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Detail tatami ■ Name of invention
Transmission and reception for both sides detection
J Detailed description of the invention This illustration applies to an instrument in the
underwater one-way probe probe transmitter / receiver nl especially tow force-[for both turns
with directionality to opposite force 101 at right angles to each other It relates to a handset. In
the conventional transmission / reception equipment σ car 1 of this car, as shown in FIG. 1,
directivity 1jf is unidirectionally transmitted / received transmission / reception equipment 11
squeeze J 2 or flat i j, each nl that transmitted / received! 11.12 has been assembled and used
integrally in the same way in the opposite direction 13.14. It is desirable for the transducer to
tow the water to have stable resistance by reducing the resistance of the water and to have stable
tow with f + K, and to make the tow force projected area small and compact. (I) In general, the
transmission and reception can be used for underwater sounding machines (a metal mold or
magnetic type vibrator used for the sound wave pigeon common number used for the element is
used, and a radiation surface for transmitting and receiving sound waves and Attach the acoustic
reflector to the other lio so that no radiation takes place. That is, in the first factor, the
transmitter / receiver ll has a plurality of forceps 15 arranged between the transmitter / receiver
11c and the extension of the transmitter / receiver 11c. The reflective material 16 is attached,
and the surface opposite to the n1 sound reflective material 16 is taken as the sound emitting
surface, and the directional radiation direction 13 is obtained. A plurality of vibrators 17 are also
arranged in the transmission / reception unit 12 and the sound fatigue reflector 18 is attached to
the surface of the transmission / reception unit 11 that is opposite to the radiation direction 14,
that is, the transmission / reception unit 11. In the case of a side detection probe, in the
horizontal plane, that is, the directivity in the array city of transmitters / receivers 11.12 is the
same for the purpose of the resolution above)) 11. . A small number of small iR ladder element
elements are arranged side by side as a top 12 and a desired directivity angle is set. In this
process, the general VC is arranged in order to detect the direction of the n-time of the array
transducer-EndPage: 1 direction: =] vc same as in the case of the grooved n Another transducer is
provided to detect the direction It is common to be able to detect the direction of the target, and
the whole transmitter-receiver becomes large, and the projected area in the towing direction is
twice that of one transmitter-receiver, and the resistance of water during towing is also 2 There
was a double drawback. In the present invention, the transducer element arrangement of one
transducer is distributed in two threads so as to be directional in both directions in I: Lvc, thereby
achieving the size of one transducer. A small-sized ... direction direction + 粱 -1, (l) in / outside
handset a? There are VCs to be rewarded. According to this V-light VC, an array of 4 or more of
the circulating stems of the order of 4 is mounted on the A6 directional transmitter / receiver.
Distribute and arrange as it is-use it by connecting it to the oscillator element set of a set of n and
use it for detection from lI three stones trq times of VC · "\\ for the south of the type, for ol
detection The transmitter / receiver can be turned on.
Next, an embodiment of a transducer according to the present invention will be described with
reference to the entire 2 + A. According to the present invention, the transducer element 22 has
the acoustic wave reflecting material 21 attached to the side opposite to the torso radiation
surface, and the entire surface has the acoustic wave reflecting material 23 completely adhered
to the side opposite to the acoustic wave emitting surface. The direction of radiation l is opposite
to that of one-two-thousand mo-father 24. Father-to-peer VC arrangement and integration are
carried out. The transducer element 22! 1vc 蝙 蝙 1 o 113 蝙 伽 輻射 子 子 + + + + f f f f f 司 司
司 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全
体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体 全体Determined by the aggression of Therefore,
as in this example, even if every t other transducers are arranged, it is true! ll I4? Thus, even if
arranged, the same directivity as the conventional one reduced in Fig. 1 can be borrowed. The
width of this Jh vibrational factor 22.24, that is, the same length of one child, one self external
force, is one half of the length of the in-use Osawa detainee, or four. , <, Each 伽 ψ · 1000
elements can be easily configured in this way. As in this practical example, the arrangement of
2 is arranged in every K11 as in this practical example → when it is combined, the t Ienqr group C1) copy * 22.24Gi ) Each whole number is equal to / 8 or more random
arrangement is not supported. As described above, the present invention is suitable for a small
size and a small weir S beside the award surface in the tow direction by dispersing and arranging
the full sound wave radiation surfaces in opposite directions by half of the transducer elements.
A two-way detector transducer that detects both this and one-pound angle to the towing
direction? It can be realized.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a diagram of the conventional transmission and
reception for transmission and reception detection, and Fig. 2 is a diagram of the handset of the
1II III side abyss according to the present invention. FIG. 13.14: Sound wave ring turn, 21, 23:
Sound plate reflector, 22. 24: Vibrator. Hayato Mochizawa Japanese Tortoise-type Atsushi Agent
Sosenso EndPage: 2