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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional composite
type speaker, and FIG. 2 is a top view of the composite type speaker according to the present
invention, which is also a longitudinal sectional view of the same. A: Speaker for low-pitched
sound, B: Speaker for high-pitched sound, 1: first magnetic circuit, 12: second magnetic circuit,
22: magnetic pole, 23: magnetic frame, 24 ··· second bri · second part, -25 · · · first bridge, 27 · · ·
connection member.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a pedestal-type
loudspeaker (--a combination of a low-profile loudspeaker and a loudspeaker for acupuncture).
Fig. 1 A conventional scallop made by combining a low sound speaker A + and a treble mountain
with a sconce, not shown, (figure 2) A first bottom plate (3) having a center-two-center ball (21),
and a first annular magnet (41, the first bottom plate (31) mounted on the first bottom plate (31);
The first top plate 161 is mounted on the second magnet 141 and has a 14th air gap + 5: vtlbMT
with the 1st center ball 121 of the 'C. + '71 is a frame in which 1Ecs greetings 1t to the first top
plate, (8: is a first voice coil, and the first coil bobbin (9) -twice the first magnetic gear (5) It is
distributed. The reference numeral 00 denotes a cone type vibration treatment, the central
portion of which is connected to the first coil bobbin 19) and the peripheral portion of the abovementioned frame (41f + on the opening side of 71). (Il + is a damper provided so as to straddle
the first coil bobbin (9) and the frame 17). o3 is a second magnetic circuit forming the main
part% -411 of the high-pitched speaker B, the second bottom plate I having the first magnetic
circuit (the same as the first magnetic circuit 11 and the second center pole l) 31; ,! s2 Ring
magnet 0! 9 and second top plate r1G to form the 241st air gap On which is a * OF3 + 1 second
voice coil, and the second coil bobbin 0! 11 two turns are arranged in the second M1 gear gap
On. A dome-shaped diaphragm 2 is fixed to a second top plate 1161 via a common edge when it
is connected to the second coil bobbin Og. (211 is a fixed ball for connecting and fixing the first
center ball 12 (and the second center pole 131). In the above-mentioned a-type conventional
composite type speaker, a space where the high-tone speaker mountain is coaxially positioned
with the low-pitch speaker ˜ and the space surrounded by the cone-type diaphragm 1] [1 Since it
is housed in two, it is advantageous not only in terms of space utilization, but it also has the
advantage of obtaining high-quality 4 reproduced sound with stable phase characteristics, but it
does not prevent the progress of sound waves from the bass speaker A The present invention,
which has a drawback that the size of the second magnetic circuit is limited and the output from
the high-pitched speaker a is insufficient for the purpose of the present invention, is for the
purpose of falsifying the above-mentioned flaw. A part of the string east obtained from the
magnet of the air speaker circuit of the low frequency speaker is a magnetic gear tube section
formed with the air speaker circuit of the high frequency speaker-guided to the inside of the air
air gap It is the same as the one east density.
FIG. 2 is a top view of the composite speaker of the present invention according to the four-port
type of the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the same. In these
figures, the same reference numerals as in FIG. 1 indicate the composite speaker of FIG. 1 and
the one 1--, and ▪ indicates the first center ball (2: and the second center pole 0). A magnetic
pole made of a magnetically coupled magnetic material, and this connection is made by coupling
C1 between an external thread formed on both ends of the magnetic ball and an internal thread
formed on both center balls 121t13 +- There is. A magnetic frame 5 is a magnetic frame made of
a magnetic material, and the bottom surface of the first top plate 161-2 is uniquely bonded. C!
