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Speaker diaphragm having a honeycomb structure
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
speaker diaphragm having a honeycomb structure. The diaphragm having a honeycomb
structure has a structure in which a core formed into a honeycomb structure is used as a core
material, and a thin plate as a skin material is adhered to both surfaces of the diaphragm. In the
diaphragm having such a honeycomb structure, conventionally, an AI foil or the like is known as
a material of a honeycomb core, and an AI foil, a TI foil, Be1f5- or the like is known as a skin
material. Since such a skin material is bonded for the purpose of supplementing the rigidity in
the direction perpendicular to the axis of the honeycomb core in addition to the purpose of
blocking air before and after the honeycomb core, the skin material has the above purpose From
the point of view of suppressing the increase in weight of the diaphragm and the need to reduce
the density, it has been demanded that the ratio of the vibration plate is large. Considering such
requirements, the AI foil has a small Young 4 (E-0, 708 Xiodyn β) in proportion to the density (9
= 2.699 f / 1-tx '), and the I-i foil has a density of (A 4.54 f 7 ti) is extremely large, and Be (d
density, gang ratio both meet the above purpose, but it is extremely difficult to form in a fan
shape, etc., with processing problems, etc. There is. Therefore, although the physical properties
are not necessarily sufficient in the past, AI foils have been most frequently used in terms of
processing simplicity. Therefore, the present invention achieves the above-mentioned
requirements by forming the skin material from a magnesium compound (hereinafter referred to
as' 7Mg compound), and the following description will be made with magnesium fluoride Mg3B2
and magnesium carbide MgC as examples. Do. EndPage: 1 Mg, B: density P: 1.72 y shoulder,
Young's modulus L- 0 黛 9 黛 70 X 10 d Y n, # ', Mg C d dense J J N' = tss. It has a value of 5 //
cyi ', Young's 4E = 0.906 x 10 12 dyn / c If, and its density is small and Young's modulus is large
compared with OM AI. It also has a feature of smaller density compared to 1 ''. Furthermore,
when it is formed as a skin material of the same weight as other metals due to the low density, it
is possible to greatly increase the shape rigidity by removing the thickness largely. That is,
comparing AI foils with lOμ thickness conventionally used, when formed into a skin material of
the same weight and area as the AI foils], 5.9 μm for 'i, 15.69 μm for Mg3B2, A thickness of
14.4 microns can be obtained. And, when comparing the thickness AIT3 and Ti consumption with
the stiffness of the Mg3B2 and MgC 泪 h: / 12 <, where E: Young's modulus, h: thickness is
compared, U, 059dyn in the case of AI 泪In the case of -m, Ti (J, 018 dyn · QIIT 6 ル ノ, U, 29
dyn-m in MgaB2 extinction, ldO, 23 dyn-t's and its rigidity significantly increase in MgC foil).
In the same rigidity as that of Al foil of 1 ° 0 μ thickness, the thickness of rag thickness of Mg 3
B 2 foil is 9%. Since μ and MgC1m can be obtained by setting the thickness to about 9.2 μ, the
weight of the skin material can be reduced by about 40% and about 35%, respectively. As
described above, by using the Mg alloy as a skin material of a diaphragm having a honeycomb
structure, the rigidity can be remarkably increased at the same weight as compared with the one
using the conventional AI foil. In addition, when rigidity equivalent to that of the AI foil is
required in design, the weight can be significantly reduced, which contributes to the efficiency as
a speaker and the like, which is a very useful invention in practical use. Patent Assignee Onkyo
Co., Ltd. Attorney Patent Attorney Saita Club EndPage: 2