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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the interior of a cabin
showing a speaker attached by the mounting device of the present invention, FIG. 2 shows the
same side teeth, and FIG. 3 forms a sound field outside the cabin It is a side view of the car which
shows a state. 11 ...... fixing bracket, 11a ...... sleeve, 12 ...... support arms, 12a ...... glasses unit, 13
...... speaker cabinet, 3 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Detsuki.
The present invention is suitable for use with a vehicle-mounted speaker apparatus kllL, more
specifically, for a passenger car of a saddle-back type, or a car equipped with a rear-bar cell tray
in which a trunk and a cabin communicate with each other It relates to a jaw-mounted device. Of
the audio equipment of the car, speaker uni 1- / lj? 29 / T is the sound field inside the cabin by
breaking the left and right channel speakers to the I + Japer cell tray C, the rear window, which is
provided from the rear of the rear dust seat to the rear window. Is formed. However, recently due
to the convenience of using an automatic umbrella. There are many types of oven bag types that
can be opened in the form of flipping back at the back, and also types in which the trunk room
and the cabin part are in communication sK. The convenience in loading luggage has improved,
but problems have arisen in terms of sound field formation. It is a reality that there is no tray for
installing a speaker unit in a quick-driving,. Therefore, this device can be used for easy
installation of the speaker unit, which is an audio device, in the case of the automatic 1 in the
case of the slipper type or the type in which the trunk room and the cabin are in communication
with each other. The rear audio unit is equipped with a support arm that can extend and retract
through a fixed bracket on the rear wall of the rear cabin, and a speaker cabinet is installed at the
end of this support arm. It is a pivoted # [iiL, and it is a symbol of victory. The details of this
invention will be described below with reference to the attached drawings. In the figure, the
reference numeral / indicates a hatchback type riding fist, the rear door 2 can be opened upward
in a flip-up manner, and the interior of the cabin 3 with the rear door has a function as a trunk
room Space has become available, so it is possible to load luggage etc. on the deck. And, among
the opening edges of the cabin 3, a pair of fixing brackets tt6 = fixed along the width direction of
the car to the rear opening 紗 3 m, in particular, the length of both ends of each fixing bracket //
is 1 length It has a hollow sleeve // a which extends along the direction, into which one end O of
the support arm 12 is inserted. This support arm 12 can slide against the sleeve // aJj (against
the latter). At the free end of the support arm / 2, the delivery length of the support arm 12 can
be selected by means of a lock 3-bolt-// b screwed from the screw 1 / a / a towards the central
part. SS ね 部 / 2m 形成 形成, こ の
め 部 2tPkPK13 ス ピ ー カ 的 4s 少 出, 嵌合 / Jm 嵌合 合
]-支持 12 腕 器 ス ピ ー カ 13 ス ピ ー カ 合 は。 は S2 / 2m formed part of the screw section
2m2 t2adPK speaker cabinet 13 of 4s slightly protruding and fitting pin / Jm]-support arm 12
and speaker cabinet 13 This speaker cabinet 13 is electrically powered W!
It is possible to drive the speaker unit. Next, a description will be given of a speaker biting
operation using the attachment device of the 21st invention mounted intruder speaker according
to the present invention. First, 1 fixed bracket) // is fixed to the rear opening edge 3aK, and is
fixed with a screw or an adhesive. The length of the support arm l for the sleeve / / aK installed
at both ends of the fixing bracket ll is determined by the adjustment of the feeding amount in
relation to the depth dimension of Svika cabineno) / J and fixed with the lock port / / b speaker
cabinet 13 Is placed on the deck 3 of cabin 3 tt, e attached. In particular, since the relationship
between the support arm 12 and the speaker cabinet 13 is in the pivoted state, the suburbs
cabinet J / J is reversed and the lower part is properly fitted. By supporting k, a sound field can
be formed outside the cabin 3 and used for outdoor recreation practice. In one or more of the
above description, the pivoting state of the support arm 12 and the speaker cabinet 13 is held by
the fitting relationship between the bin projecting from the speaker cabinet side and the support
arm / Z eyeglass portion. For example, a plurality of bins may be provided on the side of the
speaker cabinet, and it is preferable to spray K so that an arbitrary one can be selected in relation
to the posture. The orientation of the speaker cabinet can also be changed by changing the
arrangement along a curved line from k and k. Furthermore, although the fixed platen) // is
shown fixed at the rear opening edge 3ak, it may be a fixed part at the rear. As is apparent from
the description on the board, the jaws of the fist-loading speaker according to the present
invention are fixed to the fixed portion of the cabin by the device, fixed platen) K support hextendable arm with extendable killl, Since the speaker cabinet is pivotally supported to this
support arm, even with a car without a tray, it is possible to easily obtain a speaker with a jaw,
and furthermore, by inverting the speaker cabinet to create a sound field outside the cabin and
enjoy it Can.