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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment in
which the present invention is applied to a rear parcel shelf, and FIG. 2 is a half sectional view
showing one embodiment of a panel vibration driver, FIG. FIG. 4 is a half sectional view showing
different embodiments of the panel excitation driver. 1 ... rear parcel shelf, 2 ... rear parcel inner
panel, 5 ... panel vibration driver, 6 ... magnet, 7 ... pole piece, 8 ... yoke plate, 9 ... Coil 10 10
Excitation plate 12 Corrugation 13 Case 14 Resilient link 15 Cone paper 21-Magnet 23 23 coil
31 · · Horn, 33 · · · Magnet · 36 · · · diaphragm, 37 · · · coil.
[Detailed description of the invention] These four groups relate to a single-use head-and-seal unit
that uses each panel panel material of a vehicle as a ti-type diaphragm. A speaker as a
conventional car whistle device is a 2-way shape by combining a vibration such as a cone wand
and a conventional speaker unit 85 [waste 212)) as a single full-range type or a plurality of
combinations. Since the ants are used as etc., these completed speakers are set as moats or m * at
predetermined positions such as front panel, front door, rear side, rear parcel shelf etc. Tow
mouth or cone 0 ms with speaker ms, w = knit, 500 Hjl or less If you try to produce enough 0
bass at a time, the one with a diameter close to 2051 is a must-seller, in contrast to this Since the
size of the speaker unit which can be mounted is limited by the relationship of its castle position
◆, in the case of various parts are concentrated, the above-mentioned can generally be said
except for some large-sized cars etc. The use of large diameter speakers like this is impatience. In
addition, when a large-diameter speaker such as this one is installed on a shelf without a salt, it
may cause a problem of blocking the rear view. Therefore, Sbyka Enitt with a diameter of 5 to 10
tsm @ is mainly put to practical use at the back, and hence reproduction of the bass region was
insufficient. Therefore, the applicant has previously applied vibration driver for fl to plywood,
iron plate or synthetic resin plate part used in each part of the vehicle, for example, to cover the
roof shell shell 7, door trim, door inner panel, roof panel etc. And the mosquito panel member
itself was used as a diaphragm. According to this, the vehicle interior space is not occupied at a
low temperature, and since a wide vibration area can be obtained, a bass range reproduction
comparable to a large aperture speaker is possible. 87) 辷 λt-'By the way, since the rear parcel
shelf etc. used as a diaphragm as described above is generally identified rigidly at the outer edge
etc. As a result, the mid-high range O sound pressure level is low compared to the low range,
resulting in a nine-tone sound. In addition, if a normal speaker unit for middle, high, and low
range Tosei is used together to compensate for this, it is accustomed to the reduction of the
angle, the loss of work volume, and the restriction on the installation location. In this point, the
present invention is integrally formed on a speaker portion provided with a diaphragm such as
cone paper in a panel excitation driver using the panel member itself as a sound signal
diaphragm, and the panel member is While the low frequency range is reproduced by vibration
while the middle and high frequency range is reproduced by the above-mentioned Subi sentence
part, it is small and the low frequency range, middle 88) (˜!
a. A sound processing apparatus for a vehicle according to a preferred embodiment of the
present invention, capable of satisfactorily reproducing any high-pitched sound. Hereinafter, one
embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail based on the drawings. FIG. 1
shows a ninth embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a car parcel shell 7 of an
automobile, and the rear parcel shelf 1 as a panel member is, for example, an EVA hardboard as a
core material to which a carpet material is applied. The outer edge of the rigid rear parcel inner
panel 2 is fixed by using a screw 4 so that the membrane can be vibrated up and down as a node.
And while the opening part provided with the sampler net 3 is formed in the suitable position of
this rear parcel shelf 1, the panel excitation driver 5 mentioned later is attached downward.
