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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway side view showing a
conventional example, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the main part showing another
conventional example, and FIG. 3 is another conventional example. Fig. 4 is a perspective view of
the main part showing an example, Fig. 4 shows a side view and a bottom view of a diaphragm
showing one embodiment according to the invention, Fig. 5 Fig. 9 shows a vibration showing
another embodiment according to this invention It is a side view and a bottom view of a board. "1
..... Diaphragm, 2 ..... Voice coil, 3 ..... Damper, 4a to 4n ..... Honeycomb core, 5 ..... Skin" layer.
[Detailed description of the invention] The V diaphragm of the speaker diaphragm V, the
distortion of the diaphragm less polar L, fill! In order to make it more rigid, it is related to the
shooting board of the speaker which has a flat-shaped nick core icosa layer and a bill rad-like vch
cedar. Takumi, as shown in Figure 1 in the speaker diaphragm 1 molded into a cam structure t
cone cedar shape, a single circuit t frame [mounted with a Heus coil 2, Danover 3, engine 4 etc.]
doing. With this kind of speaker, the vibration & the power of 12 A force A is 5! The 1IIaL-like
VC can be strongly covered and 9 effective piston oscillation can be expected over a wide
frequency ili range. 1), 1), 1), 1), 1), 1), 1), 5), 2), "7", 7-z = 4? It has the disadvantage that the
upper part of the upper part of the four frequency bands is formed and t- fluctuates. In order to
remove the defects due to the semi-cone shape [Seal, gold-trench, etc., the one used for
honeycomb 傅 O flat groove 條 @aLkI history is different, but flat plate squeezing! m&でに!
i! (1) I had a defect that it was easy to cause split shooting movement. Therefore, a circle 矩形
2 (a) (b) U aU <, a flat & tv 3 plate 1 with a circular or rectangular O-hoice coil 2 J 'T-piece or a
circle 1 cedar voice coil 2 俵 number 1i 1111 history It is necessary to use a loudspeaker with a
vibration that has been prevented from being divided, or it must be a well-behaved Heusfil, a
magnetic circuit, a frame, etc., and this is a cost and pressure problem. In the case of plastic
single-piece or 7 sheets of paper which has been broken into a cone shape so as to lower the 3 rd
district Vc, a cone tray and a single bowl of 9 trays, there is a dent T, and a peripheral suction e
Τ 栴 τ τ 栴 to prevent structure in a wide histone vibration zone or higher, and also the bridge
of one speaker, @ at an end of VC cost H 生, Izushi mosquito what lC friend position, but It is
worthwhile to say that IwI female thighs are worth spending water, because I use 19 for IEL, etc.,
and IwI female thighs consume water δIL. There was more rt's as "-" material. This v ': 4 draft, J
in what has been made also with regard to that 1 education described above squirrel, tonic of ...
Nikatanamu Tsutozo body can be large C Yes axis noodles of, the main seat of the better
inexpensive The present invention provides a moving plate structure of a speaker that can be
manufactured in In the following, a concrete VCd will be described in accordance with FIG. 5 and
FIG. In the figure, the rice bowl 1 '9r and the parts corresponding to Takumi Ushika have the
same reference numerals and are a12 examples.
Fig. 4 is this 塙 Higashi VC Elo shoulder 汐 11, 1a1 7 yen Buddha lc molded flat-plate · · · nick
core 4a ˜ 4 nt skin / 1 l 15 one step Billalad Vc bond increased its end Save the voice coil 2
pieces and save the diaphragm plate. Fig. 5 Table 1 [This is another example in the form of flat,
acid-formed flat & shaped honeycomb core 6a to 6nt key 7 layer 7 via a layer of VC-like layer &
its layer count r (poise coil zr Face the shield and lose the diaphragm. As described above, since
there is no biting on the diaphragm which is VC 傅 t J5 L, n, it is 敦 radiation 圓 r flat, so Zhou
hee-sung Note 3-1. "Para", the phrase can be removed and a wide visto band can be obtained. In
addition, since the honeycomb structure is used, its strength is excellent, and it can be used to
measure or measure mechanical parts and can be used for well-made speaker parts or F1]. In
addition, since the μ-port <a type cedar-like 1 · 1 core core of the above-mentioned example of
relaxation is stretched, it can be expected that the expansion of the piston zone and the time out
of the zone become smooth VC. In addition, since the swing plate of the speaker can be
configured simply by layering the honeycomb core t41 [plate-like VCux-shaped], productivity can
also be produced at low cost. Na pl this * effortlessly mentioned above 2? 1 lVc I 截 截 ・ 1 カ ム
カ ム ニ ニ ニ ニ よ り よ り 合 合 合 合 合 合, 合 特性 砿 砿 背 で き る で き る で き る で き る