the density at the junction of the protrusion 212 of the second foam
22 and the protrusion 212 of the second foam 22 is a radius such that the discontinuous plane
of the density is a direction substantially orthogonal to the drive direction J7J. Since the vibration
plate 23 as a whole does not exist in the direction, it is possible to suppress an increase in the
piston movement area with a large reinforcing effect to totally suppress the occurrence of the
undesired split oscillation as the whole vibration plate 23 In fact, since 2o of the original acoustic
radiation covers the edge member Ei, there is no adverse effect due to undesired acoustic
radiation from the edge member E, and in particular, the reverse resonance of the edge member
E. There is an effect that it is possible to prevent the occurrence of ILtL, a gap, etc. in the
frequency characteristics at certain times in advance.
It is to be noted that this invention is not limited to the above-described and illustrated
embodiments and is not limited to the illustrated embodiments, and various modifications and
applications can be made without departing from the scope of the invention. Therefore, as
described above, according to the present invention, in the configuration in which two foams are
joined, in particular, by covering the edge member with the original acoustic radiation direction,
the M effect of the edge member can be prevented in advance. It is possible to provide a speaker
diaphragm that is extremely improved and improved.