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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a state in which a driver
unit is attached to a speaker horn according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a pollution i
perspective view of the speaker horn, FIGS. FIG. 6 is a divided perspective view showing different
embodiments of the same speaker horn, and FIG. 6 is a front view in a divided state showing still
another embodiment. 1-, -7- horn body, 5a, 5b, 17a, 17b. 1) C, 17 d ···············
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
water. Conventional speaker horns of this type are made of piled materials such as wood,
aluminum, iron plate, reinforced plastic, gypsum and the like, but are acoustically superior in
wood materials. However, woody horns are laminated and crimped to a board, and this is cut into
the curved surface shape of the horn by manual operation, and then joined and finished to a
horn, so the price is high ((9 However, the shape of the individual horns has the disadvantage
that the inside of the buff comes out and the characteristics become uneven. 1 /, l10cl-89] \\
Therefore, the present invention divides the main body of the horn into symmetrical positions
and a plurality of single pieces, and this single piece is mixed with wood waste with a raw
material mixed with a binder to form each single piece t- It is an object of the present invention
to provide an inexpensive and accurate speaker horn having uniform characteristics by bonding
and finishing to a horn body. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The present
invention will be described below with reference to the drawing O, and FIG. 22 is a perspective
view showing a divided l1 m of the same horn. In FIG. 0, 1 is a horn main body, and 10 types of
nuclear horn main body may be conical, exponential, etc.--mouth part It is good for square and
round bowls. Reference numeral 2 denotes a mounting flange of the horn main body 1 formed on
the outer periphery of the opening of the horn main body l, and 3 denotes a mounting flange of
the driver unit 4 formed on the outer periphery of the throat of the horn main body 1. Thus, the
horn main body 1 described above is divided into a plurality of single members 5 & * 5 b at the
symmetry axis A, but in the case of $ P in FIG. With the center of 6 m and 6 b as the axis of
symmetry A, two upper and lower single members 51 and 5 bK are divided. 7m。 Although 7b
is a joining surface of each single ¦ mono material 5m and 5b, mosquito joining surface sheet
msWb is formed in the plane. And each of the above individual 5m, 5b, as a binder in one die in
the same shape as the single 5m, 5b, for example, a thermosetting resin such as urea, melamine,
phenol resin or polypropylene, vinyl chloride Etc., they are mixed with a thermoplastic resin, etc.,
charged with raw materials, and formed by heat compression molding. In this case, wood chips to
be the inner layer of single substance 5a and ISb should be relatively coarse grained, and wood
chips to be the outer layer should be fine grained so that the strength of the inner layer and the
outer layer meet the purpose of adjusting the surface property. Can be The two halves 51 and 5b
molded as described above are bonded and fixed to the adhesive surfaces 7a and 7b by an
adhesive type, and the inner surface and the surface are finished after assembling the shihon
body IK.
FIG. 3 shows another embodiment of the present invention, in which the joint surface 7mK on
one side of the single unit 5a has the projection 8a projecting along the longitudinal direction,
and the other joint surface 7 & is the projection 8a. And the groove 8b that is fitted airtightly. 81)
The same applies to the single unit 5b of the other side, which corresponds to the single unit 5
at-180 'rotation. The protrusion 8 & and the # 1 portion 8b make 7 m * 7 b OWd combination
between both classes J1 and ii [actually. The other 0 points are exactly the same as the above
embodiment. FIG. 4 is another example of the present invention, and the joint surfaces 7m and
7bK of both single members 5m and 5b are at corresponding positions respectively at 1111 iB
9m, 9bt-type JiEl, and both single members 5a and Isb during assembly. Top and bottom 0lj N
9m, 9b fit together and fix the two class combination lilI 7m, 7b via a strip-shaped joint fitting
IQaa 10bt-In this example, 7 runes 3 for mounting of driver unit No. in 5m, 5b alone It is not
provided, and the castle parts 11a and 11b of the driver's eniz 4) are formed at the rear end of
the joint metal fitting 10 and 10b. The other points are the same as in the embodiment of FIG. 1,
FIG. 22 and FIG. Figure 5 is another 1jIJ1 example of the present invention, both single 5m.
Junction 117m of 5b, 12b of 7b Vc 7 runge. 12b is formed, and when assembling & C, both
classes '(= + "+ 1492') 1 n □ stand surface 7m, 7bt joined, both 7 runes 12 m. Bolts 141 are
inserted into holes 13m and 13b formed in 12b and fastened with nuts 15 so that they are
connected together as single members 5a * 5bt. In addition, in the case of the above-mentioned
joining, if the adhesive agent is used in combination, the rigidity of the structure is further
improved. FIG. 26 shows another 5III embodiment of the present invention, and this embodiment
is optimum when the horn main body 1 is large, and the horn main body l is along the four sides
a, b, e, dK. It cut ¦ disconnects and four single weights 17m, 17b, 17c of a top plate 16m, a base
plate 16b, side plates 6m and 61) on either side. It is% O divided into 17 d. O Other points O are
the same as in the embodiment of FIG. 21 and FIG. 22 and therefore the description will be
omitted. As in the case of the present invention, the horn main body 1 is symmetrically provided
with a plurality of single units 5m, 5b, 17as 17b. Divide it into 17e yu 17d and turn this single
body into wood waste! ! 1) Based on the raw material mixed with the combination agent)
Compressive molding, after the acid part each single piece 5 & * 5 bs 17 & @ i 7 b @ 170 m 17
dl-Bonding fixed and horn main body IK type belongs also 89: (). Therefore, since each singlepiece 'ae 5 b, 17 B to 17 d can be grown with a simple-shaped gold rod, the -TInt accuracy of the
inner surface of the acoustically overlapping horn main body 1 (the same shape can be formed In
addition, the same と made of 1 EIi single pipe joint fixed f jointing interval 7m ', 7b can be
accurately combined with 0 0 Furthermore, the unitary body of the same shape is bonded fixed
so that the horn main body 1t-assembled , The horn body l can always obtain the acoustic effect
of the design.