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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an external view of a conventional cassette
tape recorder with a radio, FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view of a tape recorder according to
the present invention, FIG. 3 is a tm sectional view, FIG. , B is the use state of each of the
inventive tape recorders. In the figure, 11 is a cassette traveling mechanism housing, 14 is a
support portion, 15 is a speaker housing, 19 is a hinge, 21 is a hollow shaft which doubles as a
battery holder, 22 is a power battery> 24 is a battery cover, 25 is a recess , 26 is a protrusion.
The same reference numerals in the drawings denote the same or corresponding parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo cassette
tape recorder. As shown in FIG. 1, it is a conventional stereo type. The geo-cassette cassette
recorder has a cassette transport mechanism 111 in the central portion and one pair of (1) a pair
of 743 speaker systems (21 and 21 integrally formed on a cabinet 31 on either side of the
cassette traveling mechanism 111) The power supply battery for driving (41 is accommodated),
and the battery (4) opens the back cover so that it can be replaced. Recently, with the spread of
small-sized cassette tape recorders with radios, they are compact and compact. Although high
performance and large output are required, there is a limit to miniaturization as the power
supply battery becomes larger accordingly in order to obtain small size, compact and high
output. In addition, it is not preferable in practical use to make the size and size smaller because
the left and right speaker systems approach to each other, which reduces the sense of stereo. The
present invention has been made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior art, in
which the speaker housing is flexibly connected to the left and right of the cassette travel
mechanism housing by the support, and the center shaft of the support is In order to
accommodate the power battery in six. It is an object of the present invention to provide a tape
recorder -2-da which enhances the stereo effect and can be compact, compact, high-performance
and capable of increasing the output. A second embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. i] In FIG. 112, it is a mechanism housing including a 0-
run cassette running mechanism 儲, and is an operation button of the ud cassette running
mechanism @. A pair of speaker housings a and Qs are connected to the left and right sides of the
mechanism housing αD by bearings @ so that they can be bent back and forth. It is equipped
with tall adjustment Tsumma η, speaker @. Next, the bearing portion Q will be described. The
upper and lower two cylindrical hinges integrally molded on the α111 mechanical chassis Ill
side, and the four are integrally molded on the speaker casing (one), , A @ cylindrical hinges to be
incorporated between. である。 The punishment is butterfly 瞥 α9. The hollow shaft (company)
is also a battery holder, which is a hollow shaft inserted in an to connect the mechanism 体 body
and the speaker housing (2). @: 1 i source battery 9 ports housed in the hollow shaft (2): negative
contact plate; As shown in FIGS. 2 and 3 on the side where the side of the bearing supports a.
And the hinge a9 of the turning mechanism (3) 5 or the mechanism housing lID abut on the
speaker housing (2). Such a locking mechanism is provided.
That is, on the side surface of the cylindrical hinge portion of the cassette travel mechanism
housing α1, a large number of recessed ridges are formed in one circumferential direction.
Further, on the side surface of the speaker housing (toward) corresponding to the abovementioned recessed portion 2, a protrusion (bias) is provided which is urged in the direction of
the mechanism housing 0 by the spring action of the spring @. -When bent, the projection (d) is
fitted in the recess (2) by the suppression force of the spring (4) and locked. In the assembly of
the tape recorder according to the invention, first, the hinge W of the speaker housing is inserted
between the hinge of the mechanism housing and the Ql. With this pressure. The protrusionwhich is provided in the speaker housing (d) and is pressed by the spring-is fitted in the recessformed in the hinge (2). In this state, the hollow shaft @ is inserted into the hinges as and ae, and
the battery pack is accommodated in the hollow shaft (2) to close the battery # 1 @. (4) 6 By
assembling in this way, it is possible to bend the speaker housing (mostly) with respect to the
mechanism housing 111 by bending it with a force stronger than the pressing force of the spring
(2) centering on the bearing portion α · Also, it can be locked at any position by the fitting of the
protrusion and recess and can be locked and connected at any position by the fitting of
connection. FIG. 4 m1. The tblK speaker chassis 0 is shown bent in the forward and backward
directions. In FIG. 181, the stereo effect can be sufficiently produced in spite of the closeness of
the speaker casing, and the stereo effect can be obtained also with lb1 as described above.
Furthermore, in these states, the speaker housing is locked at a certain angle without being bent
unless it is locked and bent with an excessive force, and the device is stable and easy to handle.
In the above embodiment, Fi, the speaker box 09 is provided with a protrusion (d), and the
mechanism housing ** aS is provided with a recess tsat, but conversely, the mechanism housing +
11 is provided with a protrusion (d) Of course, a butterfly @ tayc recess (d) of the speaker
housing (d) may be provided. (5) As described above, according to the present invention,
according to the present invention, the small size, high performance, and stereo effect of the tape
recorder can be obtained, and the capacity of the hollow shaft of the support of the mechanism
housing and the speaker housing Because it can accommodate large-sized batteries, increase the
output or measure. Furthermore, the speaker housing has an effect such as being held at an
arbitrary angle and having an easy handling.