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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing an example of the
ultrasonic wave application device according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a different
embodiment of the ultrasonic vibration horn according to the present invention. It is. Vibrator to
2: Cone, 3: Porto, 4: Fin, 5: Horn.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a single tone z
skin for a contact device of a denomination of a denomination applied using super juice waves.
Conventionally, the above-mentioned 86 湊 ld of super-sounding sof sentence added both Hdi (in
the case of, for example, Japanese Utility Model Publication No. 43-14'll1 No., + f opening No. 5395854 No. 54-2243 No.,! The super-it shown to Richiro It is convenient to be used for his
soldered scum-also as for the wave added-like the scum, super-# # Cum-the end of V4 to the end
V4 The horn to make it is convenient. In the case of 4 裟-with a sound wave like this, dlt he 1 咄
隼 1 1 (1) 76 J, ', / "/ 1 eye 1, 1 鯛 VC do not heat at a glance by the eye, VC do with 邊直) so (in
Uwasase' to, φ be 4 aneurysm cooling or Howazawai effect rice 1i traveling wave Inchiazuka
Garden straight is 1 盪 n under conditions sweat of bacteria temperature. It has been tried to
attach this V (Z 4 and conventional horn outer circumference, etc. with the direction of the horn
and the 1 父 r フ ラ ッ フ ラ ッ 状 Q) fi 7 (+ + fin), but this t book ] ^ ^ In the fin itself 振動 を 衿)
· · · ·) 1 劾 1 鴫 率 r rate or 倣 フ Fudano 倣 動 11 11 11 ^: 6 t) l 84i Juice h (due to defects that
occur; These four gangs are provided during this time with a river, rmv, and a roar for lapping
aids 1 ······················· 16 Fig. 1 shows E line 1 which shows lI + · i of 44 line waves 6 6 湊 1 h 々 j I ·
I I-has 尋 伽 1 consisting of strain 1 効 only The cone 2 is attached to the tip end of the tip (see
パ 2 in the figure, the cross section of the claw is shown in the figure),-the engagement bolt 3 is
blued to 1 inside the eyebrow cone 20; l and cone 2 are joined to each other. The cone 2I i 4 t L
収 オ ー 〒 45 thousand 〒) (2) 11 (: l: knee)
and 2 'enlarged to the next horn t + ls As shown
in Fig. 2 of Fig. 2, the fins 4 of the machine are formed or attached on the outer circumference of
the outer periphery, forming a rib, which forms one river. The fins 4 are provided along the m +
turn of the cone 2. At the tip of the cone 2 a small house 5 is thereby uniquely identified by a
bolt a bolted to a PIII note by means of a bolted bolt a joint which propagates to the 伽 1expanded sonic heron processing part by it . According to this invention, which is configured as
described above, according to the five-cell vC, the release of ultrasonic wave application-at SI @
force; The advantage is that the decline is an issue.