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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway side view of a conventional
on-vehicle speaker alternate unit, and FIG. 2 is a partially broken side view of a on-vehicle
speaker unit according to the present invention. 11 ... speaker frame, 12 ... end, 13 ... diaphragm,
14 ... voice coil bobbin, 15 ... damper, 16 ... voice coil, 17 ... driver unit, 17a · · · · Center pole, 20 · ·
· Terminal holder, 21 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · dustproof damper, 23 · 錦 wire, 30 · · · · front mask, 31 · · · · ·
· · · · · female terminal , 33 ... feed line.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention relates to an on-vehicle speaker unit, and
further, KtPL, <, feeding li! ! ○ The unit is related to the burglar's sneaker unit that has been
modified to incorporate it. Since the mounting position of the in-vehicle speaker unit is a rear bar
cell tray or a door, it may be confirmed by rainwater that has penetrated the speaker unit's Doi
pa unit, but the measures taken by 冥 fIQvc are ′ m It is absurd that there is no loss. In addition,
the speaker unit stored in the rear bar cell tray has a load of ycC) / Crid in the south, There is
little risk of sleepy, 6 being dilapidated, but in the case of being incorporated in the door, the
rainwater that has flowed into the circular portion threshold of the door along with the outward
facing of the glass is the 6 corridor of the door-AMLh material I will look at the back of the
speaker unit that is attached to Sakatsuki. In the case of a single mount speaker unit of the type
which is also very convenient for wax, as shown in the first section 6, the frame / Q outside m1ll
VC4 value λ is projected as shown in the first section. The terminal fitting 3 is attached to the
child 4iL-, and the iik pillow is carried out by the .mu. Therefore, when the terminal plate cork
terminal metal fitting J contacts with water j'L7C, 1), strength of the inside of the door, and the
FfC contact 9, it causes an unexpected short and thin fist failure, and in the case of a crack,
destroys Ann There is a risk of In addition, λ λ is doubled to the speaker t rear bar cell tray, and
μ frame 7-9 protrudes from seed 3 or single plate iron plate F, and attachment is false 78 s)
impossible. Also, even if they are deposited, as shown in FIG. 1, the terminal 3 is close to the iron
plate F, and there is a risk of O such as causing a short circuit accident. Therefore, this device is
positioned on the front side l1M of the diaphragm instead of the rear side of the Subika kaenit
instead of the rear cover side of the Subika Kaname no terminal plate 車載 for automotive, and
the terminal is a single iron & part of the terminal In order to prevent a short circuit accident
caused by vibration, the feed mm for the 1C1 voice coil is covered with the flow / mask rc
covering the M surface of the diaphragm, and from this point, the 7 terminal ball is provided with
the tip terminal holder. It is connected to a cotton thread-via a terminal, and it is constructed in
such a manner that the feeder is not exposed in the back direction of the driver unit. Hereinafter,
FIG. 2 of the drawings attached with the details of this invention will be described. In this block,
symbol // indicates a speaker frame, and in this speaker frame / l, the outer peripheral edge of
cone-shaped 畿 11il # / is shortened by 1 through エ ラ 9, and diaphragm // 30 inside shaved μ
voice coil bobbin ltK solid state n1 da / ha 15 W more than ス · k-3-4, ..., 7I-5.
/ Pika frame / / KM voice coil Bobi / together with support. The voice coil Bobi / l is located in
the magnetic gap of the voice coil / 41 driver unit 17 which is wound around, and the Sepha pole
/ 7aV (which is the second of the driver / two) which forms 7/7 A terminal holder J is provided
along the long edge & C. In this terminal holder, the gap between the terminal holder and the
swing * & / J is closed by a protective damper. The four parts VC of the terminal λl are extended
at the end S of the system 1i 812 j to the image 61, and the Q-string J is extended along the
surface of the dustproof da / par and the diaphragm It is led to the voice coil along with the 130
surface reduction, and it is followed by the voice coil / 4 from the location of the inner edge of
the 3Q inner part. Furthermore, 削 こ 振 振 虻 フ ロ フ ロ フ ロ フ ロ グ リ ル グ リ ル グ リ ル グ
ロ フ ロ l? There is a circle in the vicinity of a circle, and there is a circle at a position where the
first circle J and the first circle I, and from this box the feed MiJ, j or fro / mask X 6 narrow V
along I am able to send 4 to all kinds of people. 4−N、78. そ し て 1 And, since this
speaker unit is attached to a door etc., the terminal r of the driver unit 113 + driver unit to the
voice coil / 1 and the front mask xK is white, it is always located in a single room There is no
possibility of dripping with rain water or washing water, and even when attached to a rear parcel
tray, there is no inconvenience such as contact of the terminal with the iron frame of the vehicle
body as in the prior art. As is apparent from the above, the mounting speaker unit of the '4'
proposal is provided with a terminal holder t- along the extension of the center ball, and the
terminal is installed on this and engaged with this terminal Terminals are provided on the front
mask that covers the front face of the diaphragm plate, and the terminals of this front mask are
connected with the power supply 1tt-connected to the tc 島 island et al. It can be located in the
v'i to ensure that the fault due to the abnormal short circuit.