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-1,-Specification 1, title of the invention
Microphone with electronic switch 2, microphone with defeated WIFM electronic transmission /
reception switch as claimed
8. Detailed Description of the Invention Since the conventional microphone transmitting /
receiving switch is contact type, it can be used for a long time and the number of times of use is
increased. Since this contactless electronic switch eliminates such a surface defect, it has a long
life, is durable, and has a high reliability. It is the feature of this electronic switch equipped
microphone that boasts E. If there is an error in the operation of the transmission / reception
selector switch, incorrect reception due to mutter noise mixing or unclearness, etc., it is not
normal (1 cause no confusion due to dormitory etc.) In the case of a necessary call with safety,
control, certainty, high @axiality, etc. 1 Even in the case of necessary calls, the occurrence of
dangerous can be prevented or prevented, thus ensuring safety, clearness and high reliability. It
is the greatest advantage of the present invention that it is easy to obtain Patent Applicant 1)
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