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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view from the side of a
conventional speaker system, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view from the side of a speaker
system showing one embodiment of the present invention. 1: cabinet 2: 2: middle high frequency
speaker 3: 3: low frequency speaker 4: 4: baffle plate 5: cavity 6: 6: cabinet 7: 7: cabinet 8:
vibration absorbing
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention completely separates the
middle high frequency speaker group and the low frequency speaker section, and prevents the
reproduction sound of the middle high frequency speaker from being modulated by the buckle
plate vibration at the time of low frequency speaker reproduction. Small on speaker system. A
conventional speaker system is shown in FIG. 1 and described with reference to FIG. 1. 0 is a
cabinet for housing a speaker I-4 ··· net, 2 is a mid-vortex area speaker, 3 is a low-pass slip: score,
4 Yuya. 3.、−カ2□、81−ヵ、おり1? Nei mi juice installed in the same row is a panful
board to put in place, 5 is a middle high frequency speaker 2 會 surround, a cavity provided in
cabinet 1 39) low frequency speaker 2 and low frequency speaker 3 in one cabinet 1 v In the
cabinet 1, the animation vibration of the mid-high range speaker 2 and the animation vibration of
the low range speaker 3 interfere with each other during reproduction, which is a speaker
system for reproducing sound. る。 In this interference up / down hr), the canty 5 is changed,
but with one Q baffle plate 4v 高 height, fire sby-fy 2 and low range speaker 3 and t fixed I
speaker system even if it is a fixed speaker system A heart plate plate 4 with a fine thickness
(others, only the middle and high range speakers 2 are cast with a thick diki mast temporarily,
and there is also a structure that forms a pair with the pan plate 4) Even,-,, 91, the baffle plate
movement of the low frequency speaker 3 part is inside? The present invention is a speaker
system for solving the above-described drawbacks as described above. Fig. 2 shows an
embodiment of the present invention -r) 断; リ ス ス ー あ あ ー カ ー の の −4-4 あ あ In Fig. 2,
b middle middle high band speaker 2 convergence cabinet, 7 is a low band sby · · The cabinet for
storing saws, 8 is a vibration absorbing material (sponge, swelling, air spring, etc.)-C, the side
surface 1 to 1 with the cabinet 6.7, 1 to 1 side, 1 to 1 side, 1 side to 1 side, 1 side to 2 side. よも
のでろろ。 The speaker system is divided into two cabinets, one with a central area of 41 茅-2
and the other with a low frequency speaker 3 and the cabinet 6.7 with the vibration absorber 8
in the playback state. Therefore, the baffle plate 4 of the low band speaker 3 does not transmit
the movement of the baffle plate 4 of the cabinet 7 related to the low band speaker 3 vr C during
reproduction to the cabinet 6 of the instep high band speaker 2. Due to this, the reproduced
sound of the mid-high range speaker 2 is not to be modulated n ゐ) According to this invention,
the mid-high range according to this invention.
Total and faithful reproduction of low-frequency speakers , Q
reproduce the arrangement in the same row.
! In the same row, it is possible to