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Method of manufacturing beryllium diaphragm (11Ffr Prepare a forming plate of an etchable
diaphragm cut into a regular shape, and use a layer of an edge material which becomes an edge
of a predetermined shape at a predetermined position of this forming plate The edge of this edge
material is exposed to mask the area other than the part where the diaphragm is formed, and
then beryllium is p-layer-deposited to a predetermined thickness by evaporation, and the
masking plate is removed after masking removal. A method of manufacturing a beryllium
diaphragm characterized in that.
2, the scope of claims
The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a beryllium diaphragm, and more
particularly, to a method of manufacturing a beryllium diaphragm integrally formed with an
edge. The beryllium diaphragm is used as a lipo / diaphragm or dome-shaped diaphragm because
it has high elastic properties, but when it is incorporated into a speaker unit, a 'suspension' by
the edge is necessary, and the diaphragm There was a problem with the connection structure
between the and the edge. That is, conventionally, there is no ribbon type diaphragm made of
beryllium, but in the case of another metal lipo / type diaphragm, both ends of the diaphragm 1
are lead wires as shown in FIG. By inserting the connector 2a into the box-shaped connector 2a
formed in and caulking the connector 2a, the diaphragm / and the lead IN- are integrated. In
addition, there is also a configuration that is integrated by caulking replacement VC spot welding
or an adhesive. Furthermore, as shown in FIG. 2, prepare a forming plate 3 of a diaphragm made
of copper or other conductive metal previously formed to the lead wire portion and made of an
etchable metal. After that, after masking is applied to the solder wire, beryllium is vapordeposited on the forming plate 3 to form a layer to be a diaphragm / layer, and the forming plate
3 is removed by etching. The beryllium diaphragm thus made, for example, the one shown in FIG.
1, has leads #i! It is difficult to use the diaphragm and the diaphragm, and there is a disadvantage
that the mass of the joint is too large. ・ The characteristic of the ribbon diaphragm can not be
utilized. Also, EndPage: 1 shown in FIG. In this method, the accuracy of the etching process is
required, and moreover, since the lead wire doubles as an edge, the selection of materials is
limited, and further, there is a problem of poor mass productivity. Therefore, according to the
present invention, a metal that can not be etched is selected for the forming plate of the etchable
diaphragm, thereby forming a portion serving as a lead wire and an edge, and masking in a state
where the end portion of the edge portion is exposed. And form a diaphragm by vapor deposition
of pejlJJum group, and then remove the plate by etching to make it possible to mass-produce the
diaphragm and the method of manufacturing the diaphragm capable of reducing the mass of the
joint part. It is Hereinafter, a method of manufacturing a beryllium diaphragm according to the
present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 3 and the following drawings. First, FIG.
3 shows a forming plate l / of a diaphragm used when manufacturing a ribbon type diaphragm
with beryllium, this forming plate // is a diaphragm portion // a and edge portions // at both
ends thereof. / /, Diaphragm part / / aFi!
It has a shape and a size corresponding to the j-bo / diaphragm, and has a shape and a size
corresponding to the edge portion // bF-i edge. This forming plate / 1 is formed of an etchable
metal, for example, a copper foil. Furthermore, an aluminum foil material that forms the edge / j
is layered on the edge portion // b, and only the end portion l of the portion adjacent to the
diaphragm portion / a is exposed to form the plate l / , Clamping by masking 13 from both sides
of the edge / 2. Beryllium layer is deposited by vapor deposition of IJIJJum group from one side
of the forming plate // to form a diaphragm / 4C by beryllium layer, and one end of the edge /
which is not masked at both ends of the diaphragm / 44 is Because it is exposed, the diaphragm l
and the edge / piece are integrally formed. Then, the masking is removed, and the forming plate
///, more specifically, the diaphragm portion // a and the edge portion // b are removed by
etching with nitric acid to obtain a beryllium ribbon diaphragm with an edge. Since the ribbon
diaphragm obtained in this manner has a structure in which lightweight edges are integrated, a
high sensitivity speaker can be obtained without losing the high elasticity of beryllium which is a
material of the imaging plate. Further, FIG. 4 shows an example in which the present invention is
applied to a method of manufacturing a dome-shaped diaphragm, and a dome-shaped diaphragm
s /! Prepare a forming plate is of a dome-shaped diaphragm having an edge portion 15b at a, and
an edge portion i! B) layer the aluminum foil forming the edge 16; Masking 17 is applied from
the both sides of the edge portion Mb and the edge 16 with the edge on the diaphragm side of
this edge / A exposed, and the inner side of the diaphragm portion lSa, in other words, the inner
side of the dome by beryllium deposition. IJIJ um layer, in other words, form a diaphragm / g.
Since the end portion 6a of the edge 16 is exposed, the diaphragm 7g and the edge 6 are
integrated, and after the masking 17 is removed, the forming plate 15 is removed by etching to
obtain a dome-shaped diaphragm. As is apparent from the above description, according to the
method of manufacturing the IJ IJJ aluminum moving plate of the present invention, the forming
portion of the integrated shape of the diaphragm and the edge is provided with the edge portion
(layer C edge Then, the end of the edge on the diaphragm side is exposed and masked, and an
imaging plate made of Bejjlum is formed in layers, and the edge and the diaphragm are
integrated. The elastic beryllium diaphragm can be supported by a lightweight aluminum metal
edge, and a material with a high dabing effect can be used, or any shape can be formed into an
4, Slope doctor showing the manufacturing process of the moving plate made of conventional IJIJ
um in the first attempt, Fig. 2 is a sectional view showing the manufacturing process of the
package, the third plan in accordance with the present invention ribo / type FIG. 4 is a crosssectional view for explaining a process of manufacturing a diaphragm, and FIG. 4 is a crosssectional view for explaining a process of manufacturing a dome-shaped diaphragm according to
the present invention. ii, ts-· · forming plate, / / a, /! A ==, diaphragm portion // b, / 3; b... Edge
portion /, 2 // A edge // 1. / "I ... Masking / II, / It ... diaphragm board license applicant Pioneer
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