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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway plan view showing an
acoustic diaphragm according to an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal
sectional view of the acoustic diaphragm, and FIG. 3 and FIG. It is a longitudinal cross-sectional
view which shows the usage example of the acoustic diaphragm of this invention, respectively. 1 ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · skin material i3 · · · · · · · · acoustic diaphragm.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic
vibration diaphragm used for sound Wk 柩 such as a speaker, headphones, and microphone, and
more particularly to an acoustic vibration diaphragm having a honeycomb core as a core
material. Recently, as an imaging plate in a speaker cabinet, a honeycomb core made of metal or
polymer material is used as a core material, and a skin material is attached to the surface of the
core material, and it is used now. There is. This type of diaphragm rainbow core material has a
honeycomb structure (honeycomb structure). / (1) "˜ IF, I can make shimmy" "J [, and also
because the apparent density と し て as a whole is low specific modulus, ie elasticity 4 E and
density のIt is possible to obtain an excellent bridge construction as an acoustic diaphragm, for
example, it is possible to obtain good frequency characteristics by increasing the ratio Vρ and to
appropriately increase the internal loss for bridge construction and the like. Are known.
However, in spite of the fact that this type of acoustic diaphragm of the prior art is structurally
excellent, it is in fact the case that it is not sufficiently satisfactory in practice. That is, in this type
of acoustic diaphragm, the characteristics of the skin material greatly affect the characteristics of
the acoustic diaphragm as a whole, but all the skin materials used in the conventional acoustic
diaphragm have advantages and disadvantages, It was difficult to be satisfied in all respects. For
example, it is common to use a paper-made film such as paper made from paper made from a
fiber such as wood a4 rug or a metal foil such as an aluminum foil as a skin material in a
conventional acoustic diaphragm of this type. Since the paper sheet ore elastic modulus E of the
paperboard is low, the efficiency is low, and the specific elastic modulus (2): the core is low, and
good frequency characteristics can not be obtained, and the metal foil has an elastic modulus E Is
relatively high and can increase the specific elastic modulus, but the internal loss is extremely
small, so although the honeycomb structure can increase the internal loss structurally, the tone
in the high range is actually There is a problem that tends to be exciting. Furthermore, carbon
fiber reinforced plastic is also proposed as a skin material, but although carbon fiber reinforced
plastic has a large specific elasticity of 4%, it is not necessarily sufficient in terms of specific
strength, and there is a drawback that the manufacturing cost is high . This invention was made
in view of the above-mentioned circumstances, and a composite material in which a woven fabric
of aromatic polyamide fiber having a large specific elastic modulus and a large specific strength
and an excessively large internal loss is reinforced by a thermosetting resin is used as a skin
material The present invention provides an acoustic vibration plate which is used to form a
honeycomb plate of a vibration plate, and which is acoustically excellent in terms of four
mechanically and inexpensively.
The acoustic diaphragm of this invention will be described in detail below based on the drawings.
(3)] 硼: knack (j-ζ ′, '' FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 is a book showing an example of the acoustic
diaphragm according to the present invention, and in FIG. 1 and FIG. A core material 1 is a
honeycomb core made of a thin film of a high polymer material obtained by dipping a phenolic
resin into a metal of metal alloy or Z ↓ / mid fiber (for example, Dupont's trade name North).
The thermosetting resin such as epoxy resin, unsaturated 4-polyester resin, phenol resin, etc. on
woven fabric consisting of poly-rubendemi P fiber, poly-p-phenylene-terephthalamide fiber
aromatic polyamide fiber on both front and back sides of this core material l The acoustic
diaphragm 3 is constructed by sticking skin materials 2 and 2 'formed by immersing and
solidifying resin. The poly-p-benzomid fibers and the L-type 1 can be used, for example, a cocoon
known under the trade name "Keb 9" made by Denipon of the United States, and also a polyno 4
'luff enylene terephthalamide fiber and L? , $ Is also a brand name made in the United States of
America Des Inc. [Fee. 12% using what is known as BJ. FIG. 3 shows an example in which the
acoustic diaphragm of the present invention is used as a cone-type (4) 1.1 single force K 11 l II,
and the diaphragm 3 is formed to have a cone shape. The outer peripheral portion L is supported
on the circular end of an edge member 4 made of urethane foam and vinyl chloride, and this
edge member 4 is fixed to the open end of the cone-shaped frame 6 by an annular gasket 5 . FIG.
4 shows an example in which the sound vibration subplate according to the present invention is
applied to a flat speaker or a loudspeaker P phone, wherein the diaphragm 3 is made flat and its
outer peripheral edge is an edge A fixed amount is fixed to the inner end of the member 4 C, and
the outer end of the edge member 4 is fixed to the open end of the frame 6 by an annular gasket
5. Next, the aromatic 4-rear used in the skin material of the sound imaging plate of this invention
is shown in the table below in comparison with other fibers, i.e., glass fibers and aggregate fibers.
(5) i tap j- \, jJ tensile ferroelastic modulus ratio strength ratio elastic density 繊 維 fiber degree 'E
(M) "" 芳香 aromatic-noamide 12JO 02801, 4519318 J59 ˜ (Kepler 49) 19J 56 glass fiber 245- (
E-glass) 280 735 ° 254289350-′ ′ 248 14 · 11-339-(S-glass) & 00019.76 carbon fiber 0 L r
T 300 A) 250 2 ′ ′ 001 001. As apparent from the above, since the aromatic polyamide fiber
has a low density ρ and a high tensile strength σ and a high elasticity 4E, the specific elastic
modulus ip'vp and the specific strength 1 / d are both high on average, especially The specific
strength is much better than other fibers.
The skin material obtained by impregnating and solidifying the thermosetting resin in a woven
fabric of aromatic polyamide fiber once has a high specific modulus V 、 and a high specific
strength V #. (6) · 4y · Shoichi 34J 1 · · In the above example, the skin material 2.2 'is adhered to
both the front and back sides of the core material 1 consisting of a honeycomb core, but in some
cases the core material l In the case where the skin material 2 is stuck on only one side of the
skin, and also when the skin materials 2 and 2 'are stuck on both the front and back sides of the
core material 1, is it aromatic as one of the skin materials? A thermosetting resin may be
impregnated into a woven fabric of liamide fiber, and the resin may be impregnated and
solidified, and a thin film of another material such as a paper skin material may be used as the
other skin material. As clearly shown in the above description, the acoustic diaphragm of this
invention has a honeycomb structure, and as a skin material bonded to at least one surface of a
core material comprising a honeycomb core, the strength, elasticity 4E Since the woven fabric of
an aromatic polyamide fiber having a high specific elastic modulus Vρ is further reinforced with
a thermosetting resin, the elastic diaphragm E as a whole of the acoustic diaphragm of this
invention is also high, and Efficiency is high, and the specific elastic modulus Vρ as a whole is
high, so that the frequency characteristics are excellent, and the elongation in the high-pitched
band is particularly mourning, and the strength as a whole is large. It has a small risk of forming
and high resistance to input, and the skin material can be obtained only by immersing the
thermosetting resin in a woven fabric of pre-woven aromatic-liamide fiber, so that its production
is possible. Volume Der sheet, thus the effect of energization of the relatively inexpensive cost of
the entire acoustic diaphragm is obtained.