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Specification (2) l First-Person Loudspeaker System of the Invention 2 Detailed Description of the
Invention The present invention provides a woofer unit with a baffle 1 [w to forward Sat, and
flattens the reproduced sound from low to high frequencies. About. In general, in a speaker unit
using five types of low, middle, and high frequency speakers, as shown in FIG. 1, a perfect
speaker (1) (21 (3) k baffle i [(4) When mounted flat on the front of both, there is a problem that
a phase difference occurs in the reproduced sound from the low band to the high band, and the
sound quality and the tone become worse. Therefore, in order to flatten the phase, a structure
was adopted in which the woofer unit was arranged to be advanced from the baffle plate surface.
Conventionally, as a method to advance the woofer unit to the baffle plate side, 7 mm of 7 frames
dedicated to 蚤 11 is made 1 mm with a sheet metal press, or wood tone or gold tree * s I #) vpupatsufuru on the front of the baffle plate The method of attaching the woofer unit to the subbaffle of EndPage: 1 can be considered, but there are many structural restrictions in the method
of originating 7 frames, and the sub-baffle of wood also has a metal or metal. In addition, there is
no problem in the metallized resin-like sub-baffles, but there is no problem in bonding or
processing. However, depending on the material, the movement of the enterer can not be
controlled, and extra processing such as necking and reinforcement is added. There was a
drawback such as needing. The present invention v4 has been made in view of the abovementioned drawbacks, and a speaker system is provided in which a sub-baffle is formed by filling
a reinforcing material into a base material made of polypropylene resin to increase internal loss
and prevent propagation of plate vibration. It is a thing. Next, the configuration of an
embodiment of the present invention will be described based on FIG. 2 and FIG. aυ is a cabinet,
and a baffle plate ring is fixed to the front opening, and two upper speaker mounting holes of the
baffle plate Q3 (13 (the tweeter QS and the squawker are directly attached to 14 respectively). A
sub baffle αS is fixed to the surface peripheral edge of the lower mounting hole a η. In this subbaffle (· is made of polypropylene resin as a base material and calcium carbonate as a
strengthening agent is filled therein, and the ratio of the base material: strengthening agent is 6:
4. This sub-baffle (11 is in contact with the rim of the frame 4 of a cone-shaped 9-/-aS as a
speaker, and this rim Qυ is fixed to the sub-baffle 0 with a screw or the like) It is held by the
cover (2) and the sub baffle a-. The operation of this embodiment will now be described.
Since the woofer 鱈 is mounted ahead of t <7 板 full plate @ by the thickness of the sub baffle Q1,
the reproduced sound from the low band to the high band is flattened. Also, the internal loss of a
sub-baffle Q · filled with calcium carbonate as a reinforcing agent using polypropylene resin as a
base material (tg% li is 0.076, and the internal loss is 2 to 5 times that of wooden 0.033 to α
014 As shown in the figure in the figure below, the propagation of plate vibration such as the
enclosure also has a level reduction in the middle and high regions, as shown in the figure),
because Third harmonic distortion also results in about 1-1.54 n down in the low region as
shown in Fig. K) K as compared with the case using the wooden sub-baffle shown in Fig. 6 (-).
Furthermore, in the hearing test, the pitch in the low range is lower than that of the wooden one,
and it can be felt that the 8N ratio has been improved. In Fig. 6 (C) (d), the reproduced sound
when the sub-baffle of Ho and the sub-baffle of the present invention are used is compared. In
the above embodiment, although the case where spherical calcium carbonate 9m was used as a
reinforcing agent has been described, it is not limited to this, and fibrous Dallas fiber, carbon 7
eyepa, metal whisker, spherical talc, glass Peas, flake-like mica, graphite, etc. are also used.
According to the present invention, since the sub-baffle is formed by filling a reinforcing agent
with polypropylene m'xi as a base material, processing is easy, internal loss is large, propagation
of plate vibration during regeneration can be eliminated, and third order Harmonic distortion can
be suppressed and the reproduction of sound can be made more faithful.
A brief explanation of Hiro drawing ,? iml is a cross-sectional view of a conventional speaker
system, and EndPage: 22 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker system
according to the present invention, FIG. 1-3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of the main part
of the same; FIG. 15 is a frequency characteristic diagram of reproduced sound and third
harmonic distortion. tJ2) · Middle baffle plate, α 拳 fist · speaker mounting hole, 0 seconds · · · ·
sub baffle, 0 · fist woofer 0 dark wave rice wave 1 EndPage: 3