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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an external view of a conventional radiopowered tape recorder, FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view of a tape recorder according to the
present invention, FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 4 Figure a. b is a use state diagram of
each of the inventive tape recorders. In the figure, 11 is a mechanism housing, 14 is a support,
15 is a speaker housing, 19.20 is a hinge, 21 is a hollow shaft, 22 is a power battery, 24 is a
battery cover, 25 is a recess, 26 is a protrusion, 27 is a spring. In the figures, the same reference
numerals denote the same or equivalent parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo cassette
tape recorder. As shown in FIG. 1, the conventional stereo-type cassette tape recorder with radio
has a cassette traveling mechanism +11 at the central portion and a pair of slots ((1) 474 ('on γ
beaker system (2) The power supply battery (41 is accommodated in the cabinet (31) integrally
formed in the cabinet (31) and the cabinet (3), and the battery (4) can be replaced by opening the
back cover. Recently, with the spread of small-sized cassette tape recorders with radios, they are
compact and compact. Although performance and large output are required, there is a limit to
miniaturization because the power supply battery becomes large to obtain a small, compact and
high output. It's gone. It is not preferable from a practical viewpoint that the compactness and
the compactness reduce the sense of stereo because the left and right speaker systems approach
each other. The present invention has been made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of
the prior art, in which the speaker housing is flexibly connected to the left and right sides of the
cassette travel mechanism housing by the support, and in the hollow shaft of the support. By
accommodating the power supply battery. It is an object of the present invention to provide a
tape recorder t-capable of enhancing a stereo effect and capable of measuring a small size,
compact, high performance, and a large output. (2) The following describes one embodiment of
the present invention with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 2, fiυ is a mechanism housing
incorporating the cassette traveling mechanism (2) and is an operation button of the uFi cassette
traveling mechanism @. A pair of speaker housings u and ns are connected to the left and right
sides of the mechanism housing a 'by means of bearings a- so that the speaker housings u and ns
can be bent back and forth. Receiver (to), volume @ adjustment knob Q? 1. A speaker unit is
provided. Next, the bearing part aa will be described. As is a cylindrical hinge of upper and lower
two parts integrally molded on the mechanism housing allllll, W is integrally molded on the
speaker housing a51, and the hinges (2) and 1In4 It is a cylindrical hinge to be incorporated. (2)
is a hollow shaft which is inserted into the hinge (as), as, and al and connects the mechanism
housing 1 and the speaker housing (the most), and this hollow shaft (2) doubles as a battery
holder. @ Is a power source battery accommodated in the hollow shaft (2), 11 is a negative
contact plate, and (2) is a battery lid which doubles as a single-laminate contact plate. In addition,
a lock mechanism is provided on the side surface of the support portion α · and holds the
position of the speaker casing − when the (3) 6 speaker housing − has an arbitrary angle.
That is, on the main body side of the hinge of the speaker casing, a projection is provided which
is always urged in the surface direction of the mechanism casing by the spring (2), and a hollow
for accommodating the power supply battery As shown in FIG. 2, a large number of recesses 1
are provided in the side and circumferential directions of the shaft (2), and the hollow shaft (2) is
hinged to α9. When inserted into W, the tip of the protuberance (d) provided on the speaker
brush body in the recessed part (d) is paper-fitted by the spring pressure of the spring よ う as
shown in FIG. ing. Furthermore, when the battery is closed, the hollow shaft @ is abutted against
the bottom of the hinge a- of the mechanism housing an, and is clamped and fixed. In assembling
the tape recorder of the present invention, first, the hinge of the speaker housing is inserted
between the hinge of the mechanism housing a1 and the hinge of the speaker housing. Next,
hinge α9 in this state. -Hollow shaft l! Insert D In this way, the speaker housing (d) is provided
with a spring (d) and biased in the direction of the mechanism housing αυ so that the
protrusion (d) is fitted into the recess (2) provided on the circumference of the hollow shaft (2)
Ryo (4) 7 ru. In this state, the power supply battery @ is accommodated in the hollow shaft (d)
and the battery cover a @ is closed. By assembling in this manner, the speaker body (2) is locked
and connected to the mechanism housing (2), and when the speaker housing () is bent with a
force stronger than the pressing force of the spring (2), the bearing portion- Can be bent at In the
above embodiment, the hollow shaft (2) is provided with a large number of concaves 1 but may
be singular. May be single. FIG. 4 + a), tbl shows a state in which the speaker housing (last) and
aS are bent in the front and back directions. In FIG. 3 + a +, the stereo effect can be obtained
while the speaker case is approaching. Also, the stereo effect can be obtained with tbl as
described above. Furthermore, in these states, it is locked and does not bend unless it is bent with
more than necessary force, and the speaker housing is locked at a certain angle so that the
device has a sense of stability and is easy to handle. According to this invention, a small, compact,
high-performance tube recorder and a stereo effect can be obtained, and a battery having a large
capacity is provided in the hollow shaft of the supporting portion between the eight mechanism
housings (5) and the speaker housing. Because it can be accommodated, increase the output.
Furthermore, the speaker housing is held at an arbitrary angle, and has an effect such as that a
handling capacity is obtained.