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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention. FIG. 2 is a bottom view in which the coil bobbin is coaxially positioned.
FIG. 3 is a bottom view showing a state in which the coil bobbin is folded in a state in which the
coil is wound. FIG. 4 is a left side view of FIG. FIG. 5 is a view showing a state in which the coil
bobbin is erected and the yoke is fitted. 6 is a left side view of FIG. 5; FIG. 7 is an exploded view
showing the positional relationship between the coil bobbin, the pole piece, and the terminal pin.
1 · · · · · Body, · · · Coil bobbins, 3c, 4c, 7c, 8c · · · · · · · Through hole, 5.6.9 ° 10 · · · · ·
Hinge member. Figure 3
【Detailed description of the invention】) Name of the bill of the bill name of the pick-up
cartridge coil bobbin 211 river fresh party 1) # 1 rust # 11 1 main body of the 2 @ coil bobbin is
made to face and be foldably erected, front A coil bobbin of a pick-up cartridge characterized in
that 14'f coil dabs 7 are respectively connected with other coil pieces in the axial direction by
bending # 'rIIr #, and through holes are provided in each of the coil bobbins e-d. The present
invention is directed to a fill bobbin of a pickup cartridge. Conventionally, since the coil bobbins
are configured independently of each other, in a stereo stone electromagnetic type pickup
cartridge, the coil is wound around the coil bobbin of 41111-C1 The coil bobbins are gathered
and collected, and the yoke or pole piece is formed in the hole of each coil bobbin To fit the coil
bobbin positioning (1) / / 7 "the other way j7 dark! Friends. In order to automate the operation
of coiling the coil on the coil bobbin, turtles, coiled coils for every second coil coil and good coil
bobbin can not be made to t1 to improve the B efficiency, and all coil bobbins Since the coil 1 kl
DIL * 1 L l bobbin is fixed once it is decided, it is necessary to make sure that the coil bobbin
does not loosen the * r + p coil, and that the tube j J K l only ends, and the coil In order to
eliminate I'KII arrangement to do, I attach a roll or Fi volume # l1 IKEl 1 and there is 1
<obligatory, work is Ii supply and non-efficiency fishing ★. In the present invention, the coil of
the channel h is made to be ll0IIT continuously and the coil of the left and right channels can be
wound at the same time, and the coil bobbin is folded and raised. The coil bobbins are placed in
position by raising each coil bobbin, and only by fitting the yoke or pole piece to the large coil
bobbin, the coil bobbin (2) can be fixed more than K11ll! I will write about what I did.
Hereinafter, an example of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. 訃 1 訃 1 body, IK body-I can also put a pole piece in the body I can see 1 bite 2 is
examined, 401 coil # 3 coil bobbin 3, II! Two coil-1 alarm 4 are opposed 15 times, and it is
marketed to main body IK 鯉 vP, through 咎 coil bobbin 3.4 ti hinge part # s, 6. Ig for each coil
hobin 3.4! The third coil bobbin 7 and the fourth Q coil bobbin 8 are disposed in parallel in
quality, and the coil bobbin 7.8 is connected to the coil bobbin 3.4 through the hinge r member
9.10, and the fi A bobbin f, SFi The coil bobbin 3.4 has an axis-to-b, li + 1, and a bending ey
In each coil bobbin: 14.7.8, through holes 3C @ 4C, VC, 8C extending in the axial direction are
provided. β! To main body 1, hinge 4 material (i, 9.10. フィルボビン3. 覗 7.8 is made of
synthetic resin and engraved integrally (3). In this turtle, lost sugar! The coil bobbin 7 of II11K is
cut and the coil bobbin 7 of 1111 is folded, and the coil bobbin 3f: 111 Z direction KII 13 c The
coil bobbin 7 is totaled 1- '. , 4A-11-1 [mu] of the second coil bobbin 4 in the direction of the axis
l [tp4 coil bobbin 81r. ? C-· Sugi coil 1 coil llr third coil) of the outer end 7a of the coil bobbin 7
and the inside 1a 4 b シ t of the coil bobbin 4 of · 2 = i # bobi / 7 47b of the coil bobbin 7 and
the outer end 4a of the coil bobbin 4 ◆ At the beginning of the 3rd coil bobbin 7 coil @ 4 coil 1
coil 8 after the coil winding finish of the bobbin 8, after giving the slack to the cereals, each 7 of
the film bobbin, ie the outside of the first coil bobbin 3 ff 3873 The coil bobbin 80 is wound
around rt't 'toward the inner end 8bt of the coil bobbin 80 and the outer end 8a of the coil
bobbin 80, respectively. Coil bobbins 7 # 8 are respectively turned back on arrows A and B7IltI],
and the coil bobbins 7.8 are each substantially wound flat on the coil bobbins 3.4 as shown in #
31j + 1. (4) Next, @ 4811.1115 shown in the figure t! , The coil bobbin 3.7 in the direction of
arrow C with respect to the body IK; ・ Arrow! ))] 81 [Fold each other and coil bobbin & 47. Raise
II against the main body 1. In this form, the coil bobbin device 47. It will be K that a turtle will
face. Next, as shown by crane b-, .1121 K, the coil bobbin 12 having four legs is passed through
the opening 21-21 of the main body 1 from the direction of the arrow E! 47, 804) Hole 3C. Coil l
pin turtle in time 4CI7 CISC 47. Fix the space between $ with yoke 12. The coil bobbins
assembled in this manner are each connected to the terminal bin 14 of the cartridge body 13 by
the coil bobbins: (47, 8). The pole piece 15.111 is fitted in the O through hole Cl4C @ 75111C,
and the yoke 12 and the pole piece 1416 are magnetically coupled. As described above,
according to the present invention, the coil bobbin can be coaxially arranged, and winding
formation becomes easy. In addition, since each coil bobbin only needs to be erected with respect
to the main body and yoked with a yoke or pole piece, there is no fear that the coil will be
distracted, and 配 n * fk of replacement can be obtained.
Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing the application of the present invention. The 2nd t 'l' ltj coil
bobbin is located on the same top, and good If1m11v-i. The 31st kl # t coil t1! FIG. 10 is an r side
view showing a state 1 in which the coil bobbin is folded at a state of 1 tilt; w144 is the left side
of Fig.3. ! 1151.1τ ′ ′; evening 1 showing a state in which the coil bobbin is raised to test the
yoke. 1186 is the left side l of FIG. FIG. 7 shows the relationship * between the position of the
coil bobbin, the pole piece and the terminal pin. 1 · · · · · · Main body turtle 47. I・・・−・・フ
ィルボビン! Ic # 4ca7CIlie
···················································· Hinge II material (6) hands! '488 b 280,. 8c 10 '(4 DEG 7 DEG 4c 7, "7
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