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An output terminal comprising a first terminal connected to the output of the acoustic
amplification device amplifier circuit and a second terminal connected to the input of the
feedback circuit and connected to the speaker by a pair of connection cords An acoustic
amplification device characterized in that
Claim the% + t '
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a "soot
amplification apparatus. 1 With the advancement of the performance of the temporary
amplification device, the transmission loss in the speaker cord, etc. The distortion of 11 outputs
is becoming non-negligible. Therefore, a speaker cord with a small transmission loss or a variable
damping factor circuit that cancels out the impedance of the speaker cord has been proposed.
However, in the former case, it is difficult to say that the distortion can be reduced to 1-minute,
and in the latter case, the circuit becomes complicated and the cost is increased and the output
impedance is adjusted according to the speaker cord. There is a problem that this adjustment is
separated. The present invention has been made in order to provide an acoustic amplification
device capable of reducing distortion in the speaker cord to a simple configuration. The present
invention uses% of a negative feedback circuit to provide a route by a speaker cord to form a 7Ii
return loop. More than 1 °, the present invention will be described in detail along with an
embodiment. 4, the drawings to be described is a block diagram showing a single-point
application row of the present invention. A negative feedback circuit 3 having an impedance
means ratio of approximately 2 is provided with a terminal OU'l '(Y) connected to the output of
the amplifier circuit 2 according to this embodiment. Connected to the return manpower of! 7 is
provided and connected to the lower end fp + of the force 4 by a pair of speaker cords L, L, '.
Then, the terminal OU'i 'for giving the ground-position of the acoustic amplification device f1 (in
addition to the terminals fOU'f',... Connected to one ground terminal in the negative feedback
circuit 3, It is connected to one terminal P of the speaker 4 by a pair of EndPage: 1 B force cords
L21L1 '. Terminal OU'l '(in the above-mentioned acoustic amplifier 1). OUT, and the speaker code
l + Ijl are used as a focusing terminal and a cord for transmitting a drive signal to the speaker
4, and the terminals OUT,, ', OUT (-,' and the speaker code are terminals P1 of the speaker 4 . It is
used as a sensing terminal and code which detect the actual drive signal in P and send it to the
negative feedback circuit 3. In the case of such a negative feedback circuit, negative feedback can
be applied to the signal actually transmitted to the speaker 4, so that the speaker code can be
ignored apparently, and the acoustic amplification bag [ A signal corresponding to the input of 1
can be transmitted reliably. In this embodiment, only two additional speaker connection
terminals need to be added, so that the low distortion can be realized with an extremely simple
The present invention is not limited to the above embodiment, and either one of the sensing
terminals OU'r (.fwdarw. 'Or OUT (-)' may be omitted. In this case, distortion in one of the speaker
cords L1 and dL2 can be reduced, and it can not be said that reduction in distortion can be
reliably achieved, but at least distortion in the speaker cords can be substantially halved. Have
the effect of It is needless to say that in the stereo amplification apparatus, the amplification
apparatus for each channel is configured as a human as in the above embodiment. Further, in the
speaker cord for the acoustic amplification device according to the present invention, the cords L,
IL, / and L2 + L2 'are preferably a pair of cords in order to prevent connection errors. In this
case, since a large signal current is not supplied to the sensing code L, 'IL,', the effective wire core
may be smaller than the forcing code L, IL.
Brief Description of the Drawings The drawing is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the
present invention. 1 ... I echo amplification device, 2 ... amplification circuit, 3 ... negative
feedback cycle EndPage: 2