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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing an embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the same. 1 ...... magnetic circuit, 3
...... diaphragm, 3a ...... edges, 4 ...... magnetic gap 5 ...... ultraviolet curable resin.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention has a magnetic circuit. To
make a temporary castle to j 1 It relates to a four-motor hardening type-rattan as a t or a bon
cedar speaker. 蔓, ン 93 93) 111: In the case of ribbon type loudspeakers, a ribbon-like speaker
is used to place a ribbon-like 0fR-plate into the gap of the Ii circuit and a composite between the
magnetic-path plate and the edge of this plate + Attach it with J-Dit's agent. As this adhesive, 1 #
4-#n @ is required to have the viscosity of a certain rod after curing like a piston wheel H '4-core
against the air input, and it takes time like a silicon resin which has a thickness of 10%. An overthe-top niece has been used. However, an adhesive of one-to-one curing takes a long time to cure
and 1. There is a defect that affects the note as a speaker, such as deformation of a vibrating
plate, breakage, etc., because the curing state is not good due to the variation of the aging
condition. Boiling east is made to the above-mentioned rusting point, and the place where it is
made as an objective is to use a UV curable resin to attach a vibration plate to a plate. . By
irradiation, the time required for curing can be greatly shortened and the production egg weight
can be improved, and furthermore, the irradiation time can be properly controlled to obtain a
hardened state, and the speaker performance can be obtained. It is possible to provide a ribbon
cedar speaker with the same stability and gf axiality. Hereinafter, the present invention will be
described in accordance with a single application method shown on one side. Reference numeral
1 denotes a magnetic circuit, and a gear in which a sliding plate 3 is to be disposed between the
plates 2.2 of the magnetic circuit 1 is disposed. 4 are provided. The diaphragm 3 is a rectangular
diaphragm formed of a conductive metal foil such as 3Fi aluminum foil, or formed by providing a
conductive pattern on a synthetic m-film, etc. ■ 'ii! Dumplings 6. It is fixed so as to be located in
the Nikko 6, 6 cap 4. And vibration plate 3 col 995 355 ·, Ngeishi ン 都 3b, 3b force! There is
vibration 11 J, hi in the gear lug. The magnetic field 1 where the edge 3a of the short one
direction of the plate 3 and this edge 3a are opposite to each other. Outside of the road with the
m1 of M1's play 12.2, the outer road-hardened type 5, 5 x 4 x δ, then UV- : M ,! It is beaten and
it is countered t6. For example, prepolymers (!), Such as lIt. · 1 cedar) 7 g of non-granular 1 + Nv
ester 6j finger mainly composed of 7 cedar, fffL added to 1.1 mol of propylene glycol, added by a
split of 1 mol of anhydrous male, 10 weight vk relation Styrene 20 to 25 is added to this, and a
small amount of a sensitizer is used.
Further, as a light source i10 for lightening to react the upper m1 vote outside 411 cured a resin
5, a multimetalla 96 [) knob, a gallium lamp for diazo, etc. are used. One embodiment of the
present invention is constructed as described above, and the prepolymer and monomer of the
outer rim-curing resin 5 filled between the acid N3 & of the 6j'h'fk RI plate 3 and the plates 2, 2
are tL. Since the responsiveness is remarkable, the ultraviolet radical is taken over under the
influence of an active radical of a sensitizer which decomposes and decomposes the ultraviolet
light immediately to start KM combination, and the reaction is completed in several seconds from
several seconds to become a polymer. Therefore UV 1i11 curing ti very quickly! 11111!
Since it responds to the condition of stomaching the predetermined performance in 5, it becomes
supported by the Great 2.2 threshold in the gap 4 of the electric plate 5 FiW air Mi junction 1
and moreover, the ultraviolet edge hardening type tree ms # 1 It is possible to react only with the
surface and to keep the inner N semi-permanently with unreacted tt 篭 Tsuma-or globolimer Olike-and with the change of aging characteristics due to aging like conventional materials. ") If
there is an i, this O, UV ii curing type w circulation 5 has WA like conventional O%! Since there is
absolutely no volatilization such as 11111 agent, so there is no difference in weight between the
5j O-shaped spinal cord and the condition in which it has repelled. Therefore, it is possible to
maintain the weight of the first-made cloth as it is, so that the '4 LI k LD control of the diaphragm
and the O pipe salt which have a master influence on the output sound pressure level also
become easy. You can make a stable product without lD. Also, Iki IkIl board has a suitable lower
end suitable viscosity and viscosity t-which is in the salting stage. Diaphragm G) A Always 111tCan be effectively suppressed. Furthermore, since the cured state of 7 can be selected by the L9
suitable during the irradiation 9 of the ultraviolet light, it can be made of a material suitable to
the 4 injections of J-no. Furthermore, since the viscosity which reacts with ultraviolet curing 1 轡
sore throat is extremely low at $ 98) at night, 5 w fat 0 vJ 1 and coating formation can be easily
performed. As described above, in the present invention, the fI stiffening plate is attached to the
root, and the UV curing 11t # is applied to the p1 reaction by using the oil and irradiating the UV
radiation! ! 1 time a large scale V (shortened to improve the production efficiency, it is also
possible to obtain a safe stock. FIG. 1 is an f-plane showing an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 82 is a longitudinal sectional view of the same. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1
... Magnetic circuit, 3 ... Diaphragm, 3 turtles ... T center part, 4 ...-Air gap, 5 ... Ultraviolet-like
curing type 'Ijlid.
Utility model registration Pioneer Co., Ltd. Applicants Shingo No. Hideo No 1), 1 Fig. 1 63b, / '5m-5 1 27' 3a '-b second factor 52 □-·': '' Jl! -3tfll [A / f third, more. Agent Hideo Hideo G00 Lip6,
Applicants other than the above and / or utility model registration applicant (1) inventor + ++ /-+
v-tt-i Flower garden 4-Chome 2610 address in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture! 1Bio = a name
Tokorozawa factory name Tetsuya Shiroza address name address name name address name
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