88! −t 鷺 J) v FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of the above-mentioned panel excitation driver 5,
wherein 6 is a ninth magnet which forms a magnetic field between the pole piece 7 and the yoke
plate 8, 9 ore A coil placed in an O magnetic field, 10 is a vibrating plate on which a bobbin 11
for supporting the coil 9 is fixed, and the vibrating plate 10 is formed so as to surround the
above-mentioned bobbin 11 to make an optical corrugation And the outer peripheral edge is
supported by the cup-like case 130 middle part. The three pieces of the pole piece 7, the yoke
gear 8, and the magnet 6 which are housed together are elastically supported by the middle
portion of the case B through an elastic ring 14 as one unit. On the other hand, a cone paper 15
is attached as a diaphragm to the central portion ioa of the heating plate 10, thereby constituting
a speaker unit for reproducing the middle tone area. Note that 90 hino) 16 indicates the edge
portion of the above-mentioned corn paper 15 and the 17 center cap. That is, when a signal
current flows through the coil 9, the pole piece 7 etc. supported via the elastic ring 14 and the
coil 9 vibrate relative to each other. Here, when the frequency is low, the entire vibrating plate
10 vibrates together with the coil 9, and this exciting force is transmitted to the rear parcel shelf
1 via the case 13, so that the rear parcel shelf 1 vibrates as a film and acoustically Play the bass
of the signal. On the other hand, when the frequency is increased, the vibration plate 10 (the D
central portion 101 LC 1 vibrates with the coil 9 due to the action of the corrugation) does not
vibrate. Therefore, the cone paper 15 which mainly constitutes a speaker part vibrates, thereby
reproducing the middle and high tone range of the jitsusha signal. Therefore, according to the
above embodiment, since a sufficient area of the rear parcel shelf 1 can be utilized as a vibration
91) 動 moving plate for low range reproduction, good low range reproduction is possible, and
mounted for conventional vehicles. A good bass comparable to the large-aperture speaker was
In the middle to high range, the speaker unit incorporated in the panel excitation driver 5 mainly
emits blue, and the rear parcel shelf l does not vibrate, so the divided vibration is prevented and
the sound quality of the middle to high range and the sufficient sound Squeeze pressure level to
secure. Next, is FIG. 3 a different implementation of the panel excitation driver 5? The same parts
as those in the jiZ diagram are given the same reference numerals. That is, the rear parcel shelf 1
itself is used as a diaphragm in the same manner as in the above embodiment by using the
magnet 6, the pole piece 7, the yoke grate 8, the coil 9, and the vibrating plate lOl elastic ring
14? A low-frequency vibration driver is configured, while a magnet 4 and a yoke plate n1 are
provided in the pole piece 7 to constitute a mid-high range speaker unit, and poppins supporting
this coil are cone paper It is fixed at 15. Then, a bass signal separated at a predetermined
frequency is input to the coil 9 and a middle to high tone signal is input to the coil so that the
bass region is reproduced by & III of the bar shelf cell 1, and the middle and high tone is cone
paper It is well reproduced by the vibration of 15. FIG. 4 shows still another embodiment of the
panel heating driver 5 configured in a speaker unit or a horn shape integrally incorporated, and
9 a horn 31 is formed on a pole piece 7 for bass reproduction. Also, for the middle and highpitched sound reproduction at its base, the pole plate, 893 ring) single slot, magnet o, the caustic
plate U, the diaphragm plate supported via the damper, and this vibration A speaker unit
comprising a supporting base 9 coil n1 and a horn equalizer is constructed in a board language.
As mentioned above, although this invention is used for a rear parcel shelf and the example of
9th invention was demonstrated, it can be used for various panel S materials, such as a door trim,
a door inner panel, a head lining, etc. elsewhere. Of course, stereo pairing is possible by
providing a pair of right and left. As apparent from the above description, according to the
present invention, since the panel member of the vehicle is used as a sound #R moving plate for
low-pitched sound, significant downsizing can be expected compared to a normal speaker unit. ,
A good bass quality comparable to a large aperture speaker unit is possible. 0894) The middle
and high tone range is produced from a diaphragm such as cone paper inside, so the sound
pressure level due to the divided vibration of the panel member is prevented from falling and the
turtle, a separate slider unit Sufficient practicality can be obtained in terms of sound quality and
performance, without using in combination.