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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing one embodiment
of a conventional dieper portable pinger, and FIG. 2 is a half sectional view showing one
embodiment of a pinger according to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1: ..
Wave-transmitter, 2 ... Support (1), 3 ... Urethane rubber (1), 4 ... Transmitters, 4 ... Transmitters,
5 ... Support (2), 6 ... urethane rubber (2), 7 ... flexible pipe, 8 ... lead wire, 9 ... urethane rubber.
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is carried by a diper and sounds in
water. It relates to the improvement of pingers that deliver waves. In the dieper portable pin
gear, the prior art includes a wave transmitter, 1 and a support, a urethane rubber on the outer
periphery of 2, a 5 ° at 5 °, a transmitter 4 and a support 5, as shown in the embodiment of
FIG. The outer periphery is also covered with urethane rubber 6, and a waterproof patch is
interposed, and both are connected by a stainless flexible pipe 7. Supply of signals from the
transmitter 4 to the transmitter 1 -1,. 1/イOパ? (8; 1 □ 2 □ lead wire 8 is made through the
inside of the pipe. In these conventional constructions, deterioration due to corrosion of the
flexible pipe 7 and aging of the water-tight section between the flexible pipe 7 and the support
2.5 cause water penetration and electrical breakdown. In addition, since the urethane rubbers 3
and 6 are separately formed, the cost of the mold and the number of assembling steps are large.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is to provide a dipper L-portable binger in
which the reliability of the pinger is improved and the price is reduced without the abovementioned disadvantages of the prior art. The feature of the present invention is that the flexible
pipe 7 and the support 2.5 are directly in contact with seawater, and the urethane rubber 9 is
formed on the outer periphery, thereby corrosion of the pipe due to the influence of seawater
and seawater from both ends of the pipe. By preventing intrusion and improving reliability, the
production process can be significantly shortened by integrally molding the periphery of the
transmitter 1 and the transmitter 4 with urethane rubber. FIG. 2 shows a specific embodiment of
the present invention. In FIG. 2, a piezoelectric element for sound wave transmission is included
to transmit a sound wave into 33 seas. The transmitter 1 is held by the transmitter 1, the support
2 for connecting the flexible pipe 7 is attached, and the lead wire 8 is drawn out. A flexible
flexible pipe 7 is attached to the support 2. The flexible pipe 7 has conventionally required a
corrosion resistant material such as stainless steel, but in the present invention, it may be made
of general commercially available steel. Also on the other side has a battery compartment and
holds the transmitter 4 in a transmitter 4 which produces an electrical signal to the transmitter 1
and mounts a support 5 for the connection of a 7-lexiple bigout and pulls out a lead II8. Next,
connect the lead wire 8 from the transmitter 1 and the shield @a from the transmitter 4 and
connect the support 4 of the transmitter 4 to the flexible pipe. The urethane rubber 9 is
integrally molded using a gold part as a whole. By integrally molding the urethane rubber 7 of
the present invention, the following effects can be obtained. 1The flexible pipe 7 can be made of
any material: it can be selected, and it can not be degraded due to corrosion due to being busy in
the sea.
・ '', The work "1 and 8: (worry. In addition, the structure of watertight packing for both ends of
the pipe becomes unnecessary, the reliability is improved, and the production process is
shortened. 2 In the prior art, the circumference of the transmitter (1) and the transmitter 4 were
separately molded with urethane rubber 3.6, but simultaneous molding eliminates the need for
individual gold, and the production process can be significantly shortened. (3) Since the exposed
surface of the metal and the interface between the urethane rubber and the metal do not directly
touch the seawater, there is no corrosion of the metal itself and no peeling of the urethane
rubber from the interface.