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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing an embodiment
of a speaker according to the present invention. 1 ·········································································
Detailed description of the invention: Book: Article 4 relates to a speaker with an improved edge
of a chisel #Ib plate. In general, in the dynamic IIL type speaker, it is singed using Enon for
attaching to the diaphragm and frame of Corn Temple, or Eno / is formed of, for example,
urethane foam. However, Urethane @ 8g can not withstand long-term use because it is 1 訣 −573 'IQ,'-') good 繭 ζ? I was giving evil bribes to U * because I am. 911 is a milky white ENO
formed by urethane resin. It has a pressure of 100 ·· iv, a pressure of 100 ·· iv, and a Q = d ′ (12
hours according to the so-called fC injection test) on the SHL type water moth phantom. It is clear
that the tea color is i-colored and the color is not negative. This study 9 or 1 is made to the point
as mentioned above, and it is the point No. 1 for which it is aimed at, J, polyethylene − 1ha-D 台
用, 1 叡 性 and 特 custom-made 艮A good edge, boned sceaker tau long. The details of L suit
book 4 are not detailed according to one strike C, L, 明 は 1 す は は は 1 す ば ば ば 形 形 會 形
2 2 鯛 嶺 41.3 v Asg It is attached to the lower ring of the moving arc 1 and inserted into the
magnetic cap 2 of the 11-57 · 1) circuit 1. The reference numeral 4 is for driving the diaphragm
1 with a Heus coil which is jil Km times outside the bobbin 3. 5 is a frame attached to the earth
portion of the magnetic circuit 2, 6 is ENO / for mounting using several frames and one stock
5aK skin adhesive of the shell frame 5 of the diaphragm 1, etc. 76 is formed of a polyethylene
foam thin shaft. 1 is a pressing material. As an important example of the present invention, since
the edge 6 of the diaphragm 1 is formed of polyethylene foam resin as described above, 100
mVo pressure is applied to the edge 6KSjiL type water bulb lamp. According to the side nast, no
deterioration or discoloration until about 90 hours,->-in the case of Uremen excavation @ fat
performed under the condition, the hatching is covered in f 172 hours, but it is relatively soft as
1 rice and 1 li 1 table 731 Sex is greatly improved. In the case of the edge return pressureresidue strain of this embodiment formed of a boxed Bolierne foam-fat, when it is subjected to
aloooo times at a pressure ratio of 50 times at a rate of 60 times / di, it is 6.3 to 69 The pressure
ha pre-strain is generated. Therefore, the conventional edge formed by urethane power
generation resin has 14 to s8 under compression residual strain under the same conditions. Nonping effect can be held at the bL threshold because enone has less crushing debris strain than the
conventional edge formed from urethane to resin.
1) As the present invention uses the characteristics of polyethylene fall-like slow, because it
becomes-f * better than conventional en / formed with polyurethane foam fli fat, so use-) I can
stand it. Because of the large internal loss, it is possible to obtain a good speaker with good
sound quality.