4241J4 # 1 L From the second top plate 1161 and the like (e.g., 5 second bridge cities provided
in two, provided integrally with this plate Oe). ■1. ! dc!! Five first bridge cities made
of m4 ft material, one end of each being 'C magnetically coupled by equally spaced Iw1 nibolts
nats of the opening side of the magnetic frame 1', each end of each being Is above! ! 82 bridges
ff1 (c24124 ++ 241 are opposed at regular intervals with their respective end portions. The
seedling is an annular member made of magnetic N, and it can be engaged and disengaged over
the end of 2 brothers 1 bridge part 5 solid parts and the end of the 2nd bridge city 124112
bleeding Q bleeding. Are provided. In the present embodiment 二 bifurcated, the annular ream 1
@ member α and the both bridge portions C! The magnetic coupling with 41... An arc-shaped
concave portion is provided on the upper surface of each opposing end of 51125 and the second
bridge portion Q 鍔 41f24 +, and an annular convex portion is provided on the lower surface 612
of this annular coupling portion. It is done by engaging ◆. 6 The speaker base type speaker
according to the present invention having the au-like structure described above is one in which
an auxiliary magnetic circuit is #I formed in addition to the first i circular circuit (11 and 2
magnetic circuits 03) 1 珈 -like magnet wax 4 (from 畿 part of 畿 1 bottom plate 【, lII and 弔 11! Of the magnetic pole and the second bottom plate 041 are wound to form a second air gap
0γ11--this magnetic flux is applied to the second magnetic gap (+71 to H2 top break) 11Fm and
the second bridge. The city 124+, the above-mentioned four connecting nodes 1, the above sixth
bridge 9 G, the above i frame and the top plate 16 □, C return to the above first annular
magnet (4).
The 14 ha auxiliary magnetic path-1 supplies a magnetic circuit O2 of the hydrogen 2 and a
straight line 2i air cap 0 泪 − to supply a magnetic flux, and the second voice coil U is operated
to perform dome oscillation (2) − It will give you enough power. On the other hand, since the
magnetic flux from the first annular magnet (4: is also led to the first magnetic gap U via the first
magnetic gap (5 (other than (-the above-described auxiliary magnetization) path) The reduction
of the magnetic flux in the air gap 15) is easily eliminated by increasing the first lumped magnet
14) to increase the total loss 7 ◆ ≦ 2 depending on, the size of the first magnetic circuit Il + is
increased ◆ Our damage is 11 degrees that can be done without attack. According to the present
invention, the speaker of the present invention is a magnetic speaker for fixing the center ball of
the center pole of the first magnetic circuit and the second magnetic circuit of the first magnetic
circuit. With the hall. A yoke 1'-coupled magnetic frame of the first magnetic circuit and an
interlocking releasable reciprocation member 111 made of a magnetic material for connecting
the open sides of the top plate of the second magnetic circuit; As it is provided, a part of the
magnetic flux obtained in the first magnetic circuit is generated in the magnetic gap of the
second magnetic circuit (a second lead may be produced. Therefore, the magnetic flux obtained
in the second magnetic circuit is insufficient. [Phi] can be applied to the magnetic gap of the
second magnetic circuit, so that the output from the high-pitched speaker can be increased.
Further, in the pedestal type speaker according to the present invention, the connecting member
is formed radially from the top plate of the second magnetic path (the twenty-eighth bridge
portion comprising two or several magnetic materials, and the frame The first bridge, which is
made of J2 Sumoto's vulcanizable material, is connected with the first bridge city from the
opening side of the main part, so there is no ◆ leads the magnetic flux of the magnetic circuit to
the magnetic cap of the magnetic circuit of H2 and becomes μ function, and light low @ sound is
obtained. In addition, as the ream 4a house material of the present invention, it is possible to use
a thing capable of engaging / disengaging qt 1 if the present invention combined type speaker is
of this series fIs material) thread de-separating [4h in-speaker and bass speaker The output ratio
between the two can be made variable, and it is possible to divide the stool into one (1) or two
(6), which is a combination of high-pitched speaker or low-contrast speaker. In this embodiment,
the first magnetic circuit (11 of the external magnetic type is used as the first magnetic circuit
(11), but the center ball is placed on the magnet [11 [11 The inner yoke type magnetic circuit in
which a magnetic gap is formed by the compensated yoke on the lower surface, the center ball,
and the C1 is also ugly.